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22 January 2021


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Barbara Ann

O/T from Syria but right on the topic of mockery, fans of Blazing Saddles (I'm thinking of you in particular TTG) may appreciate this mashup of Brennan's latest rantings:


The Twisted Genius


The history of active duty military domestic deployments is long, extending far beyond Biden and Trump. Eisenhower sent the 101st Airborne to Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957. Active duty and federalized National Guard troops were deployed and employed domestically over a dozen times since then. The DoD and every military installation has a MACAP (Military Assistance to Civilian Authorities Plan). I rewrote the MACAP for Fort Jackson back in the 80s in close cooperation with several South Carolina state agencies, the SC STARC along with several military and civilian lawyers. A lot of thought, planning and coordination goes into this.

This short “Stars and Stripes” article examines the controversy surrounding the 2018 deployment of active duty troops in support of DHS on our Mexican border. It includes a short DoD paper on the subject. I wouldn’t be surprised to see active duty medical units deployed in support of mass inoculations this year. They’re expert in giving a lot of shots to a lot of people at once.


The Twisted Genius


You're right. I am not heartened by some of the people Biden brought back to the national security apparatus and DOS, especially Nuland. Biden also picked McGurk as senior director for the Middle East and Africa at the NSC. He always had a thing for the Kurds. That's why I don't see us pulling out of Syria anytime soon. I think it's 50-50 whether we try to establish an independent Rojava, which would not just be bad but futile, or push the Kurds to come to some kind of accommodation with Damascus. That's what we should have been doing since the first SF teams went into the area back in 2015.



The National Guard now deployed to occupy Washington, DC are not in federal service and therefore the Posse Comitatus Act does not apply to them. They remain state troops. This should be obvious.
If that were not so, the governors of New Hampshire, Texas and Florida would not have been able to withdraw these forces and return them to their home states. With regard to Regular Army forces (quaintly called "active forces" at present) these can be used whenever necessary through the simple mechanism of the Insurrection Act. This act has been invoked 23 times in US history and will be again. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posse_Comitatus_Act https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insurrection_Act_of_1807


I am so grateful for living in Florida. I didn't realize it but around the country regular folks are extremely impressed with our Governor, Ron DeSantis. He's called back our Guard from DC saying that, "these people are soldiers, not Nancy Pelosi's personal servants". Alas, he's also become the GOP front runner for the 2024 election. I hope he runs for governor here again in 2022 rather than participate in some ceremonial election.

The Twisted Genius

Barbara Ann,

That was excellent and well done. I never noticed how well Brennan fit in as a character in "Blazing Saddles." His looks, his voice are perfect for inclusion in Governor Le Petomane's staff harrumphing along to protect his phony baloney job. I'm surprised no one ever did one for Obama's inauguration as Sheriff Bart’s welcome to the town of Rock Ridge. Damn! Why can't we laugh at ourselves anymore?

Barbara Ann


Good question. Of course humor becomes more important the more serious things get, not less.

If you enjoyed that you (& everyone else) may also like a similar mashup of the establishment media fawning over Joe's ascent to power, mixed with - what else - but DPRK's inimitable Ri Chun-hee. Saw Smoothie had posted a link to it over on his blog (thanks Andrei).


Mark Logan

Barbra Ann,

So true. In "Stranger in s strange land" Heinlein grokked humor as human response to that which is too painful to be dealt with in any other way. An exquisitely humorous observation.


Since when did President Trump *truly* have control of the Pentagon?

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