With enough juice to last the full two weeks, refuelling would take place between missions, though the lander can also be powered up on the surface. The preliminary concept relies on four modified RL10 engines, but other engines could also be utilized.

Lockheed's vehicle would be be twice as tall as the Lunar Module used during the Apollo missions to the Moon nearly half a century ago, reports Ars Technica, which carried two astronauts for brief stints of just a few days. The company says it will also serve as a precursor for its Mars lander -- also built to carry four people -- which is integral to its Mars Base Camp orbiting mission."  engadget.com


 I wish I were younger.  No.  I wouldn't have made the cut for space travel.  No good at math, I  never was.  If there were some nice hostile aliens to fight then I might have made the team.

Seriously, this is a marvelous concept machine.  14 days on the lunar surface, actual cargo carrying capacity, these are wonderful things to accomplish

Still waiting for the Alderson Drive,  let's have another look at the theories of  relativity.  pl