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01 February 2021


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Christian J. Chuba

There is one aspect of 'Warp Speed' that our MSM only gave passing reference to which I am very curious about, what happened to the 120M+ dose regimen that we allegedly had reserved as of Dec? don't have links for the original claim, but I remember seeing the affable Surgeon General announcing this on both FOX / CNN, 'we have enough to treat 20M Americans in Dec. and another 100M in Jan to give to the states, the two dose regimen'. FOX was praising Trump's accomplishment while CNN criticized Trump for the slow rollout as soon as the could, but that is besides the point.

The 120M two does regimen became a total of 30M single doses with ongoing manufacturing bringing that up to 50M https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/covid-vaccine-tracker-global-distribution/, enough for a full treatment of 25M Americans.

I think it's worth more than a passing reference. We were told that there was a reserve. If they meant, 'pre-ordered' that is different than a reserve.

People are criticizing the states, especially the Blue States but when you are only given enough to vaccinate less than 10% of your population and you have to develop rationing plans, that is more difficult to roll out than going full speed ahead. Even with that limitation, the states have distributed 60% of the doses they were given. Since there is a waiting period of 4 - 5 weeks between doses, that is acceptable performance.

If the states actually were given 240M doses, things might have gone better, we will never know.


Ha! Trump should run in 2022 for a Florida Congressional seat and start the impeachment process then.

Peter VE

Col, Biden's post presidential impeachment could well include a Harris interregnum. Please be careful what you wish for.

Rick Merlotti

Post Presidential impeachment. With Joe’s physical state that could mean weeks or months. Then we have the Great Whore of Babylon guiding the ship of state, steady hand on the tiller. Can’t make this excrement up.


Fauci as well as the rest of the bureaucracy - no doubt - all voted for Biden:
"Get rid of that orange blowhard."
The Democrats, after all, are their party.
Now, their wittle feewings are hurt.


The #1 thing the Liberals are scared of is TRUMP. They have politicized the COVID vaccination program to slow it down making it more bureaucratic to a point it is now stalling. Not sure you can lay that on Pfizer/Moderna but if TRUMP was running it, it would be a well oiled machine.
That is the difference they cannot handle as Trump showed the nation that things can work much more streamlined when the fat is cut.
Small cities came to the realization that they had to get the politicians out of running the city so they hired City Managers and held them to the fire. We need to hire a USA Manager and get the politicians out of it so things run much more smoothly and efficiently.
As to Joe Biden's impeachment it is a fait-accompli prior to the end of his term.


Formally meet the new Biden administration: the $800 million dollars of dark money devoted to GOTV charitable organizations.

What was it about rising "Tides",.............. lift all boats?


This nation is in for a world of hurt, since there is so much deep organization trying to hurt us.

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