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25 January 2021


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Rick Merlotti

It strikes me that the common view of Dems the last four years or more (at least by "conventional" political observers), is that they are a well-meaning but ineffectual party. Even when in power they can't deliver the goods for their constituency.

Well WTF happened to that? Suddenly they are transformed into the SS or the Stasi in a clumsy reveal of their true selves. Yes I know the Dem/Rep divide is mostly choreography for the credulous. But the Dems have gone all in on being a fascist party now.


Trump eliminated 250,000 government jobs during his tenure.

The perils of threatening Democrat "Big Government" are now obvious. Trump touched the third rail of politics - which turned out not to be social security after all; but government employment security. The threatened deep state is coming back with a vengeance.

The thought of Cackles Harris presiding over any Trump impeachment trial, with the same nastiness she exhibited during the Kavanaugh hearings makes my blood run cold. Expect massive national revulsion should that take place.

Patrick Armstrong


Diana Croissant

And the Bolsheviks who served as the "storm troopers" of those Communists in Russia are the reason all my great-grandparents left Russia, as those "Bolsheviks" came to take over the farms my ancestors built up over many generations. One of my great Aunts ended up in Siberia.

Don't ever think that it couldn't happen here. It's the complacency of the general public that makes Bolsheviks--or supposed peace protestors and not so peaceful ANIFA gangs--possible.

I've spent much time doing ground work during elections, trying to make sure people do get out and take advantage of their right to vote. I was always saddened by the complacency of so many of our citizens. Those will be the first to start complaining when their rights begin to disappear.

Doing the ground work to "get out the vote" was an extremely disappointing experience. So many people simply said they would leave it to the ones who do vote. Sadly, that might mean leaving it to the people who count the votes to fill out the ballots of those who chose not to exercise their right to vote.

Now I am doing some re-thinking in an attempt to try to insure that whatever assets I have will actually go to my two sons when I die. I'm coming to the conclusion that the best thing I could do is turn them over to them now since I don't like the trajectory our our current political situation.

I struggled during the Obama administration to help my second son get a start into adulthood. My first had been lucky enough to earn a spot in the nuclear power training program of the Navy. My second son has had to struggle much harder to get ahead after starting out during the Obama years when hiring was at a standstill as companies tried to figure out how Obamacare rules would affect their hiring practices and I watched my second son as he lined up his next temporary job the minute he got a new temporary job. None of the companies that weren't national companies wanted to hire permanent workers as they guessed at how the Obamacare regulations would affect them.

Look carefully at what Biden is doing. He's simply dusting off Obama's playbook and using it. It was a failure then, and it will be a failure now.

Ed Lindgren

The Democrats have no interest in governing; their goal is to rule!

Forget health care, the climate, and all the other nonsense they spew forth. Their primary objective over the next four years will be to consolidate their power, using the Dems political domination of California as the model. A hammer lock on the executive and clear majorities in both houses of the Congress.

Abolish the filibuster; statehood for DC and PR; possibly enlarge and pack the Supreme Court; disarm the proles.

That will be their program. Executed with the full support of the MSM and our IT oligarchs.


I don't see how Harris can preside. She is an interested party.

I think Roberts should do it whether he likes it or not. I can't imagine he would say no but if he did, it should be another Supreme Court Justice.

I would oppose this impeachment if Trump said he wouldn't run again. But he has not said any such thing. After what happened at the Capitol and Trump's words and behavior, I cannot blame Congress for impeaching and convicting him.

It seems to me that many on both sides want to wipe the other off the face of the earth. This is wrong on many levels. One of them is -- as I have seen pointed out -- that you grow a political party by being inviting to new members. Both parties are being very uninviting right now to many Americans.


I remember a few years back when John Kerry said, "the internet has made it much more difficult for us to rule the people". Well, they are back and they do intend to "rule" us. I expect a much more authoritarian style of governance which will result in chaos going into 2022. We'll definitely need a viable 3rd party, the other two are one in the same.


Time heals all wounds as well as shows the ineptness in the Oppressor.
1.Trump advised his acting Sec. of Defense of the need for 10,000 National Guard members for Capitol security. None were on time and less than 1,000 protestors went in.
2. Prior to the end of Trumps rally speech the Capitol perimeter was penetrated. Look at the timeline.
3. The Senate will not have enough members voting to convict. Hard pressed to get to 55. Looking to learn how one tosses one out of office if they are not in office.

A. Biden is quoted as saying he has no idea what he is signing.
B. New head of CDC has no idea how much vaccine she has.
C. Biden surrendered on Covid contrary to campaign speech.
D. Gasoline, Food, Clothes are all up as inflation is commencing.

Yes, its unbearable and disheartening but better days are ahead as ol'Joe will have a tough time making it through the year. Kamala well time will tell.


Roberts has absolutely no duty to participate in this illegal, partisan showcase trial. Make your case, otherwise. The Constitution is clear - no Chief Justice - no trial. No one to remove from office, no trial. Democrats clearly over-reached on this one. They are disgusting the entire nation.

"Impeachment" is not a bargaining session - it is an act of state. Democrats have disgraced this country with there relentless partisan assault against an election they did not like.

You are trying to use it for political extortion purposes, JerseyJoan. No proof Trump had anything to do with the 1.5 hour melee - just the opposite, as the facts slowly come out. Democrats are the pure forces of evil on this one.

GOP did a great job bringing in new members, all across the spectrum. Which is why now the Democrats of course want to wipe them off the face of the earth. Too many were leaving the Democrat plantation. Which was about time.

I suggest you check your emotions, JersyJoan and actually study the US Constitution before you distort its language and use it as a weapon against those you personally don't like. And stop making up facts to justify your personal pique.


Tidewater to Turcopolier,

But for Congress then the war was won. The United States, in 1865, did not have a colony. Today there is a colony, a beloved colony, a sparkling new nation, one that is near and dear to millions of Americans. This colony represents democracy and freedom, 'our own values', and is based on the rule of law, in that anarchic and corrupt region that is called the Levant, on the edge of the sinister desert of Islam.

Even Trump, a converso, it would seem, saw the light: "Israel must be protected."

The central motion in American life is Israel. Jerusalem is the gyrocompass, and Israel's well-being and security quietly subsumes all aspects of American life and governance. Everything stops when Israel is seriously threatened. America is prepared to go to war to defend Israel. Israel was always the "forever war." America accepted that. We are all Zionist now.

I submit that there will be no pivot to the East to meet the challenge of China. I submit that within three months the Biden administration and Congress--and America-- will be in a great crisis with Iran in the Persian Gulf. Like the Cuban crisis of JFK it will be a "missile crisis."

Whatever the Democrats would like to do, I don't think they will be able to do. Impeachment for a second time will be incendiary, and backlash will coil and grow across the nation.

But then there will come the crisis. It could very well turn into a short, sharp, conventional war. A war that will not go well for the United States. I think Biden and Blinken are heading for disaster.

A great trap is now closing.

blue peacock

"....the tyranny of Communism lasted a long time in the USSR. pl"

The tyranny of the Party of Davos is already 40+ years old. It's just now becoming obvious to some (not yet the many) that they have a stranglehold on economic power and are flexing their muscles overtly not just covertly in their exercise of political power.

Many have claimed that Americans are armed and will resist tyranny. The response to covid actions by governments and governmental agencies by the "armed" Americans demonstrate that they'll comply rather easily as their consent gets manufactured.

The constituency for liberty as envisaged by the founders is extremely small.

scott s.

Since the Senate has "sole power of impeachment" that seems to imply any decision of procedure is not reviewable by any other body.


I see at the Daily Mail that Patrick Leahy is going to preside. It says in Wikipedia he is a lawyer who got his degree from Georgetown and was a State's Attorney for Chittenden County from 1966-1975.

At least he is a lawyer and former prosecutor.

Nevertheless, I disagree with this. The Capitol was attacked. Any Senator is an interested party. There will be endless complaints about partisanship from Republicans.

A former or current federal judge should have been put in charge. This was an avoidable irritant and error.


"The Democrat coalition supports bans on hiring their opponents at universities ...."

They have effectively been doing that for a number of years. Going after them in the business world is certainly an extension of the obedience training.

"...street theater..." There was a 100+ stong black-block clad antifa shindig in Tacoma over the weekend. The local police did their standard 'stand down, stand by' routine. Not a one of the right wing militias we have been warned about did a thing. I suspect they know that'll just lead to a bigger crackdown. I expect another false flag/provocation to get blown out of proportion just like in the one in the Forbidden City.

"How long will the Smellies endure all this?"

I'm sure 'vote harder' from Liz Cheney, MIttens Romney and Cocaine Mitch are going to get the 'conservatives' voters - who watched as 'conservatives' couldn't protect the girls lavatory in elementary shools - to turn out in massive numbers so they can watch Fox&Co report the Dominion voting systems "safe and secure' results of a fraud free election - whicih of course won't effect any of the Republicans in office. They seem to have forgotten history too.



I was giving my personal opinion in what I said above and made no mention of the Constitution.

Your attacks against me are unfair and uncalled for. I will continue to state my opinions here in a calm and neutral tone for as long as I am allowed to.

As far as political parties are concerned, neither are doing particularly well; what is increasing is the number of independents. Last year the Hill said:

"There are now more registered independents than Republicans, marking a first for the U.S.

According to data from Ballot Access News, independents make up 29.09 percent of registered voters, while Republicans make up 28.87 percent and Democrats make up 39.66 percent. The data comes from the 31 states that require registration by party.

An analysis by The Washington Post, which first reported the data, notes that there hasn't been a large drop in GOP registration since President Trump was elected, meaning he's likely not linked to the change. The growth of independents is more likely part of a broader trend since voter registration began in the 1900s.

n 2004, Democrats made up 42.19 percent of the vote, Republicans made up 32.79 percent of the vote and independents made up 23.15 percent of the vote. The number of independents has been growing since, while the number of Democrats and Republicans has slowly declined."



Patrick Armstrong's link to the Hill article, which states:

"Following the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol — and the subsequent revelation that nearly 1 in 5 people charged in connection with the riot have some form of military background — Congress plans to insert language into this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to address extremism at the Pentagon and other federal agencies.

“The attack on our Capitol was an insurrection fueled in large part by groups that espouse the same extreme white supremacists’ views groups that actively recruit veterans and from the ranks of our military,” Rep. Anthony Brown (D-Md.) said in a statement to The Hill."

Rep Anthony Brown, who is Black, is Vice Chair of the House Armed Services Committee & a 30 year veteran. He's also on the team formed by Nancy Pelosi and led by fellow Marylander Jamie Raskin to pursue the case for impeaching Trump.

Upon Biden's reversal of Trump's EO enjoining transgenders from military, on Jan 25 2021 Brown posted this on his congressional website: https://anthonybrown.house.gov

" Transgender Americans are Just As Capable and Just As Willing To Serve. Now They Will Be Able To Do So Freely"

Can't make this up.

A. Pols

"First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

We've seen this impulse in action for several years and we saw it coming even before in movies like "The Human Stain" in 2003, and in the South park episode called "The death camp of tolerance" These new extremists, and Neo Bolshevik is an apt appellation, are deadly serious and they do believe that it's fitting and proper to oust their opponents from public life, from employment present and future, to strip them of college degrees, have their mortgages called in and thrown out of housing, to expel their children from whichever college they are enrolled in. These are vicious people. Lets not forget that Nazism, Italian fascism, and Soviet Communism all had common roots and when they came to power they did all the things the Democrats are talking about doing. Right now it's still talk, but it can quickly escalate. Today's Democrat Party's inner cabal is composed of vicious hate driven people, people who claim to love humanity, but they hate people. Curiously enough, the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, put his finger on the psychology of leftists pretty well in his "manifesto".


I am a Democrat and have no interest in the US becoming either Marxist or anarchist.

There is a growing crime problem that we are going to have to do about.

Today's entry is the category "We are Going from Bad to Worse" comes from Chinatown in Manhattan, an area that we all know is full of people and cell phones. Nevertheless there was a group of guys who felt free to attack some schmuck coming off a bus in Atlanta, rob him and strip his clothes of his lower body.

"The victim's phone, pants, underwear, and shoes were robbed from him during the attack, with the suspects fleeing the scene in different vehicles.

There were around 12 suspects involved in the attack in total.

The victim was ultimately taken to a local hospital with injuries to his head, hands, and torso. He was listed in stable condition."

So they didn't take the train in, they came looking to rob and run.

I was unhappy to see the rioters attacking in the Northwest over the weekend.

When is somebody going to do something about all this -- and what will they do, with all the anti-cop and anti-prison sentiment? Even I am not saying that tossing these people in prison and throwing away the key is the ultimate answer. So what is? Incidents like this feed on each other, so we will have more and more of this.



"How long will the Smellies endure all this?"

One piece of Israeli Hasbara that I think actually was true is that there was no Palestinian people in 1948. The tribes had all the makings of a national people: sufficient cultural similarity with some intermarriage, and unifying religion and language. However, it took their collective othering by the Israelis to quicken them into a new nation.

We Americans have been the target of a significantly successful detribalization and denationalization marxist culture war for generations. 1 However, the collective othering of Americans by the post-Americans is now challenging this conditioning. Biology is real and reality always wins in the end.

Difference between federal republics and empires include non-consensual expansionism (internal through immigration or external through adding new lands) and ruling elites who are not substantively members of the constituent imperial nations over which they rule. Reasonable people can disagree over when we made the transition from federation to empire, but we are now not only an empire but a sickly one. 2

The death throes of dying empires give birth to new nations and rebirth to old nations long submerged under imperial dominion. We Americans are being reborn. There will be a Second American Republic.

1 Thanks for nothing, Establishment Conservatism for not only getting rich sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing but actively preventing conservative institutions from fighting back to conserve anything.

2 We were not only warned but taunted. "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality." Ron Suskind quoting a "senior adviser" to President HW Bush



I suggest you also direct some ire (though the dems are very deserving) towards McConell. Had there been a significant capitol police (who answer to congress) presence and was requested, nada would have happened. IMO (I have no evidence), Republicans set a trap to (in the words of Henry II - ... rid (me) of this meddlesome priest). The Dems value running against Trump (then they need have no ideas) that I think we will soon see how rudderless they are.


"the tyranny of Communism lasted a long time in the USSR"


the tyranny of Communism lasted quite exactly up until the point when the USSR went bankrupt. It won't take so long to reach that point once the Democrats have started to implemented their brand of a woke planned economy in the USA. US government debt is already higher than US GDP, and the central bank balance sheet is over 40 percent of the size of the whole economy.

John Merryman

This is all being powered by printing money and the eventual result of that is currency collapse.
In the old days, prior to the Fed, local banks could issue their own currency, but the entire local banking system has long been swallowed up by the big money center casinos, so when the fertilizer truly hits the fan, the only entities left to issue some form of currency will be the local governments.
The 64, 000 dollar question; Who will be on the short list of those getting their pictures on these notes? What are the odds Donald Trump is fairly high in various states?
The future is as much a reaction to the past, as a continuation.


How long will the Smellies endure all this? Well, pilgrims the tyranny of Communism lasted a long time in the USSR.

Some of the smelly deplorables believe that they have the backing of Jesus Christ, most of the military, some spy agencies such as the NSA, and assorted Internet neckbeards. I have no idea what the military will do, but I can speak for the neckbeards. We neckbeards are very familiar with communicating on the Internet, avoiding censorship, and getting the word out to the man in the street.

The Soviets had to defend against samizdat written on typewriters. Biden has to contend with copyright pirates, dark web trolls, meme-propagandists, and so on. Most of us neckbeards cannot shoulder a rifle in a truly stressful situation, but we do what we can. Actual American warfighters - whether active-duty or retired - will probably be the real heroes of this story. We neckbeards can observe them and write the first draft of history.

We can hope that some handsome, photogenic hero -- perhaps General Flynn -- will lead the charge. Neckbeards deserve no glory and will receive no glory. Neckbeards will only be able to tell the world how glorious the real heroes are.


Two young, articulate, brilliant young men deftly deconstruct a recent WaPo article decrying "multicultural whiteness"


Wapo writer asserts sneaky GOP are luring non-white Democrats off the plantation offering "multi-cultural whiteness"; instead of sticking with the Democrat brand of ethnic divisiveness and 21st century neo-segregation.

This offers a wry laugh, and renews faith some young people do have their heads screwed on right. (Brits?)

blue peacock
Trump’s impeachment trial is easily winnable. Show footage of Democrats defending ANTIFA. Show Kamala Harris helping violent criminals (and a couple of pedos) get bailed out of jail.

Put the whole system on trial.

But Trump doesn't have anyone who can do this.


IMO, Mike Cernovich is spot on. He noted early that Trump was weak & incompetent when he saw Trump's response to the Russia Collusion attacks. Imagine a real leader of the Deplorables. He would use this shampeachment as a rallying cry to indict the system.

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