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29 January 2021


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ex PFC Chuck

According to a post at Ars Technica the launch is now off until at the earliest Monday. The FAA safety approval didn't come through.


And so it begins (or continues if the FAA thing was another example of government obstructionism, you know, their usual dominance display, particularly to be seen when their fecklessness and unfitness to govern are on display):


Yes, friends, SpaceX has fallen afoul of the government's HR department and their lawfare wing, the soi dissant US "JUSTICE" Department. I am so sure that these assholes are angling for another in their continuing series of "consent" decrees, actually a protection racket wherein, instead of money being extorted, compliance with some element of globalist ideology is the requirement for one's "quiet enjoyment" of what formerly were one's rights as an employer or unit of government. Well, no more, bucko; welcome to the Great Reset.

As an aside, Texas needs to now move quickly to secede from the Union. Fraught with difficulty and danger as it may be, if they dither they will be overwhelmed by Californication, something that the Texas branch of the Chamber of Commerce would no doubt pooh pooh. It is a deadly danger, actually, as refugees from Blue Tick hells would bring their deranged policies with them to Texas.


Texas, be afraid, be very afraid. Control of your own borders and your legal system is fully at stake. The globalists/leftists are moving with lightning speed.


Oh, forgot to mention; look at the credit for the reportage on the Reuters article. A citizen of India, reporting from India. Can't possibly be any interest group priority (the full-scale demographic invasion of the US, for instance) being serviced by the reportage, let alone the government inquisition, could there?

Yep, they're moving quickly, alright.

Mr. Musk, line up alternative host nations for SpaceX. I remarked a while ago that those floating launch facilities, liberating them from dependence on a CONUS land-based launch capacity could get towed elsewhere should that seem advisable. Musk is no fool, and I would bet that this consideration was in the background of his thinking.

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