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07 January 2021


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And right on cue, ABC News' political director, in a now deleted tweet, calls for a "cleansing of the movement Trump commands". This is a major news network. I give it two weeks before a major network anchor calls every one of the 74 million people who voted for Trump cockroaches, rats, or other such vermin.


Again, Edward Goldstick, I ask you - what am I to make of these people and their intentions toward me? Thank God for Twitter, because it has a way of ripping off peoples' masks even against their better judgement or intentions, exposing their id for all to see.

JM Gavin

Spot on, AK...social media certainly allows folks to go loud with their inner monologue.

As has been said, "If someone shows you there true intentions, believe them, the first time."


The Twisted Genius

I've heard three ways discussed for removing Trump from power prematurely. Whether by 25th Amendment or impeachment and conviction, the way forward is clear, lawful, but cumbersome. The third way discussed was boxing him in. That way troubles me. It should trouble all of us. Is it a form of house arrest? Does the White House just claim he is indisposed? Does everyone just cut him out of the loop? How could it be explained? Drug the President? Induce some incapacitating illness or psychotic breakdown? That would be believable. Let's be clear. If discovered, the plotters should expect to face trial and imprisonment for this serious crime. They better think hard about whether the good of the country is worth the risk.This would be an actual coup. If something like this is seriously contemplated in the next few days, the plotters must maintain absolute secrecy and take that secret to their graves.

The Twisted Genius

Trump just acknowledged there will be a new President on 20 January and that he will now busy himself with facilitating a smooth transition. He also condemned his followers fro attacking the Capital yesterday.

“The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol have defiled the seat of American democracy. To those who engage in the acts of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country. And to those who broke the law, you will pay.”

What must his followers think now, especially the QAnon true believers? It's like Jesus denouncing his disciples as a pack of moronic assholes. I really expected Trump to nurture that group once he was out of office as his core base. Or perhaps he's trying to shave off the radical fringe of his base. That would be a smart and farsighted move.


The swamp has always detested Trump, but not for the same reasons that the Trump derangement syndrome camp followers do.
The swamp hates Trump because he had the potential to threaten the golden lifestyle.
The camp followers, mostly passive aggressives who run on emotion, would naturally hate an alpha male who is confrontational and "boorish."
AND, sadly, his narcissism finally won.


I do not care much about President Trump in a personal sense. I do care passionately about the elimination of corruption, and insofar as President Trump has successfully destroyed corrupt elements of government, I praise President Trump.

President Trump has promised an orderly transition on January 20th. Almost everyone has taken that as a declaration of defeat. I won't bore you with details, but various fringe Internet writers are proposing various theories that Pompeo was speaking literally when he spoke of a "transition from the first Trump administration to a second Trump administration."

If President Trump truly has lost, then the winners ought to be satisfied with his dignified declaration of an orderly transition. If President Trump actually has won, then he has avoided lying about his transition.

Ingolf Eide

I second Ed Lindgren's recommendation of a recent Spengler column.


It seems to me he gets to the core of the current disarray:

"But the biggest problem isn’t Trump’s misbehavior, egregious as it is, but the eruption of popular rancor against the constitutional system that has made America a model of governance for the world. Leftist mobs last spring burned police stations and destroyed shopping districts in a rampage against supposed systemic racism, and Trump supporters desecrated the Holy of Holies of American democracy, the chamber of the United States Senate.

Behind the minority of violent actors is a majority that believes the system is rigged against them – whoever “them” might be."

[ . . . ]

"Sometimes there is a conspiracy and sometimes there isn’t. But Trump’s political supporters, bombarded daily by fake news about Russian collusion and other alleged misbehavior, have come to distrust any criticism of their president. If Trump was right that the whole impeachment business was an extra-legal conspiracy on the part of his enemies, why shouldn’t they believe that the election was rigged?"

[ . . . ]

"Americans are frightened for their future, with good reason. They see enormous rewards accrue to a handful of tech companies, and stagnation and decay in large parts of the rest of the country. Donald Trump gave them a frisson of hope, and the Establishment reaction against Trump confirms the popular suspicion that a malevolent global elite has seized control of their country. Trump shamefully exploited this suspicion to direct a popular storm against the Congress."

Based on TTG's post about Trump's recent statement, perhaps he realised how much damage he had done, not least to himself. It may already be terminal but any step back from the brink has to be a good thing.


JM Gavin,

I do believe them, which is why I am not sanguine about our country's future prospects. For every dips&%t like this guy who says the quiet part out loud, there are countless others who think it, believe it, and want it but have the restraint (for now) not to express it audibly.



You are correct. I admit that I contracted TDS after the pandemic locked me in here at home. The US federal public health system abdication of responsibility for the coronavirus pandemic and yesterday’s storming of the Capitol are abject failures of government. However, Donald J Trump is a symptom not the cause. He is now unofficially out of power. VP Mike Pence called in the National Guard but he can’t be seen as the one who stabbed the President in the back.

The causes of Donald Trump’s rise and fall are still with us. The Borg still runs things, sort of. The sole goal of the Elite is still to make more money not matter the consequences. The incompetence and corruption remain. Except now, Congress knows they are vulnerable. The only way DC lampposts will remain unadorned is if rule of law for all and government by and for the people are restored. The propaganda no longer works just like at the end of the USSR. Denial will be rampant but as always ineffective.

The most likely future for the USA is what happened to Russia when it lost its empire; one to two million middle-aged American deaths in the chaos. The pandemic has started the toll, one third of the way to a million,


DJT is fast becoming yesterday's news, a matter for historians.
I remain concerned over the integrity of the election(s), the
machines & much more. Unfortunately that issue appears to be
vanishing along with DJT.


@TTG: "He also condemned his followers fro attacking the Capital yesterday."

The proud boys and Qanon nuts don't believe he really means it, and is just saying it as a strategic gambit in his so-called 4-dimensional chess. They think he'll walk it back.

And some apparently think it is a fake video and he never said it:


the further you step back the more organised it looks with a definite scripted ending.it stands to reason.if you stand for anything you stand for nothing.thats the problem.he will not be standing.

Chuck Light

In all fairness, I must apologize for repeating early reports that a member of the Capitol Police had died defending the Capitol from the insurrectionists. The early reports were not true, although they may have merely been premature.

Later reports, including from the head of the Capitol Police Union, indicate either that the officer is in critical condition (MSNBC) or is being kept alive on life support. The reports regarding life support indicate that the support will be withdrawn on Friday.

Should proof be needed that false reports can be unintended, I offer this example. There are other examples of false reports which are not accidental, such as reports that the mob which attacked the Capitol was a false flag attack led by "antifa."

I also learned what the letters SMNE on a t-shirt worn by one of the attackers means. "Six Million Not Enough." Not a shirt usually worn by anti-fascists.


It's fake news the Capitol Police open up the gates for the mob.


Some older calmer protestors said there were agitators who amped the crowd. The above video shows that along with the police line breaking because they were too few. They were used to Trump supporters friendly to the blue and leave their protest area clean.

They weren't ready for guys like this:


Chuck Light

Again I must apologize. The t-shirt to which I referred was not "SMNE." It was "6MWE," an acronym for Six Million Wasn't Enough." I will try in the future to be more accurate.


I contacted Mitch McConnell and my two Senators and Representatives to say that I wanted Trump to resign and I added that I hoped they would encourage him to resign, too. I also contacted the White House.

I think anyone here who wants him out should do the same. It's the quickest way. I saw a news report that said Mnuchin and Pompeo talked about the 25th Amendment idea but rejected it for a number of reasons, including that it would take too long.

He shouldn't be Commander in Chief or make any other decisions. He also shouldn't be able to pardon anyone else, including himself.

Barbara Ann

"I feel the Holy Spirit inside and see the light that freedom gives
I believe it’s within the reach of every man who lives
Keep as far away as possible - it’s darkest ‘fore the dawn
I turned the key and I broke it off and I crossed the Rubicon" - Bob Dylan


re Trump should stay and use the opportunity to heal and reduce some of these tensions.

The problem there is that ...

# he cannot,
# does not want to,
# never will do,
# nor will he ever apologize
# for anything.

I have long wondered who Trump was playing his yelling to. My conclusion was that there simply was no playbook or script he followed. He was acting and ruling on instincts, habits and gut feeling, very poorly hiding severe insecurity.

He did not have a particular script "How to win the Proud Boys", "Blacks for Trump", "Hispanos for Trump", "Women for Trump", "FOX for Trump" (and when that wasn't servile enough, OAN), "Mexican Druggy & Rapist threat", "China Virus", "caravan from Latin America (also filled with hordes from Hezbollah)" etc. pp.

He was and is just what he is. The script is simple enough for him to be handled within the limits of his renowned attention span: "Me, Me, Me, #MORE MILKSHAKES!".

Yesterday I read that in the next two weeks he may pardon himself, which iirc was seen in a major case back in 1915 as an actual admission of guilt. I wonder why he knows that may be necessary? A president knowing he violated deliberately the law he was supposed to protect?

Ah well, I forgot the perpetual witch hunt which pursuing him, by the ... the DEEP STATE!

Another threat as great was and is atm the election steal for which evidence was so overwhelming clear that Trump's involuntary clown Giuliani lost iirc 60 of 60 cases he started (100% losses only concern people with a rest of self respect, a thing Rudy lost ages ago, just like Cruz or DeSantis [who electioneered for himself with a video of himself showing iirc daughter how to build a wall]).

What I can also imagine is that Trump may surprisingly (though not very cunningly) step back from office, making Pence president who will do the pardon game for Trump then, with Trump rather openly threatening him when saying things like ~ "... if he wouldn't do that I would like him much less".

Well, Pence has not been fired yet, an idea Trump is said to have played with for a few months. Idea being about this: "put a gun at someone else's head is so convincing"?

That violence also is way to a solution is iirc a view expressed by the vice head of the Proud Boys. That said, such a presidential pardon for Trump would likely have zero effect beyond the federal justice system and against investigations or prosecution on the state level. Trump's problem there is the state New York.

Rules for pardoning are as Trump likes them - arbitrarily - allowing him to pardon Blackwater employees. One of them was sentenced for murder but their leader was a generous campaign spender (and candidate for rented US vice king of Afghanistan) with a sister in his cabinet (also a generous spender) ... There will be no "Oops!" coming.

As for Trump building a new party - he doesn't need to. He already has the GOP, which is by now so trumpised that it didn't even bother to write a party policy program for the 2020 election since Trump alone would do. Well, he didn't. A party program like a presidential executive order hastily scribbled down and tweeted with typos at 2am between a TV spree, popcorn, fries, healthy cheeseburgers, coke light and a milkshake?

The GOP has to reinvent itself, and that would likely mean first of all to de-trumpize itself. That'll be hard since I expect Trump to ruin their time by being the #REAL PRESIDENTEER till 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036, 2040, 2044, 2048, 2052, 2056, 2060 ... i.e. as long as he lives - though for a change, this time without Twitter.

Edward Goldstick


"The hardcore suppression of 74 million people is about to commence in earnest..."

Really? I could try to respond in chapter and verse but instead will ask that question. I would be the first to agree that there are violent extremists among us of all persuasions - Left, Right, and Rudderless - but your argument focuses uniquely on one aspect. The aggressive acts to which you refer did transpire in some places, but the greatest distinction with Tuesday's terrible demonstration was that in the former case you could easily find organizers and participants - I would suggest the majority - who called for a nonviolent form of protestation en masse. This was and has been, in my view, particularly the case in BLM-related manifestations.

"Sixty years of the radical Left hammering away at the foundations of our institutions has led to a fundamental collapse in the public trust of said institutions."

In fact, I could point you to an argument made yesterday by a longtime leader of the "real" Left in our country who comes close to making the same argument that is held in your response and in this line, though to summarize his argument we need only replace "Left" with "Right". I certainly agree more with his perspective than I do with the one you espouse just as I was pleased many months ago to see a strong and cogent defense of the idea of the Social Justice Warrior in these pages.

My fundamental point, in reentering this discussion at all, was to suggest that many are backing closer to the abyss with their minds closed to their fellow citizens who have strongly held and justifiable positions that might seem to challenge their own but that are, I would argue, often quite consistent with them.



"The most likely future for the USA is what happened to Russia when it lost its empire"

Q: Is Trump America's Gorbachev or Yeltsin? More importantly, who will be America's Putin? Perhaps it's early days for that comparison.

Sooner or later, someone will have to dominate the oligarchs and re-establish the republic and a government-organized economy in order to salvage a viable, industrial society that can compete with Russia, China and Europe on equal terms.



You don't find it troubling that the president is banned from all social media by corporate oligarchs and then a low resolution video with bad editing is released that doesn't mention Biden by name is released?

" The third way discussed was boxing him in. That way troubles me. It should trouble all of us. Is it a form of house arrest?" ... "They better think hard about whether the good of the country is worth the risk.This would be an actual coup. If something like this is seriously contemplated in the next few days, the plotters must maintain absolute secrecy and take that secret to their graves."

You're the de opresso liber expert. How do we get out of this one, or is this the result desired? I ask as the vaunted report on foreign collusion was released yesterday - after the voting fraud challenges were shunted aside by Buffalo Bills Wild West dog and pony show that ony left Ashli Barrett dead at the hands of the police.

"Intelligence analysts downplayed Chinese election influence to avoid supporting Trump policies, inspector finds"

That's the ethics of the 'career professionals' of the federal bureaucracy in action.

Of course I believe he conceded in a tweet after he was banned. A news conference inside the oval office? That would be too presidential and he would never do that. Anyone who thinks such should get branded a rube, a Qanon conspiracist or otherwised labeled so as to discount their future value to political opponents of those expected to take office on Jan 20th.

Am I doing that analyis right? Or are those the wrong questions to ask?

English Outsider

TTG - I heard that statement you quote being made. I thought it was a good one - "The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol have defiled the seat of American democracy. To those who engage in the acts of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country. And to those who broke the law, you will pay.”


And in distancing himself from those demonstrators President Trump followed the line he adopted when he was Candidate Trump and was distancing himself from the Alt-right.

So far so good. A major political figure has no business getting close to dubious fringe groups and the President has again avoided that. But then we see the responses from European leaders, not least from the UK Prime Minister. They are condemnatory responses.

Why? Looking around, there is a combination of relief and triumph in the international response to this riot. Relief because at last the election scandal can be put to bed. Triumph because few politicians in Europe like Trump and for those who don't the riot can be seized upon as final proof that he's a wrong 'un.

And it was a bad business. The details of how it went bad are not important. Such things happen often when mass protests are in progress. I suspect both the police and the organisers were taken off guard so there's not a lot to be read into that either. I'm surprised Trump or his advisors didn't see it coming. Bad judgement there. Not, I'd guess, bad intention though many think differently.

I'm not a fan of mass protest in any case even when it doesn't go wrong. Walking around chanting, whatever the cause, has never appealed to me.

What I am a fan of is voting, naive though that seems these days. At worst it enables people to at least feel they're in some sort of control of the politicians. At best, admittedly very seldom indeed, it can enable them to be in control.

So these recent dramatic events in Washington have diverted attention from what really matters about the recent election. That it was bent. Whether enough to make a difference we'll never know though many suspect so.

It won't be less bent because a lot of fuss is being made about this group or that group behaving badly. The largely manufactured horror in Europe of what happened that day in Washington - largely manufactured because I've seen far worse on the screens over the last year without such international condemnation - does not alter that.

So they've managed to bury the bent election. Is that anything other than a cause for concern? Concern for all of us who believe that what happens in the States matters, not only a cause for concern for Americans.



Edward Goldstick wrote in a comment that I deleted hastily today that he did not intend to "play ping pong" with the people here. Goldstick or whatever his name is stopped writing here a long way back because of this attitude. "I will not play ping pong with you..." No, like many leftists, he wants you to meekly accept the dogma of the left and shut up.



"after the pandemic locked me in here at home. The US federal public health system abdication of responsibility for the coronavirus "

The pandemic didn't lock you in, you did that to yourself by following your state or local governments orders. The US federal public health system is not a socialist government monopoly on health care, but your political party is sure going to try and force it into being one. "The pandemic has started the toll, one third of the way to a million,"

The Boomers are dying of old age. This is just pushing 100,000 more than projected over a year or so sooner.


You should broaden your news sources. "Giuliani lost iirc 60 of 60 cases"
Remind us all of which courts accepted any or all of the 60 cases and reviewed evidence presented in court.

"Pence has not been fired yet" Is that how it works in Germany? Under the US Constitution the Vice President can't get fired. The only remedy for removal from office is impeachment.

"As for Trump building a new party - he doesn't need to. He already has the GOP"
No, he has the voting members, not the elected officials or the bureaucrats that run the party mechanism. If he had the GOP Speak Ryan would not have stiffled his agenda in the first two years of his administration, or did you not know who was Speaker those first two years?

English Outsider,

"What I am a fan of is voting, naive though that seems these days. At worst it enables people to at least feel they're in some sort of control of the politicians."

So am I and most of the commenters here. However it looks like the left's blatent chickanery, to include some old fashioned election rigging, has severely damaged belief in that process. I expect one more round in 2022 will show just how far down into third world status we've gone. If Joe and Mistress in waiting don't provoke armed conflict before hand - that would be the opportunity to declare 'crisis' and impose changes. I'm sure that would suit some of their backers much more than honest elections would.

The Twisted Genius


I don’t find it troubling at all. He’s not banned from Parler, Gab, 4chan, 8kun or most other similar media. If he started using those media channels, their reach would expand dramatically. All the millions he garnered from his latest campaign donation scam could bolster whatever channels he decides to use. Lord knows he didn't spend it on the Georgia elections. He only had his twitter account suspended for less than a day. He lost Facebook. So what. Zuckerberg did him a favor. I’m sure he could have made his “concession speech” on all TV and radio waves in prime time if he chose to do so. Instead he chose to release his home movie version on twitter. He couldn’t bring himself to mention Biden’s name. Does that surprise you?

I think this third way I discussed is already underway, just not in the radical ways I mentioned. The battle is between those in the WH who want to limit any further damage and the few who still think there’s some way to keep Trump in the WH or wish for a Götterdämmerung as a last act. Convincing Trump to make and release this “contrition and concession” statement was part of this third way. I doubt it was his idea and I seriously doubt he enjoyed it. For all his bluster and obstinacy, I think Trump is quite susceptible to manipulation. I’m sure those around him know the tricks by now. They just have to keep the real crazies from his ear. Machiavellian, yes. Illegal or unconstitutional, I think not.

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