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14 January 2021


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Cleopatra: A Life by Schiff (2011) is a fabulous read. Good way to transcend our now endless "lockdown" temps perdu . Underscores fake news about historical figures also transcends 2000 years.

What was it about this woman that still makes us want to talk about her 2000 years later? Remembering the ancient Egyptian proscription - a man dies twice. Once when he leaves this earthly realm, and second when no one mentions his name again.
Cleopatra still rattles in our brains, even today. Therefore, she still lives.

Thanks Steven, for grounding us once again in human nature: not just contemporary hubris.


Russia will need to inoculate 100 million or more of its citizens if it wants to see COVID-19 really gone as a pandemy, and that does not even take into account the newer strains that spread with more easy.

I wish them luck and I am not being ironical.

Fourth and Long

Anthony was a piece of work if ever there was one.
In my opinion a truly depraved couple. But Roman writings I read may have been intended as propaganda. Can't see how not otherwise. Once more, commendation to the presentation and presenter.

Murat Thagelegov - Ukradet y Pozovet (Steal and Call):


Same Murat - Kazanova:


Caucasian music will either utterly blow your mind or you haven't one. Murat sings in Russian.

Patrick Armstrong

Speaking of Cleopatra, this will amuse you


I think people of a certain age are fascinated by Cleopatra due to the Elizabeth Taylor connection. Do 20 year olds today know who she is?

She is not held up as a early woman of power, as far as I know. They are going to make a movie with Gal Gidot from the ridiculous Wonder Woman playing her, though. So maybe there will be another generation interested in her. But does she even deserve our interest? What did she do to make the lives of Egyptians better?

Steven Willett

In response to jerseycityjoan, may I recommend the following highly detailed article on the life of Cleopatra VII:


The following review by archeology professor Joann Fletcher at the University of York lays out Cleopatra's legacy. Here's her summary: "In Rome’s version of events, the noble, masculine west had defeated the corrupt and feminised east – and the misogyny and racism present in such ‘fake news’ still distorts our modern world. Yet the evidence reveals that, despite being misrepresented for over 2,000 years, the real Cleopatra was a consummate politician, gifted scholar and inspirational leader – a true role model for our own times in which powerful women still generate hostility and are still far too rare."


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