15 February 2021


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I saw Gov. DeSantis on Fox the other day and I could immediately tell that he’s most definitely presidential material. He was calm, cool, and appeared very focused on his mission as governor. Florida being the strongest red state in the union right now is certainly a plus for him. It also helps that Florida under Gov. DeSantis’ leadership has handled the virus much better than most other states its size. He properly protected its most vulnerable population living in nursing homes without imposing draconian lockdown measures on the rest of the population. Which is the exact opposite of what New York governor Cuomo did to his state’s population. This means a great deal given that New York is the biggest and bluest blue state in the union, second only to California.

Trump hanging out in Florida is a plus for him for the same reasons that it’s a plus for Desantis. But the most Trump can do for Republicans these days is be their unofficial godfather. He is too toxic and too washed up to do anything else for them. This’ll make the Dems green with envy given that their unofficial godperson is crotchety old hag Hillary. I suppose that Obama could be their unofficial godfather, but racial tensions will likely become so heated up by 2024 that he’ll become a huge liability for the Dems.

At least that’s what I hope will happen. My hope is that all the Dem’s anti-white woke stuff will become so harmful to whites that most, if not all, white Dems will associate the stuff will Obama, thus causing them to leave the Democratic Party in droves! Discrimination against blacks is racist, discrimination against whites is equally racist. Dems are simply too dim to see this!


as desantis continues to drive the msm nuts:


notice: article contains no real facts/statistics, just dire warnings & comments from several people who don't like desantis. meet the 'new journalism'...


I looked into Q by reading a "NeonRevolt" guy's web site. He's written a book about the whole movement. I think I can sum him up with, going from "Trust the Plan" and Pence needs to be arrested to "You too can make big money in the Market".

Fred, we used to go to Nokomis quite a bit when the Curry Creek Cafe was open. They served top notch American and Indonesian food. I became quite friendly with the owner/chef in spite of him having a case of extremely severe TDS. His knees were giving out so they sold up and moved to his wife's country to Bali where he's living a relaxed life.

I can't help but think Gov DeSantis would appeal greatly to flyover America. Who wouldn't want to have a thriving community?

different clue

Way off thread, but . . .

Large parts of the South and Mid-South are supposed to get 10 degrees or colder tonight. Houses there were never built for that kind of cold. Any pipes which have frozen and burst are at risk of freezing and bursting. How to prevent that?

Running water is much harder to freeze than still water. Even if it is running very slowly. Turning on a cold water faucet and also a hot water faucet to be running at a slow steady drippy trickle till the Cold Emergency is over will way reduce the chances of pipes freezing and bursting. For those who still have heating in their houses . . . . turning the hot water heater all the way up and turning the indoor thermostat up as high as can be comfortably tolerated should also help prevent pipe-freeze and pipe-burst.

Since we are expected to get 10 degrees below zero tonight where I live, I have turned a cold water faucet and a hot water faucet on to a slow drippy trickle before leaving home to go to work.

Just some thoughts, in case they might be useful.

different clue

( in comment just above, I meant to say " any pipes which HAVEN'T frozen and burst yet " . . . )

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