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07 January 2021


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Trump did not stir up Antifa yesterday. Antifa was waiting in the wings. Rahm Emanuel lingering words more likely stirred up Antifa - "never let a good crisis go to waste".

There was absolutely nothing in Trump's small speech even remotely incinderiary. It is time to get past blaming one person for the systemic violence Democrats have ginned up for four long years against this one man. Stop drinking the media Kool-Aid.



I think you are right. He's got a pen and pardon authority so he should get busy. He should fire a few people like Fauci while he's at it.


I heard a lot of talk about "crossing the Rubicon" lately and found myself thinking yesterday while watching President Trump's speech that he could have easily "crossed the Rubicon". He should have finished up his speech by saying he will walk together with the Deplorables over to the Capitol building where they and he together would peacefully stay behind the barriers just so the legislators knew they were there watching. Oh well.

What's he gonna do now? Like the Colonel suggests, slink off to Mar a Lago. The problem with that is his neighbors there hate him and want him to move out.

I still have some hope Trump has something up his sleeve but it's fading away.


These things and his "one man show" mentality" overwhelmed him yesterday and in acting out his personal agony he did serious damage to the country.

I am what some members of your community might call the enemy. I write to thank you for this post.


PS - we ALL need to stop drinking the media Kool-Aid. My comment was not directed at the author. And also remember news, even the worst news, has 24 hour shelf life. Time to also share what other media resources that continue to be fair and reliable. My own choices are facing a shakedown right now.

Barbara Ann

Our legions are brim-full, our cause is ripe:
The enemy increaseth every day;
We, at the height, are ready to decline.
There is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat;
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.

Tony Papert

Breaking away from a peaceful million-man demo, a few provocateurs enlisted others to break into the Capitol with them. Cui bono? The President called for them to go home and abandon violence. Your post is a an over-reaction.

It also has to be explained why the Capitol Police allowed this break-in to happen.


GOP Congressman Adam Kinzinger agrees with you, and is asking the VP to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Whatever happens let's hope the new leadership of the Trump wing of the Party is not the Cuban/Canadian Senator from TX. Rafael or whatever his name is?


I agree. He should not have any power to do anything anymore which means he has to resign.

I knew that he was a compulsive liar and someone who probably qualifies for some psychiatric diagnosis or other when I voted for him again last year. But I have turned into an immigration voter and he was my only hope to get immigration numbers down. I will have to live with knowing I gave another four years to someone I knew was never temperamentally suited to be our president.

We got off easy across the board on this. I hope his supporters can let him and his family go and find someone better to represent them. But that was always the problem: conventional politicians don't want to represent them.

Fourth and Long

Very happy to hear this from you, Colonel. Maybe they can invoke the 25th amendment, though minds I respect say it was not written with this situation in mind. If so, then perhap the Nixon scenario - resignation - precedent exists.


Its only 24 hours and emotions on all sides are still hot so whatever words I could say would be tempered in time.

Yes, Donald said to the crowd "now to the Capitol" but not into the Capitol, granted there is not much difference. He and his family were shocked at the crowds entering the Capitol and his son did attempt to stop or turn the crowd. Except for the rowdys and idiots it seemed to be a very peaceful and orderly stroll through the Capitol as one would be hard pressed to smear the whole crowd negatively. I saw neighbors, plumbers, beauticians, truck drivers and every other sort of hard working people in that crowd. Just good old American people.

Oh, Donald will get the blame but if one sits back and thinks then one realizes people are not satisfied with how our Republic is functioning and their are a good number of people who want change. After yesterday that change will occur but it will take time and a lot of hard days.

Donald has 13 days to go let him be.

Edward Goldstick

Colonel Lang,

I appreciate your statement this morning.

I have continued to follow SST since its creation, have continued to learn much while sometimes (perhaps often) disagreeing with arguements expressed here. I have not tried to participate in the discussion for a very long time for reasons that I will not elaborate here, but I have never averted my eyes from the views expressed here however unconvincing I might have found them.

For what it is worth, I am certain that the majority of the 75 million people who voted for Trump/Pence in 2020 were not voting for them because of Trump's presense on the ticket or that they are all among his most sincere supporters. I do not believe it is ever close to the 50% of the Republican caucus that supported the objections on January 6; however, even if that cohort is 10% or less it remains a significant portion of the adult citizenry.

In my 65 years on this earth, I have had many Republican and conservative friends and associates from all over this country (and around the world) and at all levels of society with whom I have disagreed vehemently on some subjects without ever considering them to be deplorable... and I have known and worked with people whose political and social perspectives were closer to my own but who were despicable in their treatment of some of their fellow citizens and family members.

I just hope we can finally discover as a nation how to fully engage in political discourse and debate on the basis of facts and logic and without disparaging people simply because they disagree with us or do not share our path in life or our place in society.


As I would expect from you, very well said!

We may be in a period like the 1850s when the Whig Party disintegrated and was replaced by a new party, the Republican Party, that drew in various elements and developed a long-term viability. Nowhere did our Founding Fathers envision a two-party system veering in the direction of parliamentary rule. Washington, in his Farewell Address, not only warned of passionate foreign entanglement. He warned of factionalism and the rise of parties, already underway. He was right on both scores.


Well, I agree the populist movement Trump inspired isn't finished, but I disagree that he's done. It seems to me he still enjoys a large cult following based in part on his shoot-from-the-mouth personality. I'm not part of that cult, but I nevertheless admire and appreciate what he accomplished and attempted to accomplish against formidable odds. He's definitely caused The Establishment, the MSM and others to reveal their true colors, and it'll be impossible for some of us to ever disregard the nakedness of their hypocrisy, intellectual dishonesty and self-serving corruption. I don't know if anyone else can take Trump's place and effectively preserve and lead the movement he created. I hope so though, as his goals are worthy but IMO his personality has hindered as much as helped him. Is there a firebrand who's less boorish and egotistical, more civil and tempered, who can fire up a following the way Trump has? FL Gov. Ron DeSantis???

The faux outrage about yesterday's events from a litany of The Usual Suspects as they take their turns on cable news would be laughable if it weren't so pathetic. That leftists FOR MONTHS burned cities, destroyed property and businesses, repeatedly assaulted law enforcement and others while Beijing Biden and his supporters made excuses for them and took their time to finally condemn the violence isn't lost on me or I doubt anyone else who is sickened by the travesties of justice of the last 4 years.


Trip down memory lane - the "peaceful protests" during Trump's Inauguration in 2017 - the very day I switched from being a No-Trumper to a Pro-Trumper.

I saw the Democrat agenda unfold during those Democrat "peaceful protests" in Jan 2017, that tried to destroy a city, destroy a peaceful transition of power, and create their own pink pussy hat TDS narrative agenda from Day One and they never let up:


Compare these Jan 2017 videos to the antifa street performance videos from yesterday. Remind me what a "peaceful transition of power" is supposed to look like?



Well said. As Senator Romney put, in a different vein yesterday, "We gather today due to a selfish man’s injured pride and the outrage of his supporters whom he has deliberately misinformed for the past two months and stirred to action this very morning. What happened here today was an insurrection, incited by the President of the United States."

He has blotted his copybook, P*ssed in every well on the way out, leaving a legacy that is very much tarnished. When he entered the White House, the Rs controlled all three branches of government, when he leaves the Ds will control all three branches of government, and he bears almost total responsibility for R loss of the Senate. What is his legacy? A tax cut for the wealthy, moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and a "peace treaty" between Israel and Arab petrol-monarchies with whom Israel was not at war.

Diana L Croissant

Mob rule is never good. I agree. However, I understand a little Trump's frustration. And I understand his followers' frustration.

We've spent a long time in the last year witnessing Leftist/Sociolists destroying downtown areas of many of their own cities in order to get their way. I was sorry to see the right then acting like them, though I understand their anger.

I thought this morning of my favorite line from JFK's inaugural address. I was only 13 when I heard it. The line was meant to warn those people at the time in former colonies of Western powers who were fighting for freedom. However I think it applies today to the Democrat-sociolists who destroyed the downtowns of mostly Democratic cities recently and who now feel they have Biden under their control:

The line I am thinking of is this one:

"—and to remember that, in the past, those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside."


"Well, pilgrims, nobody expected the president of the US to whip up crowd anger and then to send the mob to the Capitol."

The march to the Capitol after speeches at the WH was a scheduled and advertised part of the event days in advance.


No more lies, Democrats. This is who we are: I'm with Mark Steyn https://politicrossing.com/mark-steyn-blisters-the-left-for-hypocrisy/

No more faux calls to unity - you made your bed Democrats four years ago. Sleep in it on your own. You are not cutting off my arms, legs and head to fit into yours now. We are out, but we are not down. Sleep on that.


I agree with Col. Lang. There is no organized disciplined movement behind Pres. Trump. He attempted to remake the Republican Party, and while he has had enormous success with the rank and file, the party operatives and leadership are still overwhelmingly servants of corrupt internationalist oligarchy. We Americans are the most numerous people on Earth not only to not have our own country, but we don't even have a single country-level institution representing our collective interests. We need one.

The Republican Party and Establishment Conservatism (Republican-flavored globalists) have failed to conserve anything but their personal wealth. They will fail at that too, if the communists whose rise their misrule has enabled manage to escape the lassoes with which their Democrat-flavored globalist counterparts in the Democrat Party have managed to bind them.

I hope Pres. Trump will play a leading role in the formation of a replacement for the Republican Party. It would never win at the country level (neither will Republicans at this point: we now live in a one party state), but we need reliable political machinery to produce sheriffs, DA's and governors to protect our rights and preserve our political and social culture in institutions of local governance. "Chapter 1 Fake Democracy: de facto one party state" is over and we are now beginning "Chapter 2 The Oligarchy Revealed: de jure one party state" in what will be a multi-generational civilizational war.

The tut-tutting over violence and mob rule is silly. There was one killing. The shooter was police and the victim was one of us. Our ruling class might have a leg to stand on calling us lawless if they hadn't just carried out the most brazen full-court-press vote fraud operation in American history in collaboration with hostile foreigners. This after not only tolerating but encouraging communist BLM and Antifa thugs from wrecking several American cities over the last year, preceded by decades of utterly lawless tolerance of foreign drugs and illegal immigrants pouring into and corroding our communities.

Making safe our American communities has never been a priority of theirs, so making safe their imperial capital is not one of ours. If they feel they are surrounded by hostile people and have to make their city an armed camp, then maybe they are simply recognizing a new reality (of their own creation) more quickly than many of the rest of us.


Edward Goldstick,

"I just hope we can finally discover as a nation how to fully engage in political discourse and debate on the basis of facts and logic and without disparaging people simply because they disagree with us or do not share our path in life or our place in society."

I share your sentiment, but I and anyone who is watching and listening with two eyes and two ears knows this will not be the case. The mainstream media and tech oligarchs will not permit this, and the more vicious and demagogic members of the partisan Left (which is to say the partisan Left writ large) will happily use this as yet another cudgel to bludgeon the reputations and very souls of the people with whom they disagree politically. We are in for a violent period in American history and I for one will be very surprised to see the country last beyond 2030. Culturally, we are simply too far apart.

Facebook and Twitter are now engaged in full-scale communication suppression of any views contrary to the official media narrative of the events of yesterday. According to this narrative, I and everyone here who voted for Donald Trump are responsible and must be condemned and punished, forthwith. You can only expect this activity to expand and broaden in scope in the coming months to include any speech, thought, or sentiment that goes against the official Left narrative. The hardcore suppression of 74 million people is about to commence in earnest, and what happened yesterday is but a grain of salt what will prove to be an over-boiling cauldron of civil violence in the next few years as the Left seeks its vengeance on the Deplorables. The problem is the Left most certainly does not have a monopoly on violence.

Sixty years of the radical Left hammering away at the foundations of our institutions has led to a fundamental collapse in the public trust of said institutions, and they have now moved on to eroding the personal trust between neighbors and friends by castigating opposition to their diktats as morally reprehensible or "deplorable". COVID is a microcosmic example of this general erosive process at work. It is only natural that a reciprocal loathing and mistrust of the opposition is emerging among the Deplorables, with the adjoining view that their political adversaries are their enemies. After all, if they openly espouse their desire to see me personally destroyed and silenced for my political views, why should I not treat them as a threat and an enemy?

We will soon rely only our own intuitive sense of self-preservation and those like-minded people closest to us whom we choose to trust. Personally for me, it will be very few. I currently have left wing friends whom I lie to about being a previous gun-owner (tragically, I lost all my guns in a boating accident this summer). They will gradually be phased out of my life completely out of protective necessity. General public trust in institutions is broken. Public trust in and agreement upon the common philosophical and moral foundations of the country is broken. Reciprocal trust among friends and neighbors, to say nothing of trust among strangers, is broken. The country is broken. Perhaps time and distance from these events will prove me wrong, but I'm not optimistic.



What hard evidence do you have that the people at the Capitol were not Trump supporters?

Why is it impossible for Trump supporters to get riled up and do things they shouldn't? Trump told them to go to the Capitol so where are you saying they went instead?

Everything that is wrong in this country or that you don't like can't be due to the actions of Democrats. Everything is not the Democrats' fault.

Kilo 4/11

That's a gloriously perfect Shakespeare quote, Barbara Ann. And 6 January, 2020, was precisely the day when

"We, at the height, are [were] ready to decline."

Bill Wade - yes, that is what he should have done. The moment was tailor made for that action - see the magnificent Shakespeare lines Barbara Ann quoted.

Kilo 4/11

Make that 2021. The years are becoming a blur ...

Ed Lindgren

Spengler (aka David P. Goldman) has some sobering analysis in his column in today’s Asia Times Online (open access and not behind a paywall):


He ends his column with the following……….

“The US Treasury can still borrow at negative real yields to send a $2,000 check to every American. If the popular mood is ugly today, what will happen when the US can no longer borrow at cheap rates, and the government is compelled to retrench?”

Yes indeed, what will happen then???

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