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11 January 2021


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Fourth and Long

Priceless. The four captioned heroines. You may also enjoy five term President Donald W. Obama, recently with an account on Twitter. Three faces ingeniously merged as one.


Typo: Parler has not only been deplatformed from the App store, it was deplatformed by Google (AWS),..

Should be

Parler has not only been deplatformed from the App store, it was deplatformed by Google, Amazon (AWS),...



Thanks, I'll make a correction.




Great job, Fred! I was smiling all the way through :) The power of satire and wittiness is underrated in this time of seemingly endless addiction to outrage.

Evan Paisley

Well, from the FBI to Twitter to Amazon to CitiBank to federal courts to Google.... they have made it abundantly clear that they will crush you swiftly and mercilessly for nothing more than wrongthink. The resistance to Trump has resulted in the curtain and the masks falling and we now see the whole system is rigged. There is no way to take it on— even politically or legally— without being crushed. There is nothing left to do at this point except to throw sand in the gears.


"There is no way to take it on— even politically or legally— without being crushed. There is nothing left to do at this point except to throw sand in the gears."

Yes Evan, all that is left is some form of guerilla warfare. From what I have learned about warfare that is what's needed when the power balance is highly asymmetric.

The question is, what does asymmetric warfare look like when it's a culture war, and words and images and narratives are the weapons? Viral memes are a good start, and more decentralized non-corporate news media. Those things are already in motion. Reactions to the increasingly obvious and severe censorship will create more forms of resistance. The speed of change is increasing.


Evan Paisley, sad, frustrating and demoralizing as these times can be, I can't give up hope, can't give in and resign myself to being crushed. Maybe I'm naive or too simple-minded but for instance, I'm heartened by Fred's piece and this blog, heartened there's an alternative to Tw!tter called GAB that has its own servers from what I understand, and people are dropping the former and subscribing to the later by the millions. I'm also glad some of the colluders' stocks have been hit, but of course what goes down often comes back up eventually.

Anyway, I can't throw in the towel just yet and will wait patiently for a reckoning, wait for the days when at least a few of the smug, scheming, greedy, lying, lazy, prevaricating, criminal assholes get what they so richly deserve. They've had to lie and cheat to get where they are and I can still hope there's an earthly judgement of some sort (while not expecting anything from the US Inferior Court) that will settle the score.


Very good article. I suspect that the majority of Trump supporters are biding their time, hope upon hope giving him a chance to pull a rabbit out of the hat before the 20th.

If that doesn't happen any optimism left will be gone, replaced in many by something no-one wants, nothing to lose despair. That will be the time 'guerilla warfare' for want of a better description, might start. Probably activating plans already in place and likely to be non violent so as not to inflame the State. Also likely to start are state terrorists false flags.

Those of you in the States are definitely not looking at a peaceful next 4 years.

Christian J. Chuba

Pointing to a similar event that was underreported does not mean that we are taking this event too seriously. Shooting JFK is different than shooting me. Both are homicides but one disrupts the highest levels of govt.

Finding a scene of well behaved protesters does not mean that violence did not take place. I'm certain that the Maidan protesters had their happy moments as well. As time goes on, we get more images of serious violence, up to and including death taking place and not everything is captured on video.



No one has said violence did not take place. Thank's for the gaslighting. Your stawmen are multiplying. JFK and Maidan, oh, wait, Maidan was a color revolution with US "Deep State" sponsorship. That, of course, would not happen here.

Video, here's more video from a source with at least some semblance of credibility.

It's been almost a week, where are the NYT etc reports on arrests for the deaths that were reported?


If the alleged deaths, other than the still unidentified police homicide of the young woman, were either health related or even a suicide, why is this number getting gratuitously pinned on Trump?

Fiat lux


Fred, your youtube link is highly informative however I doubt it'll
stay up for very long

john Merryman

We are not China. China has a three thousand year history and at its core, a very deep cultural identity. Such that they are the gorilla and any monkeys irritating them will be squashed. Including corrupt bankers.
The US, on the other hand, is humanity washing up against the edge of the global petri dish and the primary philosophy holding this country together is endless growth, which has reached the limits of its sustainability, especially since those skimming off the top already control the banking system and are drowning a fairly shut down economy in printed money, because that is the only game they understand.
It doesn't matter how much information they have, when the money turns to confetti.
They can paint it any color they want, but the system really is going to explode and guess who will be holding the bag?


Judeo-Christian history is much longer than China's - a code we still honor now 6000 plus years old? Even if one is not "religious" the wisdom expressed the 10 Commandments still make sense today.

That is a powerful history to share, as mainly expressed in Western culture. China has no common thread that reaches as long and far as the Judeo-Christian culture. Other than sheer presence on the same Middle Kingdom piece of real estate.


John Merryman,

The current occupants of the original Forbidden City are not heirs to 3,000 years of China's cultural history, unless you consider communist/oligarchic barbarians butchering their own people to be that history.

"The US, on the other hand, is humanity washing up against the edge...."
The actual Americans native to this land, decendents of those who tamed this continent and created this Republic, as well as those assimilated into that culture, are not represted by the millions of illegals, visa holders and generally fake American grifters who have 'washed' ashore here for many reasons,such as greed, oportunism, and funding of travel by ideological enemies of the Republic - home grown and foreign (which includes Communist China).

"the primary philosophy holding this country together is endless growth" Nope, but that is what the leftists sure want us to believe.


hey! you had fun with this! kudos!


Just clicked on the photo in the upper left & I'm still laughing.



I will try and do one on lil' Justin and the brave, just and free Canada.

Diana L Croissant

I, for one, will never call Biden "my President." I will not follow any accounts of his supposed presidency. I will be ignoring news from DC until he is gone, gone, gone.

It's embarrassing to me that so many in our country would elect a man who seems to be going into dementia and who has been shown to be a man willing to give away our country for personal financial gain.

I'm just going to be off the grid, so to speak, until I feel some sanity has reached the majority of our nation.

Good bye all here on this blog.

I'll be spending my time watching old Westerns on television when it was easy to spot the good guys and easy to know who the bad guys were.

I am just completely sad for my two sons and four grandchildren that they have inherited this mess. The rest of my life--and I hope that is a short time--my main purpose will be to find ways to help boys and their families retain some financial security.

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