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20 January 2021


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Is there a basement in the White House?

Barbara Ann

Well after himself referring to Kamala as "President-elect" and the whole "..I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign" thing, it looks like Joe is right on board with whatever handover process is planned. But as your SWMBO rightly points out, Dr Jill is an interesting factor. I wonder if she is signed up to the plan. I imagine the FLOTUS gig is a tough one to give up, once one gets the taste for it. The intrigues at court are always sure to entertain us common folk.

different clue

I should think that Kamala would like Biden to remain in office for at least 2 years and a day, ideally not a day more.

That way ( she thinks) she can be President for 10 years.

Meanwhile, what of Tulsi Gabbard? Is she taking our host's advice and setting the stage for a slow careful phased entry into the Republican Party?

Or is she preparing to "primary" Kamala from a little-bit-to-the-right in the 2024 Democratic Primaries? ( If the Democratic Inner Party permits primaries?)

Whichever primary Tulsi Gabbard runs in, I will vote for her in that primary. Or if she wants to start a third party or independent run, I will see if I can do anything useful there.


Just as I suspected, the ridiculously exaggerated need for 25,000 troops in DC was obviously all for show in order to mask Biden's pathetic lack of popularity. Who on earth do the Establishment/Dems/RINOS/MSM think they're fooling with a stunt such as we witnessed today? It's particularly notable that Biden couldn't attract more of a crowd in a town SO chock full of bureaucrats and partisan Democrats. He's just that bad though, and unfortunately for him he has a long record that underwhelms (at best) too many people with institutional memory. The MSM's excessive fawning only succeeds in making it all even more farcical. Some of the smarmiest gushing recently seems like satire or parody worthy of Christopher Guest or Monty Python. SMH...

j. casey

Harrison = Biden?

scott s.

Tyler (aka His Accidency) was a WINO. Actually, you can't even call him a WINO as his party affiliation was the "states rights party" (if it could be called a party). It is a reflection of the difficult position the Whigs were in, as a coalition mainly distinguished by their hatred of Jackson (though Tippecanoe did follow a Jackson-style campaign). I think the assumption was that Harrison would be malleable, though of course we have no idea.

Jackson protege Van Buren was blamed for the panic of 1837 and subsequent depression, along with Jacksonian money theory (charter of the second Bank of the US and Sub-Treasury Bill). But getting a suitable opponent to carry the Whig banner was difficult (in the language of the day, the Whigs needed an "available" candidate -- one with no ties to specific interest groups such as a career military man).

As far as Tulsi -- her seat now is held by uber-lefty Kai Kahele so not much for Dems to fear.

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