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12 February 2021


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Here's multiple breakdowns of the CDC's own data. It does not support nationwide lock-downs.


TL:DR Removing New York City, not the state, just the city, it was a bad flu season in the U.S.
A better response would have been to educate the public with ways to boost their immune systems so as to avoid hospitalization. Vitamin D and Zinc supplements among other strategies.Depending on an EULA experimental "vaccine" as a magic bullet was flawed thinking.

As others have noted we also have a boomer generation aging up and out.

Larry C Johnson

Once again the fates align and we agree. I'm beyond thrilled that I got my wife out of Maryland two years ago. We have a life and businesses are operating in a normal fashion except for the stupid mask wearing. DeSantis has done himself some read good.

Eric Newhill

Very good link. Yes, that's what I'm talking about.

The tri-state outlier; in addition to what some of us have been saying along about Cuomo and the other murderer Govs. infecting nursing homes with sick patients that should have been quarantined in private , that is now becoming public, hospitals in that region made the wrong call en masse. The pattern of practice was to be very aggressive with the use of vents and heavy sedation. The frail elderly can't handle that. To make it worse, there were often inexperienced staff administering some of that treatment. The treatment itself killed a lot of people. Other states' physicians learned what not to do from the trip-state mistakes.

Tim Vincent

The great mass of the population consists of 2 broad personality types.
The rule followers.
People who will (often blindly) do what they're told, go out of their way to avoid confrontation. These are your average citizens who "don't want trouble."
These people are not usually leaders.
The other personality type is people who live with fear, every day. A pandemic is steroids for these people.
These two types are the sheep to be manipulated by the despicable class of politicians, media and bureaucrats.1


CDC website continues to recommend cholorquinine as a good choice when traveling to malaria prone countries. The same drug CDC-Fauci claims will "kill you" if you are in "covid" countries.


dale t hood

Well yeah, "demos" are running all this having robbed any meaning from that traditional labor/common man viewpoint (think FDR) thus in full cahoots with the global cabal which is gates and all the other devils, which must be stopped. Too long to list,here is astonishing summary big food/pharma/chemical/oil/$



A sane discussion: Medicine, law, covid, censorship and media. The Rubin report explores covid tribal hysteria by those censored by new media algorithms with three popular media personalities who are experts in their field.


Media censorship in medicine has translated to private censorship among medical colleagues. No deviations allowed from the corporate medical orthodoxy - even conventional medicine suffering now from the heavy hand of media censorship.

Where is this taking us - when will freedom finally leak out from under this heavy non-science censorship hand?

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