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08 February 2021


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Remarkable stuff. One hopes that these capabilities can be attained.

Here is a link to another article on "Pais Effect" projects. There are multiple hotlinks contained withi this article for more information, too.


Here's another developing technology with far ranging potentials:


Potentials, I might add, for good and for ill, both being quite easy to envision.


This is the future. The Russians have just installed on the nose of a testbed aircraft an electric motor, with propeller, based on superconducting magnets. Very neat.


Such extraordinary claims require some extraordinary proof.
Would be an amazing advance for human technical abilities.
Nikola Tesla made similar leap.

mathias alexander

"Nikola Tesla made similar leap."
The US Navy confiscated all Tesla's stuff the day after he died so you've got to wonder how much of that knowledge has gone into this.

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