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22 January 2021


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There's only one thing you missed Fred: the way the press covered the inauguration.

Biden NK


Well, one thing you can say about him, he hit the ground shufflin', what with this Crusade, and all of those Executive Orders he immediately signed.

Say, do ya think terminating the oil pipeline from Canada via one of those Executive Orders has any connection - however tenuous - with pilin' in the military in the Middle East oil patch? Whoops, there I go again, noticing. What a tool I am, haven't I learned yet...war is peace. Me, I just can't wait for The Charge of the Gender-Dysphoric Brigade; it'll be altogether awesome.

Now, how many fingers am I holding up, Winston?

Peter VE

Blinkin' Tony assured us that we would continue to recognize Random Guydo as the Preznit of Venezuela, too, so there's always the possibility of defending the people of Venezuela too!

Barbara Ann

Very good Fred. Mockery is going to be an important weapon in the armory of the the New Resistance and early indications are we'll have a limitless amount of material to work with.

Bomb'n Biden - or to give him his full title; Not My President-select pro tem Biden - is evidently letting the ecstatic neocons dial it right back up in the ME. After 4 years of being frustrated by a POTUS with the temerity to not start any new wars, I'll bet they are all fit to bust.


"You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane"

Chuck Light

Interestingly, Iran reported this military movement on January 18, 2021, while Trump still controlled the US Department of Defense.


Also, Syria apparently reported the same convoy movement on January 14, 2021, and said in its report that the convoy was the second in five days. That would put US troop movements in Syria back to o/a January 9, 2021.


According to the Syrian Observer:

These US military transports have become a weekly occurrence in eastern Syria, as the American-led International Coalition continues its activities inside the Euphrates River Valley region.

Either way, it would appear that the troop movement Fred describes was ordered by the Trump administration, possibly as a routine resupply mission which has been ongoing for some time.

Chuck Light

PressTV has also reported the movement of troops (and supplies?) into Syria from Iraq on January 17, 2021.



Biden needed cover when he fired the NLRB head attorney on Day One -immediately shattering all existing tradition preserving the independence of this senate approved appointed position. KaBoom. First head to fall.

The "service" unions wanted this guy out pronto, so Biden dropped the ultimatem at 12:20pm, before he had even marched back to the WH - quit or get fired. Overheard in his wavering voice Biden croaked... "how can I achieve "unity" without 100% of my own people surrounding me 24/7?"

Wag the dog. Rekindle the Middle East flames because it is good cover for Susan Rice's perverse domestic policies - she is who must now be obeyed.

Has anyone spotted Valerie Jarrett of late?



Unlike the Iran news junkies who quickly repeat what Iran says I only have public information in this bog post. Did Iran also verify vehicle numbers and cargo manifests? Did they also state the Russian movement was last week too? If so you left that part out.

Chuck Light

Fred: I found the Iran FarsNews report, and the Syrian Observer report, and the PressTV report this morning, in response to your post implying, if not stating directly, that this troop movement was ordered in the last two days by the Biden administration.

I did some further research. According to the BBC, as of the middle of September, 2020, the US had approximately 500 military personnel in Eastern Syria:


To my mind (Colonel, please let me know if this is true or not), a deployment of 500 military personnel in a hostile war zone would require, on a fairly regular, and routine, basis, resupply. I have no reason to believe that the convoy you imply was ordered into Syria by the Biden administration was anything other than a resupply mission, as implied, if not directly stated, by the Syrian Observer article.

I an not an "Iran news junkie[]", as you imply. I am not a follower of Middle East news, or military news, or current foreign policy news.

What I am is someone who seeks to determine whether what I am reading is in fact true. I was seeking information to support your claims that the Biden administration was sending more troops into Northern Syria, I did research. I could not access the Al-Masdar News article you linked to (no server access), so I looked for other sources. And in those sources I found information which paints a different picture than the one you painted.

I will leave the information about "vehicle numbers and cargo manifests," as well as Russian movements in the area (apparently common over the past number of months according to the BBC), to Al-Masdar News junkies.

Chuck Light

Fred: Here is a quote from an article published yesterday by i24 News:

Other local media report that such maneuvers are not unusual as the US often moves transfers equipment between Iraq and Syria.


i24 News quoted from the Syrian State News Agency (SANA) in its article, asserting that 200 US troops were sent into Syria in helicopters. If this is true, it would appear to be more than a resupply effort, unless troops already on the ground were being withdrawn and replaced. As far as I can tell, there is no way of knowing.

Also, there is absolutely no way of knowing whether this movement was ordered by the Biden administration, or as a goodbye salute from Trump. To imply otherwise without proof is foolhardy.

I would assume (again the Colonel can correct me if I am wrong) that a movement of troops by helicopters, and a movement of tanks and supplies and armored personnel carriers, are not the type of military decisions which are made by the Pentagon on the fly.

My research thus far discloses no information which would indicate that this troop movement was ordered by the Biden administration. I will keep looking, and if I find anything I will surely let you know.


Just had a random, silly thought. When the baton gets passed to Joe's minder, Kamala, she will then become Bomber Harris. That has a familiar ring somehow...



So you don't know what was in the trucks or if there was a separate convoy. When time permits I'll read what you linked too. Do your comments there asking for proof/verification of what is reported go under "Chuck light" or a different nom democrats plum?

John Merryman.

To mix the metaphors, this sh!tshow is starting to look like a bonfire on thin ice.
With everything they are throwing at the fan, Joe will have to be juggling the balls on camera, in front of the whole world and the curtain will fall.

Chuck Light

Chuck Light is my name, Fred. And I don't recall "asking for proof/verification of what is reported." I do recall saying that I do research to look for the truth.

From what I have found thus far, I am reasonably certain that the Biden administration did not order more troops into Syria, and that this reported movement was planned and initiated by the Defense Department under the Trump administration.

If you have proof that the Biden administration did order more troops into Syria (within the first 36 hours of his term of office), and this latest movement was part of that order, then I would assume you could prove it. Absent that proof, it is mere speculation.



For your research purposes the 500 troops issue was addressed here before, I'm surprised you didn't see it. Hint, lots more than 500:


"Absent that proof, it is mere speculation."
unlike reports in the BBC and Syrian Observer, White Helmets, etc. Glad to have my own discreditor, the left must really be worried about the narrative.



You know, there are some of us who just care about the truth.

Everything is not about the right or the left for me, for example. I think that's still true for many people in America. I certainly hope it is.

I still come to this website even though so many people here now have an across the board dislike and disdain for all Democrats. Some here would even say they hated me. I don't like everything Democrats say and do. That's how I ended up voting for Trump twice. I intend to keep listening to various points of view, try to discover what the truth is and make up my own mind. I never had a "narrative" I had to protect and hope I never will. I was never a party creature and never will be one.


Prior to the inauguration someone ordered 25,000 troops into the Capitol, then excused 12 of them & then ordered 5,000 of them into a parking garage with 2 urinals & so it goes. There's some troop movement for you but those were just the Guard. I think only 500
active duty specialist troops were brought in for the inauguration.

Guess the 500 active duty troops didn't violate posse comitatas.

Chuck Light

Fred: According to the DefenseOne.com article written in November, 2020, linked to by Colonel Lang, "anonymous officials" put the number at about 900 as of the fall of 2020:

Officially, Trump last year agreed to keep several hundred U.S. troops — somewhere between 200 and 400, according to varying reports at the time — stationed in northeast Syria to “secure” oil fields held by the United States’ Kurdish allies in the fight against ISIS. It is generally accepted that the actual number is now higher than that — anonymous officials put the number at about 900 today — but the precise figure is classified and remains unknown even, it appears, to members of Trump’s administration keen to end the so-called “forever wars.”

Whether it was 500 or 900, it is apparently undisputed that the US still had a military presence in Syria during the entirety of the Trump presidency. It is also apparently undisputed that the number of troops was significantly higher than Trump apparently wanted -- less than 200.

And no, Fred, I am not worried about any narrative, nor do I think "the left" as you call them are worried about the narrative either.

If you want to know what "the left" is currently worried about, it is the 4,000+ Americans dying daily from COVID-19. It is the 10+ million unemployed, which number does not include those who stopped looking for work. It is the thousands of Americans lining up in parking lots daily to get sustenance from food banks because they can't afford food for their families. It is the tens of thousands of Americans who wonder whether they will be evicted from their homes because they can't pay their rent. It is the hospitals and medical workers nationwide who wonder when they will have to start deciding who will receive care and who will be sent home to die because there are not enough beds and trained nurses to care for all of the victims of COVID-19 who need hospitalization. Need I go on?

No, Fred, the left is not worrying about a militaristic Biden sending fresh troops into Syria. That is apparently your worry. The left has much more mundane worries.



C'mon man! You're spending lots of time on Syria but not on BBC/Syria Observer, etc. "Whether it was 500 or 900," I did not disput they were there. Nice try though.

Covid 19? My math is a bit rusty so I used an online calculator. 4,000/day is 1,460,000 in one year - from Covid. Maybe in a couple years we'll hit that number if we continue to allow corrupt politicians like Cuomo and Newsome and Whitmer to foul up nursing home care for the elderly.

"thousands of Americans lining up in parking lots daily to get sustenance from food banks because they can't afford food for their families"

Aren't they all dead from Covid yet? No home, no health care? If only governors like that guy in Sacremento with you would allow everyone to go back to work.

" It is the 10+ million unemployed, which number does not include those who stopped looking for work. " "tens of thousands of Americans who wonder whether they will be evicted from their homes because they can't pay their rent."

if only corrupt politicians like Cuomo, Newsome, Whitmer and the New Jersey guy had allowed people to work rather than declaring their businesses or employers "non-essential".

" It is the hospitals and medical workers nationwide ... because there are not enough beds and trained nurses to care for all of the victims of COVID-19 who need hospitalization. "

I won't bother aksing you to name the State and City that situation exists in as it doesn't. Should I write a future blog post feel free not to comment as I'll not be posting them.

The Twisted Genius


The Russians are moving troops and equipment into the Aleppo and Hasakah areas to counter moves by the Turks and their jihadi allies. That’s coming from AMN and the Russian press. US troop movements in Syria have nothing to do with any change in Biden policy in Syria… yet. I don’t anticipate any changes in our policy there for a while. The people Biden brought in for the region are pretty pro-SDF so i definitely don’t see us leaving any time soon.

In other war news Tony Blinken said a few days ago that the Biden administration will end support for the Saudi war against the Houthis including logistical support and arms sales. We will also review and probably reverse the Trump administration’s designation of the Houthis as a terrorist organization. That and Biden’s announced aim to return to the Iranian Nuclear Deal are the only differences I see between Biden and Trump Middle East policies so far. I’d say that’s a good start.

The Twisted Genius


Those 500 active duty troops didn’t violate the Posse Commitatus Act any more than the roughly 1,600 active duty troops from the 10th Mountain and 82nd Airborne Divisions were when they were brought to the area ready to deal with the “siege” of the White House last Summer by the BLM protesters.

Chuck Light

Fred: You have proven that some people just can't stop making everything about "its all the corrupt Democrats fault". No sense talking to a wall, I guess. I'll do my best to avoid commenting on your posts hereafter. Have a nice life.



"change in Biden policy in Syria… yet."

Yet being the key word. "the Biden administration will end support for the Saudi war against the Houthis including logistical support and arms sales. "

The war Saudi Arabia is losing? Good. As to the rest it looks like there is a return of a lot of the Obama era regime change people.


TTG, You make a fair point through your comparison of active duty military "policing" domestic situations under both Trump & leading
up to the inauguration under the command of whoever. However just
b/c both sides indulge in these practices I can't help finding it
a bit concerning.

Is it your opinion this type of domestic deployment is legal?


TTG, Please excuse me for asking you to be more direct on the legality of active duty troops deployed to police domestically.
Just b/c something is convenient certainly doesn't mean it's legal.

Your response was apt. So what's next if this becomes routine practice? A contingency op
showing up at a homeowner's door announcing they're quartering
in the home as the homeowner wanders out into the night mumbling,
"Don't you guys have tents or quonset huts to set up in the park?" As some private whispers, "We didn't have time to bring 'em."

Slippery Slopes, perhaps that should be my new screen name.

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