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07 January 2021


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IMO Trump will be a minimal inluence in US politics as new leaders
of the Smellistas emerge. He is an old man. He is done, cooked. He could have been the "grand old man" of the movement, but he ruined himself the other day.



Big tech silenced him when he told everyone to go home. They did that after first silencing the initial 15 seconds or so his tweeted video where he said there was election fraud. Silencing every voice, starting with his, isn't going to change any minds. Machiavelian is what Joe's handlers are going to be.

different clue

The one biggest survival-based reason I would like to see President Trump removed from effective power as soon as possible is to deprive him of the still-a-little-over-240 hours he still has to start an unstoppable war with Iran the way Pompeo and his other thinking-brain dogs want him to do.

Still, I wish he would have handed out pardons to Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Obama and perhaps some other senior-most legacy political operator-perpetrators in the most humiliating way possible.

English Outsider

I quite like the lies they tell about it all Fred. Reasonably straightforward. "The courts have uniformly rejected Trump's claims". It's not much trouble sorting that out.

Compare that to the lies we get over here, often so twisty and technical you're never sure whether they're lying or dumb.

And I love your AOC. You know where you are with her. Salem here we come. Your crazies are again so much more straightforward. Ours tend to be more concealed crazy.

Confirms my belief that American politics is miles ahead of ours in Europe. Sharper articulated. Lines clearer. Means you'll be on the road to recovery well before us.

You do intend to recover, I take it? Not as if there's much in the way of alternative.


Dan Lennon -- "Anyway, its all bad, I think too many Americans use politics in place of the religion they are looking for,"

Congresspersons are referring to the "sacrosanct chambers" that were violated; Pelosi lamented the "gleeful desecration of . . . the temple of our American democracy."

Rich rhetoric, coming from the same governmental authorities who demanded and enforce the shuttering of the nation's churches.

John Plumridge

Someone said in these comments 'There is no organised, disciplined movement' behind Trump, in criticism.
Agreed, the organisation was minimal.. to assemble in protest. Surely that's enough, and the reset depends upon the qualities and urgencies of the people who respond. It's not a funded, political tool, but the usual public protest.

Nowhere here in the comments have I heard that the 'storming and break in of the capitol was a) possibly assisted and planned b) led by factions of such groups as Anftifa. Yet evidence surfaced very quickly. I find that lack of critical approach here astonishing. As if what transpired could only be the fault of the protesters who, incidentally had very good cause to protest, given the evidence I've seen of massive and widespread election fraud. That issue shoul dnot be sidelined by the eventuality at capitol hill, which is FAR MORE SERIOUS and THREATENING and yet it is, just as wouold be wished by the Biden camp.

different clue

In fact, while my brain is still spinning in its gimbals, a couple more names for Pardons came to mind.

Jeffrey Epstein, for any services he may have rendered to the Great and the Good and the Leaders of the Free World, because they need and deserve occasional relief from the pressure they labor under.

And William Barr, just in case he had any involvement in calling for or advising on the Epstein assassination, because " loose lips sink ships" and sometimes those-in-the-know have to do what needs to be done to keep those ships afloat.

There. Those are two pardons which would really get the puck moved back to center ice . . . if that is the word for it.


If I understand Twitter correctly they have terminated the President of the United States account forever, I know, they will accept the next one but the future ex President cannot use this commercial communication tool forever. I’m sure FB is coming shortly with their ban. The BOA came out with a statement condemning the actions of people at the capitol and then we have the media highlighting individuals at the capitol mentioning where they work with people losing their jobs. All well and good that these private entities are doing their perceived civic duty but I know where my meager funds will be spent in the future and I urge others to look at he entities they utilize in the future.
I will state that I never thought Twit and FB were viable long term businesses.

Christian J. Chuba

Trumpism without Trump or the $8T 4yr deficits would be good.

Previously I said that the Georgia recount proved that Dominion did not electronically alter votes on election night but the state should verify that the barcodes on the printed ballot matches the text on readable portion.

I found out that Georgia did that. They called their first re-count an audit and stressed that it was a manual count of the paper ballots that excluded Dominion machines altogether.

"Due to the tight margin of the race and the principles of risk-limiting audits, this audit was a full manual tally of all votes cast."

I got the heads up from reading Dominions lawsuit against the soon to be bankrupt Sydney Powell https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.dcd.225699/gov.uscourts.dcd.225699.1.0_3.pdf


Regarding the Big tech social media purge going on right now, I've said it before: the big tech deplatforming of ISIS in 2014-2016 is the blueprint by which they deplatformed outright White nationalists
and people like Alex Jones in 2017-2018. These nationless companies will slowly but eventually snuff out all forms of dissent in the West that exists over the internet. In a world in which governments have the power to restrict individuals to their homes, the internet becomes the actual only public square. First they came for the jihadists and I said nothing because I was not a jihadist, then they came for the conspiracy nuts and white nationalists and I said nothing because I was neither of these, then when they came for me....how does that go again?



Georgia counted the same fraudulent votes a second time. Dominion will have fun with discovery.

Richard Ong

Trump incited no one.

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