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05 January 2021


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A few things still trouble me that don't appear in any later dicussions of this topic, including this very good one:

1. The fact just about every other European country and other industrialized nations now prohibit 'electronic voting" in their federal elections, due to inherent ability to corrupt outcomes.

Claims "electronic voting" undermines election integrity and thereby voter trust. Which they seem to value more than the US.

2. Hilary Clinton's recovered email around the time of the Haiti earthquake where she touts the use of Dominion Voting Systems to someone else, because she assured them they provide "very happy results".


Thank you, Robert! Straight and to the point. We need to change this, starting right now.

Barbara Ann

An excellent post Mr Willmann. I wholeheartedly agree with your views on electronic vote counting, the words "voting" and "machine" must be separated, for good.

Election management systems, starting with Diebold, were it appears, specifically designed to do just that; manage elections. That this started in the export market as a foreign policy tool and has now come home to roost is all too symptomatic of other such dark practices, such as the information warfare and PSYOPS we are seeing much in evidence in what is left of politics in America. The resultant corrosive effect on democracy is near terminal - how many Trump supporters will believe a Warnock win was fair?

As your personal experience attests, interest in free and fair elections can be trumped by cold hard cash. And rather than be innocently unaware of the implications of introducing electronic voting, at least some state authorities seem to have been suspiciously desperate to get systems put in with no regard for conducting the appropriate due diligence.

The "much bigger area" you describe is a logistical headache, but last I checked liberty wasn't easily achieved. In the recent Federal elections I am reading that this area may extend out all the way to Rome. More on that will come out soon perhaps.

I too was puzzled by Barr & the DOJ's inaction wrt evident widespread election fraud. But more recently, based on mounting evidence of the extent of the Trump administration's planning to "Stop the Steal" I have begun to theorize an explanation: I believe Trump has been planning for this for 4 years, knowing all the while that he may have to go 'all the way' in the face of rampant corruption, cheating and obstruction by the thoroughly corrupt Uniparty and a compromised justice system. Is the plan to drain the swamp by dynamiting the dam holding it back - i.e. all at once?

What do you do when the justice system is irredeemably compromised? Well if you can you use a different one. Sidney Powell herself appears to be waiting in the wings for a role overseeing military tribunals and I note that the newly appointed Deputy AG served as a Military Magistrate Judge. Sydney, Gen. Flynn and Lin Wood have all called for some measure of martial law. Dealing with the issue of a compromised legal system by avoiding it altogether, if necessary, strikes me as a very Trumpian solution to a seemingly insoluble problem.

It appears to me that ever since his December 2nd speech, Trump has provided off ramps at every opportunity to the courts - right up the the SCOTUS - and to politicians of both stripes, even going so far as to offer them the opportunity of doing the right thing in public. EO 13848 declares foreign election interference a national security threat - does this mean Trump will suddenly announce such and do an Abe Lincoln? I can certainly see it if even the "Pence Card" is unsuccessful. I note that Trump has conspicuously avoided mentioning the foreign interference that is such a big part of the Sidney's Kraken papers. Where would all this leave us? Well I think Ulysses S. Grant put it best: "There are but two parties now: traitors and patriots".

I am expecting the Trump Epiphany Show to be a big one, "Greatest Show Ever" I imagine it will be called. The teaser declassification by the DNI today is a sign of what is to come I think. Personally, I would not bet against Trump pulling it out of the bag on the morning of the 20th.


As of this writing it looks like the election theft system put in place in Georgia is working as planned to ensure a Uniparty victory for the Democrats. The GOP will of course blame Trump and his supporters and go back to rolling in the grift over to Landslide Joe and the woman who couldn't win a single delegate.

Bill H

And at least one election in Georgia where Republicans are leading when we go to bed and Democrats are declared winners the next morning. I think it's time to admit that US elections are pretense, much the same as Soviet elections were in the 1900s.

Living in California, admittedly a matter of choice, I haven't had a meaningful vote in decades. Which of two Democrat females do I want to be my US Senator?


Thank you for posting.

Christian J. Chuba
"In an electronic voting machine, the hidden electronic processes become the ballot -- not "your ballot" -- and the tabulation of ballots is also done by hidden electronic processes. No audit trail is possible. If a machine prints out a receipt with a bar code on it, that is not a ballot and it cannot be part of an audit. An audit requires original documents and items for every step in a process."

In Georgia, the voting booth prints out the ballot which is then scanned and then counted electronically. That paper ballot IS the original document.
1. the recount disproves vote switching, because altering the total on election night would show a different count when they re-scan the paper ballot during the recount.

2. The barcode. Yes, to make scanning efficient, you could encode 'Biden' in the barcode and print 'Trump' for the poor dupe of a voter. If someone wants to file a lawswuit to scan Georgia's ballots to verify that scanning the barcode matches the human readable selection I am 100% on board with that. This is possible because we have the printed paper ballot.


@ Chris Chuba et al-

There has been a continuing legal effort in Georgia, little reported, by a small voter group, seeking to have Georgia's older computer voting systems and, now, the new replacement Dominion voting systems declared unacceptable for 2020 and future elections.

In response to their request for an injunction against the Dominion machines, Judge Amy Totenberg wrote, in her October 10 order, that there are “serious system security vulnerability and operational issues that may place Plaintiffs and other voters at risk of deprivation of their fundamental right to cast an effective vote that is accurately counted.”

However, the judge observed that, with absentee voting about to start, it was too close to the election to effectively change the system or eliminate the machines. She did order certain accommodations be made in the process,which she suggested might partially ameliorate the problems.

It is unclear whether even these measures were taken. Reporting is hard to find about this case.

Quick summary within Epoch Times article: https://www.theepochtimes.com/dominion-part-of-council-that-disputed-election-integrity-concerns-in-dhs-statement_3581659.html

A fuller discussion of the Georgia case was posted at Brad Blog on October 12, two days after Totenberg's pre-election ruling. Brad Friedman, the author, being a fervently committed anti-Republican, anti-Trumper, has found nothing to complain about anywhere in the election process, since Nov 4.

NYT did actually run a long article in June 2020 about the many, non-deliberate ways in which the new Georgia Dominion system can undermine voting and twist election outcomes. It notes that this particular Dominion system was approved by the National Voting Assistance Commission in 2018 and promptly failed certification in Texas. Serious questions were later raised about "shortcuts" in Georgia's certification.

Without mentioning the overarching danger of vote manipulation
by invisible software, the NYT does cite other known problems of these elaborate, expensive "management" systems, which can and have had significant impact of voting process and results. These include complexity and the need for extensive training of local election officials, which results in operator errors, shorting out due to overload of electric circuits, software failures on site, and faulty programming by Dominion before delivery.


Actual order from Totenberg:

A semi-random discussion of the arguments and evidence in the Georgia case

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