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08 February 2021


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Seamus Padraig

I agree with Larry: Mike Lindell deserves an E for effort, but the video itself was a huge let-down.

IMO, the heart and soul of this case is the part about the mail-in ballots. Why do I get the feeling that significant portions of the MAGA crowd are being 'spun' in the direction of blaming China, or Venezuela, or some other foreign country for what was clearly and inside job. Isn't this a lot like for years ago, when liberals were being instructed to blame Russia for Trump's victory? I see the same thing now happening to the MAGApedes. China-gate is the son of Russia-gate, people.

We are not the victims of any foreign government; we are the victims of our own government only. And the fact that not a single federal court or deliberative body--not even the US Senate!--has been allowed to hear our case tells us all we need to know about who's really to blame.

God help us all ...


I had hoped that Mary would have taken some steps to explain how she and her groups got their hands on this potentially bombshell data.

I had assumed that Fanning was current-duty NSA or ex-NSA or the like, and that she did not specify that because she plans to testify fairly soon about how the NSA captured the data.

If Fanning was not NSA, I would imagine she might be in a very difficult legal position to explain how she had the legal right to collect such data.

However, I am ignorant. If anyone can explain whether it is likely that Fanning could collect such data without being part of NSA, I would be grateful.


Larry, given your intel background, can you ask fanning to do a deep analysis of the intrusion history she showed in the lindell film? Perhaps you could volunteer to help. County by county, starting with the six most important fraud counties, but including others as time goes on? Thank you.

Patrick Armstrong

One of the first rules of writing is don't try to tell the reader everything you know -- an essay should be able to be expressed in one sentence. Any more and it's another essay.
I too was disappointed: Lindell was trying to say everything at once.

The other thing that I wish presenters would get is we're not here to listen to them, we're here to listen to the expert.

Forget the foreign interference, if any, start with the vote spikes in the key areas and talk about them.

All you need is one thing strongly established. Then go after packets, foreign servers, foreign governments. Speculation about Frankfurt, China, Venezuela obscure the fact that, first and foremost, it was American cheating Americans.

And I agree -- too much incoherent gushing about how horrible it all was rather than coldblooded discussion step by step.

Scott Adams' question: what happens if, in six months or so, a solid majority comes to believe that Biden/Harris are there because of a fraudulent election?



Your points are well taken. As to the question Scott Adams poses, that's already happening. I believe that's the reason for the suppression of news, de-platforming, and increasingly government by executive order.

Patrick Armstrong

PCR brings out the confusions between the two narratives 1) the Dems stole it and 2) China stole it.

My advice would be to forget the foreign stuff and concentrate on the lots and lots of evidence of domestic theft.

I wouldn't rule out foreign involvement, as I said earlier, all the crap about Russia Russia may have made foreigners take a look and realise just how easy it was to hack the machines. But, at the moment, the foreign stuff just obfuscates the basic Dem-based conspiracy that the Time Mag piece shows (even if the authors turn it upside down with their guff about protecting the election).

To me, when Powell started off on Chavez et al, I think she gravely weakened her case and, frankly, I lost a lot of my belief in her credibility. Likewise the use of "Chinese communist government" rather than "Chinese government" makes my eyes start to wander. Yeah, they are commies, sort of, but that's not the point. Biden & Co are certainly not commies.


Agree with your analysis, but Lindell is not a lawyer skilled in building the necessary incremental case. Your mind is obviously far more astute in this regard.

Your points are all on point, and do await a more polished presentation - which I assume Sidney Powell and team will provide to court. And Steve Bannon hopefully will produce another skillful documentary, like he produced exposing "Occupy Unmasked".

I believe Lindell put this together in just three days and feel the timing of even this rudimentary "document dump" was critical to get out before the sham impeachment begins.

A key element is the Democrats charge is Trump was criminally irresponsible to even mention a "stolen election". Along with the vicious "media" cancel gutting of any and all mentions of a stolen election too. Even to the point of threatening disbarment of any attorney, who continues pursuing legal remedies.

Lindell at least succeeded laying out legitimate concerns about a "stolen election" still remain and must be discussed. Disconnected as they were from a dramatic story telling narrative, they needed to be put into the public dialogue before the Democrats soon pontificate a "stolen election" is being nothing more than a loony conspiracy theory......."with no evidence". Lindell dumped the evidence this remains a valid and ongoing topic.

Timeliness of the Lindell rudimentary document dump was to me the far more important goal. There are so many moving parts to this still unfolding story, I am grateful Lindell took this timely stand - and in the face of billion dollar lawsuit threats that was shutting everyone else up.

Kudos, Lindell. Looking forward to seeing this case laid out with more detail and substance linked to the charges on the table where it can count legally. Which currently are the voting system "defamation" charges. And the slowly evolving election court cases - one by one - that are now finally getting even SCOTUS attention.

Confirming election fraud placed someone in the office of president, even if after the fact, is 1000% more important than trying to impeach a president who has already left office.

Building the election fraud case will take far more time than the three days Lindell took to produce this video. And building a case to impeach a now private citizen after the fact, should have taken far more than the 24 hours Democrats devoted to their travesty.

I can cut Lindell some slack for his own three day effort. Thank you, Pillow Guy.


The Fanning video of real time internet origin tracers on the global map deserves more attention. It did appear there was a dense concentration coming out of what might have been "Israel", as much as a concentration of tracer lines coming out of China.

Agree, this was compelling new information but not sure what it was supposed to mean in detail - other than demonstrate there was an alleged pattern of global internet traffic linked to the real time vote tally reports.

Were these nothing more than the "pings" allegedly from Russia Alfa Bank directed at the Trump Tower in 2016 - which Democrats ran as proof positive there was ongoing Russia-Trump collusion to steal the 2016 election?

Was it reasonable for Trump to also believe the 2020 election was stolen? Or was it criminally irresponsible for Trump to persist entertaining this unfounded conspiracy theory, to the material detriment of our entire nation?

Isn't that what is now really on the table to justify this sham impeachment and ongoing Trump vilification.

Did Lindell at least meet the burden showing there is reasonable doubt, instead of " absolutely no evidence" of a stolen election? Someone had to do it and do it before the start of the sham impeachment, even Justice Roberts refuses to touch with a 10 foot pole.


Was it reasonable for Trump to also believe the 2020 election was stolen?

That likely depends on Trump's changing, temporary or occasional perspectives and preferences.

(A) Rationally it may well be very unreasonable or a reality only in the alternate reality in MAGA & Trump land.

(B) Emotionally it may be very reasonable when it allows to watch in the mirror while shaving without having to puke.


Just mind that Trump (= likely a rented co writer since the book has more than 4 pages) wrote a book titled "Trump Never Give Up: How I Turned My Biggest Challenges into Success".

It'll be interesting how that will help him to pay back the few hundred million dollar in credits he personally owes banks. He can't coerce them to be swiftly printed anymore - which is good. We'll see.

An aunt told me about hyperinflation in the Weimar time. Money was so worthless that they had to carry baskets of it to buy bread. The store was full, so they left the baskets outside, got their bread and wanted to pay. The money was there but the baskets had been stolen because they were worth more. One billion Reichsmark coins saved a lot of space (and were cheaper to produce)


It's a character thing. Trump is a physically fight shy but otherwise a compulsive "fighterist", to the extent that he'd likely ... tweet rage, insult, penal tax and/or physically fight disliked scrambled eggs for not being orange enough.

If that doesn't work by itself, try playing some mega turbo golf and yell some MAGA, MAGA, MAGA while trying not to railroad customers (club members) who have paid a lot of money ($200,000) to to play golf in Mar-a-Lago.


It doesn’t matter.
We’re stuck with Biden and the puppet masters.
Trump blew it.
His campaign had to know what the Democrats were cooking up last year and they did NOTHING.
Then, after the election, did he order the Democrat-run DOJ to investigate?
Did Giuliani and the rest of the bumbling legal team mount a coherent organized attack?
Were the backstabbers in the WH shut down?
Trump is a great salesman and a terrible manager.
He did some very good things, but ultimately he was brought down by his own lack of focus, hubris and narcissism.
That’s why he’s in Florida and not DC



"Trump is a physically fight shy but otherwise a compulsive "fighterist", to the extent that he'd likely ... tweet rage, insult, penal tax and/or physically fight disliked scrambled eggs for not being orange enough." I am tired of this kind of personal insulting ad hominem material posted by you anfd the other leftist trolls; Liande,r that Spanish group and any others. If you do not learn to express yourself without insulting people you are done here forever.

Patrick Armstrong

@TV He may have started something. We'll see how it develops.

Poppa Rollo

The man most able to sort out and turbo-charge the Trump response would be Mike Pence, so his absence is a puzzle.


Our city elected mayor, who had previously been a city council member, who was later challenged in court under the city "term limits" ordinance.

Did his new term as mayor reset the term limits clock? Or did his total cumulative terms served on city council in any capacity count against the city's new "term limits" total.

He was elected, knowing this controversy was pending but the voters wanted him anyway.

When the courts finally interpreted the ordinance - quibbling over a single word or placement of a comma - he did have to step down as mayor even though he had held the office for wall over a year.

It was ruled he was "illegitimately elected" and therefore could no longer serve. It was our loss and the ordinance was ultimately clarified - term limits now apply to each position, not time served.

But it still proves term limits are a terrible idea since all we get are revolving door of know nothings and do nothings - other than pass jail fine for using plastic straws. And kick any fiscal accountability down the road and hand out goodies to the city employee unions to ensure one at least gets their next re-election covered.

Then gone - no history, no accumulated wisdom, no sage elder voices, and ZREO long-term accountability. Term limits created a brutal neglect or our once fine city.


Patrick Armstrong:
Third parties have a sad history of failure.
A Trump party would split the already minority conservative vote.


Thank you Larry for summarizing the video (which I haven't watched). While I believe Mike Lindell's heart and political stances are in the right place, I saw him on Mark Levin's show sometime during the last year or so and I'm not surprised to read your opinions about his presentation -- he seemed almost crazed at times while being interviewed by Levin, so much so that I could barely stand watching him. He spoke at length about his history as a drug addict and his demeanor was such that I wondered if he was still using. I hate to say it but that was my initial impression. However, after a few moments I realized he was probably just extremely nervous about discussing a very sordid chapter of his past on national TV. Who wouldn't?

Some ardent Trump supporters cannot stand any criticism of Mr. Lindell so I dared not express my opinion on GateWay Pundit's website, where this article is also posted. I agree with you though Larry about the need to read, see or hear a thorough and comprehensive report of election fraud claims WITH EVIDENCE. GWP has tried and has come close.

Mr. Lindell is a great entrepreneur and pitchman but it probably takes someone with more legal knowledge, as well as the means to obtain documentation, in order to present the case more convincingly. While I believe there WAS widespread fraud and have read some compelling accounts of instances of it, it doesn't serve the cause well to recount and declare without actual supporting data to back up the claims. I'm hoping someone other than Mr. Lindell will take another stab at it in a manner that'll be harder to ignore or dismiss. I appreciate what he's done but it sounds like his efforts fell short of being able to convince skeptics.


Mike/Mary, publish the d@nm table! Or at least publish the Austin, Texas and Oklahoma City hits information. Antrim County fraud was discovered by checking out a local race. If there is a machine in each location with the listed ID and IP that is a step forward. If there are some obvious anomalies in a local election that is another lead. It would be enough to justify a deep forensic audit of said machines, If the intrusion is listed as credentials that would need to be investigated.


Thanks for this. I've noticed more than a few times that MAGA enthusiasm is deficient in knowledge, never mind constitutional cogency.
Sydney Powell is pretty sharp, but the Overstock CEO Patrick Bryne(?) was not a fan of Rudy Giuliani's performance re. the election.
Mike Lindell as a salesman and entrepreneur, would be better off funding somebody who knows their stuff and can play this game.


this a very nice and objective and fair appraisal of the video.
Question..if there really was massive cyber interference why did the NSA not corroborate this story ?


RE: Dominion machine vote count: All four GOP candidates in this Dominion vote count election were shorted by approx 300 votes each, revealed after the votes were hand-counted. Coincidence or causation?

For the record in case Dominion comes calling: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/02/huge-development-hand-recount-finds-dominion-voting-machines-shorted-every-republican-windham-new-hampshire-300-votes/

Walter L. Wagner

@Larry Johnson:

I agreed with your analysis all the way until the end.

I too was concerned about the origin of the cyberwarfare data, the ip addresses, etc. It seemed exceptionally detailed. Either it is true, or it is fabricated, nothing in between. I researched Mary Fannning, which led me to Cunningham/Zullo feud, etc. That left me with the impression that maybe he was not a white hat afterall. But reading further, I came up with this from 2018: https://theamericanreport.org/2019/05/22/montgomery-the-hammer-surveillance-system-whistleblower-became-the-deep-states-enemy-number-one-after-exposing-the-truth/

Essentially, it appears there are lots of people trying to paint him as a black hat, which apparently you've also concluded (or more properly, a gray hat, uncertain if he is white hat or black hat.) However, after reading the above, and elsehwere, I'm definitely leaning more to white-hat.

You might wish to see his lawsuit against Comey (yeah, the guy Trump fired), here: https://ecf.dcd.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/show_public_doc?2017cv1074-47

Even though he did not prevail, he lays out a lot of information.

In my estimation, his many years working in government security as a government employee, and becoming a whistleblower, lends to his credence as a white hat.

And yes, I know many of the article about him are by Fanning, but clearly she has an inside track, and I believe her intentions are likewise honorable.

Further, the other evidence, which most anyone who sees it agrees represents fraud, seems to support the cyber-warfare contention as well.

Keep us posted, you are as intersted as myself.

One of the other comments posted this, which I repost:https://ecf.dcd.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/show_public_doc?2017cv1074-47
and this: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2021/02/08/proof-that-the-us-november-election-was-stolen-exists-in-abundance/

Walter Wagner

Having researched this still further, and read expose's on Montgomersy, such as this: https://www.thepostemail.com/2021/02/11/hammer-hoaxer-infiltrates-lindells-absolute-proof-2/

and this of yours: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/02/larry-johnson-hammer-scorecard-real/

This leaves me believing Montgomery's tales are pure fiction.

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