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24 January 2021


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jim ticehurst

I agree with those who suspect Joseph Biden didnt know what most of the Executive Orders were that He Began signing on Day One...What a Stack...I believe those Executive Orders were Prepared At the Direction of the New"" PSSN Party..""
(Pelosi...Schiff..Schumer..Nadler..)and their Stafsf in November..And They have Disgraced themselfs..and Our Nation....and they Continue to hatch Chinese Eggs..Layed By Chinese Chickens...in The Chinese COUP...when 1966 Caught up with 2021...


English Outsider, I just spent 20 min. trying to find out what EVMS signifies. Earned Value Management System?? Eastern Virginia Medical School??

To be thorough, I was forced to listen to more of Dr. Campbell. Tragic that so many commenters put trust in him; his greatest contribution is to provide an example of how data can be manipulated. The masked stuffed toy on the windowsill is cute, I'll give him that.

As to Vitamin D and zinc: I have watched and chronicled C Span Washington Journal from its first mention of Covid. Dozens of "experts" have been interviewed relative to the bug, and with the exception of one practicing physician, every one of them said, "hydroxychloroquine and zinc is not a tested therapy, don't use it, get the vaccine. Wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands." Masking is assuming the character of wearing the hijab in Middle Eastern countries -- a visible sign of authoritarian control.

I believe these "experts" are guilty of malpractice, and that C Span and its cable providers should be called to account for disseminating bad medical advice.

This is approaching the criminal stage. Starting at least 6 months ago C Span hosted psychologists to discuss the very real 'epidemic' of suicides among children and young adults. That is, it is very well known in the medical, psychological, and political community that lock downs are causing children (as well as adults) to kill themselves at an epidemic rate. When Fauci was a guest on C Span, a pediatrician called in to say that Fauci's and CDC policy prescriptions were having very harmful effects on children. Fauci dismissed the caller airily: "I have no idea what he's talking about," he said, with a wave of the hand.

Yet the politicians and "medical" bureaucrats continue the lockdowns; they continue to push out wrong advice about therapies for the virus; they continue to not merely urge but mandate vaccination, which might very well have as-yet undetected long-term harmful effects. If a physician in his office gave such bad advice and it resulted in harm to a patient, he would be sued six ways to Sunday.

Assurances that the FDA "approved" the vaccine should include at all times the information that the vaccines received FDA's Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-takes-additional-action-fight-against-covid-19-issuing-emergency-use-authorization-second-covid
The "independent" panel of experts assembled to decide whether to issue that EUA were not independent of political and perhaps financial pressure.

I cannot avoid thinking that something genuinely evil, perhaps genocidally evil, that eerily mimicks biblical rituals, is being played out in our nation. Based on C Span programming, I think I see a pattern of actually encouraging suicide, and elements of the pattern include the same people and groups who are turning our culture inside out and upside down with vile propagandistic claims about the election; the Stop the Steal rallies; the impeachment and the "Biden" agenda; and "white supremacists."

English Outsider

Fred - I think the figures are firm on increased transmissibility for B117. Not so firm on death rate but could be up to 30% more.

I got on to the East Virginia Medical School early because their protocol was mentioned by a lot of sources. I've always thouight they were pretty good. From personal contacts - family and friends in the medical line - I'm dead sure that many hospitals amd institutions are heavily overloaded in Germany, England and Ireland.

Have also heard of bad news coming from the old East Germany and that was before the recent worries about B117. Portugal, where they're reported to be having a bad time and I think considering airlifting patients to Spain, is according to a friend there also genuinely having problems. And locally, where I live in England, the news isn't good and that's also something I can confirm 100%.

If it weren't for all those cross bearings I have to say I'd be pretty sceptical too. I never trusted Fauci, more so now - it was so improper and disloyal seeing him badmouthing Trump after Trump left. Bit sneaky too. As for our Fauci equivalents here - they may be OK but I wouldn't trust them any further than I could throw them. It's the weight of evidence on the ground that convinces me this isn't an emergency talked up for political reasons.

And who knows - this new variant may not cause such problems over your way. Hope it doesn't. But the possibility is very definitely there and I've mentioned those prophylactics because that at least is a just in case precaution that can do no harm and does seem to improve the odds.

But check out the doses and if on anything else, or any doubts, a word with a doctor would of course be needed.

Yeah, authoritarian governments. The bastards are clean out of control, US and Europe, but public health emergencies happen no matter what and this is definitely just that.

English Outsider

Barbara Anne - there's a lot of that sort of advice going around in Progland. California, London, and I don't care to look in Germany or Sweden. I suppose the best thing is to leave them to it.

Nineteenth century London was probably worse but they didn't care to publicise it so much.

On a more cheerful note, that Doctor I referenced has been looking at vaccine rollout. Full of praise for the American response. Mentioned the extraordinary volume and speed of the American WW2 industrial effort and said the old can-do still seemed to be around.

I'm quite impressed with the British efforts in that line too. Confirms my belief that both countries are sound enough when it comes down to it. Just rotting at the top.

Trouble is, it's the devil to know what to do about that.


Artemesia - I wrote "East" instead of "Eastern" which was wrong. Sorry.

Yes, one does get called a lot of names if one votes the wrong way. I was automatically a White Supremacist, an extremist, a racist of course, and a dupe of Putin as soon as I voted for Brexit. One gets used to it. Could have done without your Mr Blinken though. Sky news -

"Mr Blinken has previously said Brexit was like a dog being run over by a car - a "total mess".

He compared it to the rise of far-right leader Marine Le Pen in France.

So, Boris Johnson may have some persuading to do and some delicate conversations ahead.

Like Mr Biden, expect Mr Blinken to be pushing hard on the sanctity of the Northern Irish peace deal in the aftermath of Brexit.

He is widely viewed as a pragmatic centrist on foreign policy who has supported past American interventions and is well respected by some Republicans."

Not the sort of Special Relationship one can warm to somehow. I suppose "interventionist" means back to the old R2P.



The college you mentioned by acronym is ranked 138 in public health, which is pretty low on the scale of rankings. I never heard of them until now. The Doctor you referenced is a retired nurse who earned a doctorate in teaching after retiring.

"I'm dead sure that many hospitals amd institutions are heavily overloaded in Germany, England and Ireland."
Please name one in each country; or isn't that news public information?

"authoritarian governments." your words, not mine. "public health emergencies happen no matter what and this is definitely just that."
Sure is, just like every flu season for the past couple decades. The response is certainly different. I would ask you tell us how many new hositpals were built in Ireland, Germany, UK since the start of this "public health emergency", but I believe the combined answer is still identical to the number of elites impoverished due to their policies failing - zero.

English Outsider

Fred - I get a lot of stick from statistician friends saying the same as you. But I can only politely disagree with them and point to what's happening on the ground. B117 has changed the picture. Other variants will also. Therefore the old arguments are dead.

On hospital occupancy, take it from me. Many hospitals, including some I know of personally, are at full stretch and beyond.

As for building hospitals, some overflow ones were erected here last year. Some unused - staff shortages - and some therefore removed. Some being brought into use now. I doubt they'll be fully used. Again, staff shortages.

As you say, the hospitals are under pressure anyway most winters. But this goes beyond that.

The EVMS - I'm afraid I typed that out as "East" instead of "Eastern" earlier - has a very good reputation and put in good work early on Covid treatment. But there are of course very many other institutions doing the same.

As said earlier, Dr Campbell is authoritative and gives out very useful summaries more or less daily. I'm sure there are others in the States performing the same function.

Here's how they tackled Covid in South Dakota. No lockdown there, by the way, as mentioned -


You'll see that although they took a very different course, they didn't regard it as no more than flu.

I was a little uneasy, writing in to the Colonel's site and recommending those vitamins etc. But I think the weight of opinion now is that they do do some good.



"...including some I know of personally, are at full stretch and beyond."

Apparently they don't have names though. "I get a lot of stick from statistician friends saying the same as you." You mean they ask for the name of a hospital that is overwhelmed? Seems like an obvious question not requiring one to be a statistician to ask.

"B117 has changed the picture. Other variants will also. Therefore the old arguments are dead."

It has killed old arguements? If only it killed the careers of old incompetent bureaucrats, then we would all be better off. Feel free to allow them to enslave you for another year. I don't think that will play out too well here, as shown by recent Biden era facts: First the daily death track counter has been removed from CNNs main page. And, pulling some quotes from zerohedge:

"Washington, D.C. will resume indoor dining.

Maryland’s governor has decided that the state needs to reopen schools now and no later than March 1.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan says Michigan restaurants can reopen for indoor dining on February 1. Her health adviser decided to resign. Let us hope it is the beginning of many.

Chicago’s mayor is now demanding an immediate opening of restaurants and bars. Chicago is also threatening teachers unions that they must return to work.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, incredibly, has lifted all stay-at-home orders across the state and is permitting dining to open up.

Montana’s new governor has lifted some Covid restrictions.

National Public Radio has decided to announce that the virus has peaked.

The WHO is insisting that the PCR cycle threshold must change.

And perhaps in the most honest statement uttered by any elected official in twelve months, Joseph Biden said the following:

“There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.” "

English Outsider

Fred - hope very much you're right and that the downward curve continues. It's just that if B117 or one of the other variants gets a hold before enough have been vaccinated that curve will go up.

So it's worth getting those vitamins, etc. Apparently many aren't getting enough vitamin D in winter anyway.

And if you do as I hope get away with it, don't let the new administration take all the credit! That vaccination drive started under Trump and his team and from what I hear he was pretty active in pushing it forward.

Look forward to seeing the next of your pieces on the Colonel's site. Enjoy them though, from this distance, I have to work at it sometimes to catch some of the references!

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