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20 January 2021


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JM Gavin

Mr. Johnson,
I am surprised that you are just now learning that politicians look out for themselves first, last, and always. Yet you hold out hope that some of them can be counted on to do the right thing?

I learned a long time ago that one cannot possibly be too cynical about politics and politicians.




Anyone else watching "American Gods"? Odin comes...

John Merryman

Looking at the arc of history, the US is a fairly young country and is built on the exponential economic growth of the last couple hundred years. We don't have a long history of having to make truly tough choices and learning there are ups and owns. Since Reagan, this country has kept the party going, by borrowing from the future. The establishment cannot conceive otherwise and what appears delusional from the outside, is in fact, delusion on the inside, not just cynicism.
Best just to let the cards fall where they may, because it's not going to take that much longer before the wheels really start coming off and you're dealing with a mob mentality that is far beyond reason.



While politicians certainly look out for themselves there are quite a few that are a decades younger than McConnell that will probably not have much career future, unless the left steal's an election for them so they can have a 'loyal opposition' to put up some powder-puff resistance and provide fodder for what is left of the media.

Ranger Ray

As a proud Texan, I fully support the positive words regarding Ted Cruz. I would add to that litany of "the few, the proud, the solid" politicians US Rep Dan Crenshaw (TX 02). Although relatively new to the game, Dan has held his own.


The reason that the Republican 'establishment' doesn't understand the meaning of betrayl, is because they have their heads so far up their backsides, that their colon's are playing ear-plugs. They don't know the difference between their arses vs their craniums.

Eric Newhill

Because most of the Rs are in on it and approve of it.

Snots from the same nose. Left nostril, right nostril - a distinction without meaning.

Brad Hamilton


“Cancel culture” or safe space for snowflakes (and cucks)?!


kay·fabe /ˈkāˌfāb/
(in professional wrestling) the fact or convention of presenting staged performances as genuine or authentic.
"a masterful job of blending kayfabe and reality"

Trump repeatedly outed the MSM and Big Tech in the most public and humiliating way possible. Never thought I'd see that in my lifetime. Witnessing that, alone, was worth it's weight in gold. The rest of Trump's kayfabe? Par for the course. President Kamala-Harris doesn't kayfabe - she is genuinely terrifying.


Remember that today's politicians were the obnoxious kids in high school who never got over the thrill of being class secretary.


Colonel, Larry,

Brennan is rearing his ugly head:

"Even Libertarians": John Brennan Issues 'List' Of Ideologies Biden Intel Community Should Go After


JM Gavin

The left needs a bad guy, and Republican politicians delight in playing the loser. There will always be room at the trough for obedient losers. The benefits are rather generous for those willing to be the "loyal opposition."

Beyond that...perish the thought that young aspiring politicians can't get their place at the trough. The very thought breaks my charred, blackened heart.




Trump was elected for 4 years.He did what was necessary.




Notice the psyop at play by THE FED using the word 'rioters' constantly and drowning out any mention of peaceful demonstrators and peaceful demonstrations.


I miss Trump.


Just re-watched Andrew Breitbart's 2011 "Occupy Unmasked". Chilling even more so now, in retrospect. The seeds of today Leftist chaos were all planted and cultivated in the non-spontaneous Occupy Movement. Whose seeds and personalities go back to the anti-war SDS and the 1960's

.Even more chilling was seeing Nancy Pelosi and friends back in 2011, glorifying and justifying the Occupy violence and property destruction. The clips of horrible and endless confrontations by these clearly Leftist mobs, made the 1.5 hour Capitol melee look like a pot haze hippie street theater event.

Pelosi needs to eat every single word she uttered in defense of Occupy Wall Street in 2011 on camera. Plus the prediction the next war they intended to exploit was going to be a race war - and now 8 years later we hear nothing but racist, white supremacists, and BLM - all violent.

No wonder Biden ran with that theme, no matter how many times his attacks on Trump were debuned on this issue. We heard little else from Biden other than his Charlotteville lies about Trump. The documentary shows the clear thread between Occupy 2011 and Biden-Harris 2020

This really is a must see documentary - and produced by the Left's nemesis - Citizens United, with David Bossie and Steven Bannon as producer/ directors - 2011 -can't say we were not warned.

They pulled no punches from beginning to end, named names and had people on camera owning the movement and showing even more the initiator --- the purple and yellow tee-shirt clad underpining of the entire Occupy Movement - SEIU.

There was NOTHING spontaneous about the recent Capitol Riot - and agree, this was clearly not Trump's fault .

This documentary is too close to the bone to see who, what, where, when and why in at fault - the very same Leftist Occupy agistators --- and got exactly what they were plotting now for years.

With Pelosi gloating from ear to ear now for years - the backbone of this hideous movement. You have to see this and see if your stomach does not churn too.

(Occupy Unmasked - Andrew Breitbart - Citizen's United Productions)


Ranger Ray

"You may be whatever you resolve to be."


Democrats are coming after both Ted Cruz and Dan Crenshaw with full barrels blazing. They need to destroy both of them by 2022 and 2024. I assume both are ready and willing to face down the fire. And we had better have their backs.

"GOP" has an excellent farm club and we had better not take any of them our with internecine warfare - one reason to stay with the GOP but make sure it is the new GOP. That means getting involved at a local level within party organization. So that anyone of us could be calling out the names of the next nominees in 2024; not the hoary old establishment old girls club.


Larry, check out this article:


Specifically, this quote: "The early call for Arizona, Murdoch told colleagues according to the Post, “caused reputational damage and cemented the view among some Trump supporters that the network is aligned against him.”

This is typical establishment Republicanism, thinking that just addressing simple wants will solve deeper problems.

Murdoch can not understand that his network betrayed their base and will struggle to get them back.

I for one, have not seen Fox News since DeSantis twitted why Fox News hasn't called Florida.

I can not even open links referenced to the Least Trusted Sources in news.

Now fox is saying, we will be the opposition to Joe Biden..lol

That's like Marco Rubio saying he needs to be elected to stop communism.

Marco can not understand, communism is here now and he needs to present his base not try to build his reputation with entities like Fox News.

Resistance is not futile...

Seamus Padraig

Well, the political system is clearly a bust. I suspected it from the start, and now I know it.

Anyone here got a Plan B? For now, I am supporting Texit, hoping to get something going in the 'Heartland'. I realize it's not an ideal solution, but it seems the only possible response left.

English Outsider

Seems all the fuss around the Capitol Hill riot has diverted attention away from an awkward problem.

AG Barr was saying around early September that he was worried about mail-in voting -


I've seen nothing since to alter the view that it robbed the voting system of credibility.

The recent Capitol Hill riot unleashed a storm of hysteria that I don't think I've seen before in Europe or America. I suppose the high point was Mrs Clinton and Mrs Pelosi hinting in a podcast conversation that the Russians might have been behind some sort of attempted coup.

Only might, but that's a lot to make of what was in reality a poorly organised and poorly policed protest march that got out of control.

In the meantime any examination of the election seems to have been abandoned. Yet there were serious concerns raised by very many ordinary people that the mail-in system had in fact been abused.

Is that where it's going to be left? The sloppiest election one could imagine in the largest and most powerful democracy in the West and all now proceed as if nothing was amiss?

richard barber



Peter VE


My plan B is to lay in lots of popcorn.

Texit will come, as well as the eventual dissolution of the rest of the US. I only hope it will come without years of war as the Empire tries to maintain its control.

Barbara Ann


Ah, I detect naïveté in your comment - if only examination of the election had merely been abandoned. Are you not aware that History must now record only the correct Facts? Assertions that the election was other than wholly free and fair have thus been declared dangerously seditious by the Big Tech guardians of The Truth. Thank goodness our impressionable sensibilities are guarded from the horror of such Lies.

Far from being sloppy, as the election achieved the correct outcome, it must by definition have been a correct reflection of the people's will. Nothing is amiss. The people have retained the confidence of the government and after all, that is what is important.


When does the UN step in and provide election observers for our next US elections? Maybe some leftover Iraqui election observers can step up and provide their well-honed skills state side.

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