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13 February 2021


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Entonces, Pat, te cambias?

No sabía nada...y paso por aquí casi todos los días...

ES sólo para miembros del comité?

Cómo se llamará el nuevo blog, si ouede saberse?


Worst thing to happen are the media echo chamber claiming the recall supporters now have "enough signatures".

No, they need a lot more because the signatures have to be "adjudicated" by you know who - the California deep state employees using their 46% inaccurate signature verification Brand X machines..

AG office which runs this state recall process, remains as crooked at its former office holder - Heels Up Harris. It is not over, until it is over and at least 1.5 million signatures are vetted and verified. Which means we still need 1.9 million.

Keep "fighting". Peacefully and patriotically.


There was a recall petition for the Oregon Governor that was tanked. I wouldn't be surprised if they bury this one too. Once you cross the Rubicon of thinking the ends justify the means, any means become justified. Hell once you've spiked a Presidential election a governor's race is pocket change.


It looks like Cuomo's career has outlived its usefulness to the Party. Newsome dug his own political grave. Meanwhile in the Senate the selectively edited evidence fails to win a conviction. In GOP news Pence-Hailey 2024. (Democrat lite.) Are these people really that stupid?


Escarlata et al

The new blog will remove my operation from the reach of big tech in the US. It will probably be called "turcopolier" and will be open to all for comments with moderation as always.

Bill H

Yes. Marginally less stupid than Dems, but yes.


Problem is:
Who replaces these wastes of oxygen?
More of the same.
Politics attracts some of the worst people around.
Dishonest, shallow mediocrities.


It has come to this; the Committee of Correspondence in semiexile in Iceland, the land of ice and fire. It is what needs to be done, evidently. I hope that you can preserve your archives as well, but escaping to fight another day would be a major victory.

In other news of the right-minded prudently looking to the exits (?), I just learned of this:


A new turn on Horace Greeley's words...Go North, young man.


We've done this before here in Cali.
Got rid of Gray Davis.
Ended up with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
He wasn't an upgrade.
But my car tax went down!


Looking forward to it. I moved off of blogger a couple of years ago and didn't look back;

Dreamwidth is full of hippie weirdos and almost no one drops by (which suits me fine), but it seems to work well. I write for my pleasure, not for others. I build everything is a word processor and then just cut and past into a typepad interface (Dreamwidth branched off of typepad back in '08). Bada big...done.

Everyone here is welcome to drop by, not much to see there.


Gotta get away from the big boys, the small not-very-corporate providers are the way to go.

Keep going Colonel. Non illegitimi carborundum


It appears I am banned by WordPress so it I don't make the pending transition, my deepest appreciation for the time well spent among the many keen minds and provocative commenting allowed on this remarkable forum. Best wishes to all. Deap


Muy bien, me gusta oirlo.


Calif Gov Gray Davis recall that got us Arnold Schwarzenegger out of about 90 candidates who put their hat in the ring.

Arnold promised "he would blow up the little boxes" of special interests, but did not mention them by name. After he won on that promise, he put four propositions on the ballot that would start "blowing up the little boxes" including eliminating K-12 teacher tenure. As well as other public sector union reform.

Fatal error - he touched the third rail of California politics - taking on the powerful teachers unions (CTA). Voters knew the public sector unions were the problem which is they they recalled Davis and installed RINO Arnold.

So in fact it was the voters who let him down, once he got in office to make good on his promises after the teachers unions did a full frontal assault against all the four reform ballot propositions. And they all failed.

Arnold took a look at the lay of the land after that unexpected defeat, decided it was more fun to go along with the government unions so he sold out the future of the state after that and it slipped into the one-party super-majority hell that it is today. So he failed, but the voters also failed - we got a new governor, but refused to act on it. The issues being more obscure to the voters than the personalities.

And no one dares take on the teachers unions in this state and lives to tell about it. Which will be the reality if Newsom is recalled. Big difference this time is so many parents now know the teachers unions are not their friends. That is the wild card this time.

Nor is there any name recognition "star" to make the choice for a new governor easy for voters. Plus the teachers unions took these past 20 years to embed themselves so deeply into the system, they cannot be dislodged no matter who gets elected.

How mad are parents and how fast will Newsom now scramble to re-open schools and end the really draconian lockdown terms and erratic games playing? He is bending now a lot -- you know, "following the science" which really means staying one step ahead of the growing backlash.

Last election did see some pushback against the entrenched status quo - teachers unions and SEIU ballot proposition to raise taxes failed.

I often wonder what this state would have been like if those original Schwarzenegger ballot propositions had passed in 2000. Probably all over-turned by the courts.

One big worry I had about Trump was he would do a Schwarzenegger on us once he got a whiff of Democrat (union) push back. Trump did not blink. I truly thank him for that.

He poked a stick at the dragon and lost the first battle, but more people woke up to what has slowing been eroding our government over the past several decades - we sold it out to powers that now control us. And it was not a foreign enemy, it was out own tax dollar funded deep state.

Next four years will be very interesting - at least the deeper issues now have a face and name, if not yet the solution or person to carry on the fundamental realignment that takes power back to the owners of this government.

The lockdowns, the bailout price tag, and especially the teacher union abuse of too many blue state school systems was the wake-up call. All early "covid" advantage accrued to the Democrats; but the blame is now shifting from we are all gonna die to maybe this did turn out to be a huge over-wrought hoax after all.

We learned yet again, big government is not the answer. It has again been shown to the problem. And the biggest problem is what big government has done to our public schools. No political bandaid will ever cure this now.

People know the difference now between teachers (good) and the teachers unions (bad). Can't put that genie back in the bottle.


Wordpress is also open source, and can be installed and hosted by anyone. As long as the site you want is not part of wordpress.com, they don't have anything to say about who is using or visiting a wordpress site.



you won't be banned from my site in Iceland.



I hope you are able to make the transition to the new site. In any event, thank you for you contributions. Blessings.



Having spent five years in LA, and as much as it pained me to move because southern California, as well as much of the rest of the state, are some of the most beautiful places on earth, I can say with absolute certainty that the voters in California are getting what they deserve, good and hard. No one pulled the wool over their eyes, no one promised one thing and did another. All these politicians are wide open about their radicalism, and the majority of voters there ask for it, nay they demand it.

I have family who still live there, and while they bitch and moan about the deterioration of the place, they still cast the same votes they always have. You can fix a lot of problems with the right voting habits. But you can't fix stupid. And there is an unfathomable amount of stupid in that state. I feel for the folks in the central valley and the far north (51st state of Jefferson). They are being dragged to their doom by the abject idiocy of the coasties.

Paul Fitchett

My God, an Iceland blog. Just like The Saker had to do. What has the US become?

Best wishes on its success.

Seamus Padraig

I wonder if this recall will be a mail-in affair too? ;-)


From California Globe - reporting from the agreed stupid voter state :

"The recall could be on the ballot as early as this summer 2021.

And still the governor and his top staff behave as if this is a joke. The Associated Press reported over the weekend:

Dan Newman, Newsom’s chief strategist, said the check confirms the financial partnership between the recall effort and state and national Republicans.

“The facade is gone. It’s never been more clear — they’re admitting that the Republican recall scheme is simple partisan politics,” Newman said in a statement. “Republicans have lost every single state election for 15 years, so they’re trying increasingly desperate, distracting and destructive things.”

PS: I think a lot about why California voters are the way they are, and was an elected official myself ........the perversion of common sense is deeply insidious - and uniquely part of the California psyche - too idealistic, short term memory, surfs up, party on, and real world disconnected. California dreamin'.

Democrats ( public sector unions) have superb marketing and California has always been more image than substance. Past is not prologue for California voters - indeed they hate "the government" but do keep voting for more of the same.

I think they feel they have exercised their patriotic duty hating politicians - don't I look smart? But they remain immune to the ploys of Democrat marketing which still knows how to go for their emotional and idealistic jugular ... for the children, for the environment, for the most vulnerable amongst us .... as long as only the "rich" have to pay and their own lives are happier knowing they passed on these matters for someone else to fix.

What has happened to our state K-12 system is resonating negatively with many parents finally, but keep in mind most of our K-12 students today are "illegals" so most parents do not even vote. (english learners they call them - or emerging bi-linguals is now 60-90% depending on the district).

Will the remaining numbers of disgruntled parents be mad enough to vote for changes, and will they be enough to make a difference this time?

I'll have to wait and see too. We are suddenly hearing schools will be open soon - in a few weeks. And a short visit to a tourism town in our county this weekend found thousands of people out and about, where it was a ghost town only a few weeks ago. No lockdown for me or thee apparently.

Even the local shop keepers were shocked at the huge numbers that came in floods from out of town and area. Is Newsom looking more like a paper tiger everyone can afford to now ignore? Or are people regaining and asserting their power of passive protest.

Growing disconnect between what people are doing and what the governor is officially telling us what to do. Except with his wet finger up to the political winds, I suspect Newsom will try to get in front and lead the parade that has already lined up.

Biggest problem is the GOP ranks are so decimated there are no rising stars nor anyone in any high level state farm club. A few mayors, but not enough state wide traction. Democrat politics of personal destruction have pretty much eliminated any and all attempts to unseat them when Democrat hold the registered majority.

The best we could hope for was an honest, independent, reform-minded Democrat like Marshall Tuck, who has come close twice now taking on the (teacher union) state superintendent of schools. Maybe this is his moment finally. He would be GOP in any other state, but realities force anyone running in this state to be at least a nominal Democrat.

Case in point - the nation was smart enough to thoroughly reject Kamala Harris since she got zero traction every where even in her home state, yet she may still become POTUS. How could that happen in the real world? But it did happen in the world of Democrat politics.

And thus the explanation for stupid voter in this state, because somehow stupid got passed on to the national voters as well. Why was the nation in toto willing to take chance on Kamala Harris, when everyone had already soundly rejected her.

different clue

@Jersey Jeffersonian,

One hopes the archives complete with comments may indeed be preserved. If they canNOT be preserved, there is a clumsy clunky way to find some archives of the posts themselves, through the Internet Archive-Wayback Machine. It is very clumsy and user-hostile.

Still . . . if one clicks this link . . .
http://web.archive.org/ one gets to the Internet Archive itself. Once there, one types into the space which says
" Enter a URL or words related to a site's home page" the exact following . . . turcopolier.typepad.com
and a chart of number of times scraped and etc. comes up. Enough exploratory hunting and pecking on that chart will eventually bring up the archived SST posts.

Hopefully all the posts AND the threads will be preserved somewhere somehow in case access might be granted at some future time.

different clue


I remember having offered the guess that Harris would be Biden's ( actually Biden's thinking-brain-dogs') pick for VP running mate.
I got lucky on that one, but I will go ahead and offer my intuitional reasons just as if I had really figured it out.

Back during the Great Financial Crash of 2008, when millions of people had their houses taken from them through foreclosure, it later came to light that many of those foreclosures were entirely false and fraudulent, based on entirely fake documents or no documents at all, etc. I forget the details but I remember reading that Steve Mnuchin led a company which was involved in many thousands of fraudulent foreclosures ( " fraudclosures" ). He was looked into for possible prosecution for his alleged serial crime waves in that regard. Every single attorney in California Attorney General Harris's office wanted to prosecute Mnuchin. They thought he diddit and that the case was very winnable. Harris overruled them all.

In effect, Harris gave Mnuchin immunity and impunity for his "alleged" financial crime wave against thousands of homeowners. This left Mnuchin free as a bird to circulate among the general population. He was later made President Trump's Secretary of Treasury and he was given the responsibility to design Tax Policy. What is called the Trump Tax Cuts should more properly be called the Mnuchin Tax Cuts. And since it was Harris who kept Mnuchin free so he could go on to be SecTreas, I myself like to call them the Kamalanuchin Tax Cuts, since she helped make it all possible by immunising and impunifying Steve Mnuchin.

So what better President after Biden to immunise and impunify the FIRE Sector black hat perpetrators for all the crimes they may be committing or may be planning to commit, then the already-proven immuniser and impunifier Kamala Harris?

I believe she was Wall Street's Choice for Bidenoidal Running Mate. That's who he was instructed to pick. And when he announced the Harris pick, his donations from Wall Street donors surged to their highest ever level. That says to me that that was exactly the reason she was picked.

Of course that is just my intuition . . . " muh feelz" . . . on the matter.

How to describe what Kamala Harris smells like from afar ( way out here in Great Lakestan)? She and Obama are male and female versions of the exact same person. I have tried to come up with names for them which reveal their innermost True Essence.
I call them Count Draculabama and the Countess Draculamala. I wish some clever digital person could do a 2-face morph between each of their faces and the face of Christopher Lee as Count Dracula from the Hammer Films.

I hope the Republicans will nominate a non-hideous non-gargoyle in 2024 so I can vote third party. If Tulsi Gabbard contests the primaries I will vote for her under any Party Label.
If she runs Third Party or Independent, I will vote for her unless the Republicans nominate a Total Werewolf.

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