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03 January 2021


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500$ for equipment and 100$ per month for a 150 mbps DL is not really that competitive.

These days i'm having a fiber connection setup with 0$ for equpiment and some 35$ per month for a 100 mpbs DL (and a telephone line).

Of course I'm not on some small Greek island with bad infrastructure but in an urban European area.

Starlink sounds great for areas that have bad or no infrastructure, though. Also, they claim that latency will be up to 20ms which sounds great for a system based on satellites.



I have live within 30 miles of the Research Triangle Park in NC and have zero prospects of fiber optic service. My students last year with telephone line service were hardly able to maintain Zoom connections for a 40 minute class, the phone based internet service is so poor. I pay nearly $200/month for what is essentially a mobile phone hot spot connection with a 50 GByte/month limit before further charges occur. As much as I dislike Elon Musk, I am looking forward to Starlink being available in my neighborhood. (I also hold my nose while using Amazon because it saves a lot of time and driving.)



Why do you dislike

elon Musk?

Peter Williams

Just a small note - tesmanian is tes(la)mania(n), not tasmanian. Tasmania is the major island south of the Australian mainland. tesmanian is a Tesla fan site.

Having said that, Starlink will be welcomed by many remote areas in Australia, as it is far superior to our own satellite service.



Those prices are really high. For comparison, a couple of weeks ago I bought a backup internet connection in a form of mobile 4G services with 60GB for less than 8 $/month.

Judging by your situation Elon Musk with Starlink has a good business model.

In the absence of significant scientific breakthrough, we need more people like him pushing the envelope.

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