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06 January 2021


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richard barber


Barbara Ann

richard barber

Yes, Antifa really ought to have put more effort into their camouflage. That they got in so easily is interesting. Now let's see who has fallen into whose trap.


Events unfolding today:

1. Stop the lying
2. Stop the double standards
3. Stop the Democrat threats of violence if they do not get their way
4. Stop re-writing history
5. Stop letting the left off for continued their crimes of violence
6. Stop blaming Trump ...for everything
7. Stop assuming these were Trump rioters ..without evidence



Amazing timing. Just when the public record was being made state after state for voter fraud, in come the hired goons and the Democrats with their prime time ready speeches to blame Trump. Biden, reap what you sow.

Now let's get back to making the public record on voter fraud and the actions of each state who have been willing to speak up against clear evidence of this fraud in each of their states. No more hired antifa disruptions.

Don't steal the narrative again Democrats, with your pious "unity" talk just to shut down this critical debate.

Rick Merlotti

Orchestrated much? I’ll bet some Hollywood decadent types were involved in casting and outfitting this motley crew of retrobates.

The Twisted Genius

Richard Barber and Barbara Ann,

The clown is the headdress is QAnon. He's been a fixture at rightwing rallies in AZ for the last year.

"The man in the center with the fur hat and painted face is a QAnon believer from Arizona named Jake Angeli. He was a small-time actor, voice over artist, and singer before he joined the movement."

Barbara Ann

So a few interesting facts:

Yesterday Trump signed a memo authorizing the SoS (after due consultation) to classify Antifa as a terrorist organization. Today CNN dutifully described the protestors as "insurrectionists". Trump has now asked them to disperse in what looked to me like a pre-recorded statement (Twitter have just deleted the tweet) and Pence has said those involved in the "attack" on the Capitol should be "prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law".

"Before invoking the powers under the Act, 10 U.S.C. § 254 requires the President to first publish a proclamation ordering the insurgents to disperse"

Also, am I the only one who finds the timing of the delivery of Pence's statement to Congress (which set the angry crowd off) suspiciously well timed to coincide with the end of Trump's speech? Is Pence really a Brutus?




The Democrats and their apparatus controlled and created a narrative. Because the rally was peaceful some action was needed to create photo opportunities, so capital police then allowed the protestors in the building. Timing to disrupt the introduction of evidence, move attention from a corrupt election and frame the protesters as insurrectionists. They controlled and created the narrative.

Brenda Reeves

Larry, you lie...Whitey!!!


Brenda Reeves

You are banned for a racial ad hominem attack.

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