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06 January 2021


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Kilo 4/11

My copy of Tattoo will not arrive for at least two more weeks, so I would miss the initial commenting on it in any event. As well, if the election steal is allowed to go through, I've promised myself a withdrawal to my own personal redoubt. The laptop will get chucked into a closet, and I shall put in play "Operation Back To The Book". I have Scott and Sterne ready on my table. I shall be in the 18th century for an indefinite period.



ist there any availability of it as an E-Book?

Barnes and Noble does not send to Europe due to Covid restrictions, universe does not send to Europe at all, and I hate Amazon due to them being disgusting worker abusing disease profiteers.

Best wishes,




In a few weeks.


Posted by: A.I.S. | 06 January 2021 at 02:19 PM

I would appreciate an E-Book too. The family history to the extent it didn't surface around here sounds interesting. ,,,

Was the father ever mentioned before? The uncle was? Whichever?

But they were all fighting in the same context at one point, I understand. ... Although that context did not surface much before on this blog. It does vaguely now.



Don't bother to read it. It is just terrible, an old man's ravings.



No. I was always crazy. You know that and are waiting to comment in detail about it. You will never get the chance.


i look forward to reading


No. I was always crazy. ...
Posted by: turcopolier | 07 January 2021 at 05:07 PM

Yes, we may share craziness vs however defined normality.

A pdf format would be easy to handle and/or to whatever used reader. Could be linked to sponsorship emails?

We are all pleased you are still around.


and/or to (convert file wise) to whatever used reader.



Why would I give you my memoir?


Amazon will have your memoir in my hands on my birthday.


Out for delivery today (Amazon).....


I have ordered a copy. Many thanks for your efforts in running this website. I and many others have greatly benefited from your insights and experience.


Thoroughly enjoyed it. Never read a memoir written in the third person before..



Thanks. I found it difficult to write about myself in the 1st person.

SAC Brat

Just got my copy today. I think it will go well with Intelligence:The Human Factor.



"Tattoo" is now available as an e-book in various formats.


I just finished my copy. It was a great read. Your experience of always battling lesser men more interested in bureaucratic advancement rings true.

We live in a world where the majority avoid thinking with the ever more pervasive digital distractions rather than use the immense power of their handheld computers to expand their knowledge. Perhaps this is how the Morlocks bred the Eloi...


Got mine today.


Mr. Lang:

We occupy opposite ends of a variety of spectra, but I have enjoyed your website immensely over the past few years and am very much looking forward to reading your Memoir. I ordered it through iUniverse to stick it to the Man! ")

Diana L Croissant

I have finally found time to read this review of your book. As you know, I am legally blind, so reading just this was a major accomplishment for me now.

I donated a library of over 900 books, mostly books in my fields of study, to the university which had granted me an undergrad degree and also an MA. I miss those books more than anyone I know can understand. I am sure I would be enthralled with your account, especially as it would give me a clearer understanding of what many of my fellow high school male graduates had experienced.

I remember all my feelings and my fears and my confusion in regard to the Viet Nam War at the time I was an undergrad.

But I feel it necessary to thank you for your service, just as I thanked my classmates for theirs.

As you know the "Killing Fields" of Cambodia followed. Later, much later, I worked with an extremely intelligent young Cambodian woman who had come to America as a young child on one of the boat lifts" (as she called them). While working with her, she was able to earn her American citizenship. I was horrified when she decided to recite the questions she had to answer to earn her citizenship. I was the only one of the six women in our office (besides her) who could answer those questions.

I am still quite appalled at the lack of interest Americans have in understanding our founding principles and values as a nation.

Again, I am sorry that my eyesight now prevents me from reading books as I did for so many years. And I do really thank you for your service.


Diana Croissant

What review is it that you read? I suppose that there is the possibility of an audio book.

Martin Oline

It took two tries but I finally got it ordered through Barnes & Nobles using my Christmas gift card. I had to have it shipped but that is free. I will not read the preview, I want to save it for when I can read it at my leisure.
Thanks for all your work.

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