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03 January 2021


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That's a damn scary scenario! Let's hope it doesn't come true but he doesn't much care to follow advice from his henchmen.





Why would a foreign war against any country be in the interests of Trump and the 'deplorables'? What does it gain him?

"Trump might face civil or criminal action in the aftermath..."

He and his supporters are already being promised civil and criminal action by the Biden people.


Consider finishing off the egg nog in the back of the refrigerator and then go to bed. No need to go to battle when the other side is already losing.

Her imperious highness VP "Elect" Kamala Harris is fingernails on a blackboard. There is no hiding her any longer. We can be the loyal opposition and still color within the lines. See everyone in 2022 - the list of Democrat crimes, both venal and against humanity, will be long and hard to ignore.

Support election accountability groups and those who continue to at least make dents into deep state stone-walling like Judicial Watch. And by all means sign up to be a local election observer in 2022. And get rid of the teacher union members off your local school boards.


Support the Freedom Foundation and strike at the belly of the beast.

Freedom Foundation works to help public sector union members"opt out" of their previously forced union memberships.

Mandating union membership for any government employment is now illegal after the landmark SCOTUS (Janus vv AFSCME) Yet, the unions use all sorts of tricks to hang on tight to those now 'voluntary" union memberships.

Starve public sector unions at the ballot box and stop voting for new taxes or bond issues. There is plenty of good work to do between now and 2022. Support those who are doing this work on our behalf.

Freedom Foundation works closely with YAF - Young America Foundation and the Ronald Reagan legacy. Support a conservative student club at your local colleges, including community colleges. Lead at the grassroots level, if we no longer own the national spotlight.


The part where he might start a war.



I say to you the same thing I told "Alexandria," You are not seeing this on the same passions from the deep" basis that I am. The Iranian and US governments now see this as war against the devil. This is much the same basis as that on which we invaded Iraq.



Then God help us as the only thing preventing such a catastrophe is Trump.


yes, but his air forces and navies are not phantoms. pl



"Trump now has the SECDEF he wants and nothing stands between him and the ability to legally launch an air and naval war in the ME."

In the event that this scenario is getting more likely, we will need Russia to step in early enough to save the world from ruin. It could potentially be the start of WW III.


The CVN-68 carrier group, according the Stratfor, is now off the Horn of Africa, so well out out harms way in the Gulf.

This is an all or nothing situation for Trump. If he does lose office then he will not be left alone like other past Presidents as, given his support base, he represents an existential threat to both sides of the isle's, honed to perfection over decades, power structures.

The Dems number 1 priority must be to try to marginalise him as a threat, probably by unpardonable State level legal action out of SDNY. Whether that would succeed or just turn him into a martyr is perhaps a moot point.

I don't see how starting a war will help Trump, it might 'poison the well' on the way out but he needs short term action in the US to win. That seems to be either Pense scrapping the disputed states' votes or blackmail by threatening the release of highly damaging private information. He certainly seems to have put EOs in place to support existing Laws to do this. We will see if he has the nerve to go for broke.

The key result of forcing a vote in Congress is that it should expose who votes for who, a situation that McConnell really wanted to avoid as the last thing he wanted was to expose his supporters, who could well not vote for Trump, to primering in 2022.


Trump would lose the support of deplorables by starting a war. The reason many voted for him was because he ran on not starting new wars and withdrawing from the ME. Of course that would change if Iran did something stupid and killed Americans in retribution to our killing of Salami, as they have vowed.

Barbara Ann

Colonel Lang

I hear your argument and wholeheartedly agree that the Ziocons' would undoubtedly seek to manipulate a fearful, angry and frustrated DJT into a last act of nihilistic defiance. I would, however, question the "unstable" premise.

The Raffensperger call extracts in Bezos' blog can sure be read as analogous to an mob boss leaning someone. Being recorded doing this would sure be a sign of a mistake brought on by instability - or of a highly effective entrapment. In this reading Trump is giving Raffensperger the rope to hang himself, "I just want to find 11,780 votes" was the bait that couldn't be resisted.

I think it is important to put this call in the context of the recent live hacking demo by Jovan Pulitzer in front of the GA Senate and the article below. The article is technical, but the key point is "GA SoS Raffensperger posted what is essentially a guide to hack Dominion, ES&S, and Smartmatic voting systems during the summer of 2019, one year ahead of the 2020 elections".

I am convinced that Trump has the goods on the Dominion foreign 'adjudication' from the NSA - the wholesale fraud. In this light, the call sounds very like an sting op. that Raffensperger fell for hook line and sinker. When he is exposed Trump will even be able to point to WaPo's recording of him incriminating himself.

If EO 13848 is the Kraken and is about to be released, as I suspect, it should once and for all demonstrate that DJT is not only stable, but in his own immortal words a Very Stable Genius.




"Then God help us as the only thing preventing such a catastrophe is Trump."

The only thing preventing such a catastrophe is the person who would be the only one could cause such catastrophe?


As a Smellie I do want the record to reflect that I shower at least once per day and most if not all Smellies shower much more frequently than them Liberals.
Now the head Smellie got there from being an astute judge of circumstances, directions and outcomes thus turning 180 degrees today is completely out of character especially since the perceived gain is minimal.
The real concern is how quickly will Crooked Joe & Bed Thumpin Kamala get put into the decision making corner as purported above.
God Help the USA

Seamus Padraig

That would seriously undermine Trump's legacy. After all, the fact that he didn't start any new wars WAS his legacy.


Seamus Padraig

Well, we will see if he can control himself.



I have tried endlessly to teach you all the difference between analysis and advocacy and some of you still don't get it or pretend not to get it.


Tony L

No. No. You lefties may have driven him mad. What a smart thing to do to a man with his hands on the nuclear trigger! What a smart thing!


Tony L

And what, precisely, do you think Russia could do to stop him once he issued the order? What exactly?


Analysis can sometimes be slanted in order to champion, or advocate for, a particular course of action. I would hope the president is stable enough to reject this one.

It would of course benefit Bibi Nutsandyahoo. So Trump may go for it. But I for one pray he does not.

It would not hurt Biden as he would have SecDef Austin shut it down immedi8ately on assuming office.



I don't think Russia can do any thing after Trump issued the order. What I meant was "step in early" enough to persuade Trump not to listen to the neocons/Zionists and pull the trigger. Putin could do this if their intelligence assessment predicts that the attack is imminent.

And for what it's worth, I did not like what the Democrats did with Russiagate and the impeachment. In the same way I did not like what the Republicans did to Bill Clinton.



Analysis that is deliberately slanted is not analysis.


Somebody read this post. The Nimitz is now turning around and heading back to the ME.

Phillip e Cattar

Leith...........Once a war or "bar brawl" starts it cannot usually just be shut down.

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