01 February 2021


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The University of Alabama at Huntsville used to be world renowned for academics in rocketry and in software. Huntsville also known as 'Rocket City' got that nickname not only because of Redstone but also because of the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center located there.

Several decades ago when I worked as a consultant to McDonnell-Douglas Space Systems all the best astronautical engineers there were graduates of UAH and were called the Alabama Mafia. Ditto for the many Alabaman software engineers there that were writing code for satellite and launch vehicle telemetry.

However I agree that SpaceCom should stay in Colorado. Alabama does not need the jobs. Their unemployment rate is 3.9%, less than half of the 8.4% of Colorado. Those numbers are as of December 2020 by Trump's Bureau of Labor Statistics.

SpaceCom should definitely have a small liaison office in Huntsville. Just to stay in touch with the Space center and with Redstone.

The Twisted Genius


Redstone's Army Space and Missile Defense Command will serve as the component command to both SPACECOM and STRATCOM. The connection is solid no matter where the HQ is located. Probably ought to do a post on the current status of SPACECOM and Space Force. I have a feeling someone from Space Force will be briefing at a White House press conference soon. Psaki just said Space Force has the full backing of the Biden administration.


"Probably ought to do a post on the current status of SPACECOM and Space Force."

Please do, Although I would be more interested in your insight as to the current status of CyberCOM. And the corresponding agencies in GCHQ, NATO's CCDCOE in Tallin, and the Dutch DCC and others.



That would be a good idea. I can't seem to get through to these people. Perhaps it is the senility thing.


TTG, Fred & Leith,
RSA & Hsv will do fine w/o Space Com hdqrtrs (which btw was previously awarded to CO Springs before yet another city protested). Just check out what they have already, under Tenant Orgs:

The new FBI facilities & ops are worth 5000 direct jobs. The only help they need is a new Congressman. Cheers!

mike a

IZ -

We do agree on Israeli perfidy and double-dealing. But pls do not include me as being in agreement with your BS about the Kurds. The Independence Referendum was by Iraqi Kurds, not Syrians. In NE Syria, the Kurds don't want independence. They and many Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians, Circassians, and Turkmen in NE Syria only want to have the right to elect their own mayors and to have a few locals working in district administrations instead of 100% carpetbaggers from Damascus.

Also you seem to have a fetish for ladies with AKs. It is not just the YPJ. Arab women in Raqqa have formed the 'Martyr Amara Arab Women’s Battalion'. Many Assyrian women in NE Syria have joined the Bethnarain Militia. And then in Shirqat Iraq there is Wahida Mohamed al-Jumaily, who’s also known as Umm Hanadi. She and her 80-man militia are still tracking down former ISIL and beheading them for revenge. She is pissed off at Erdodog for funding ISIL. Says she is going to eat his liver and make a necklace of his nose and ears like one of her female ancestors did 14 centuries ago near Uhud Mountain.


SPACECOM being in Huntsville, may be a good idea in distancing Space Force and SPACECOM from USAF, helping them establish a more independent identity. If they care.

Locating in Huntsville can also bring in more NASA involvement / coordination.

Concentrating all assets in Colorado Springs is not a good idea.

Ishmael Zechariah

The independence "aspirations" of the syrian kurds, tools and collaborators of the USA and israel, but I repeat myself, have been written and discussed here many times. Backpedaling when the "autonomy" gambit did not work is too clever.

Save your breath about your female warriors. That might work for WOKE westerners. That is the reason for the increased propaganda by the ziocons. You keep evading the issue.

Let us chat about your tough cadres the day after the US forces leave Syria. If you wish to see the elephant earlier, we are in Afrin.

Ishmael Zechariah

mike a

IZ -

The US forces in Syria are not holding back the TKK and their al-Nusra best buddies. The Russians are doing that.

But the bigger question is why are you and Erdodog bragging about doing the heavy lifting for the Izzies by dismantling Syria for Jerusalem? Are Turks being 'Useful Idiots' for Israel? Or are they in solidarity with Zionist plans?

Tell your woke jokes to Umm Hanadi. See if it shames her into putting away her meat cleaver.

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