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20 January 2021


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English Outsider

Well, Barbara Ann, you've made a good start but this is no time for complacency. Obviously the First Amendment has to go and the Second hard on its heels. You'll find all that quite comfortable when you get used to it. We do, anyway, this side of the Atlantic.

As for elections, somehow I don't think voting the wrong way is going to be that much of a problem in the future. Demography is destiny and there's no arguing with that.

But just to make sure it might be advisable to let any surviving dissidents know that the days of going into a polling station and voting in a socially irresponsible manner are well and truly over. This new system of deciding the winner before the election is much tidier and we look forward to seeing it adopted in Europe.

Diana Croissant

How do we work on replacing Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan in order to get some true Republicans in Congress?


Looking forward to the Trump Presidential Library, where scholars and historians can review the collected data and administration archives.

Unlike the Obama Library where he chose not to archive his "administration papers" for later review. Now we know why. Maybe Trump can lend Obama some of his collected documents, that started out as directives from inside the Obama administration.

Good place to divert energies and personal investments - The Trump Presidential Library. BTW, if you ever get out to Southern California, the Reagan Library is a five star wow. A mission of love from America's "conservative movement".

scott s.

de-register Republican party affiliation? Not sure what that really accomplishes. But I live in a non-registration state. In the past, though while an active duty officer I was a New York state citizen and registered as Conservative -- IIRC this was a fall out of James Buckley's senate campaign. (NY State also has or had a Right-to-Life party. But in most primaries the Conservatives or RtLers ran the Republican so it was pretty much the same thing as far as I could tell.)

I am however, the lowest of the low level of Republican party officer here (precinct president). In modern presidential politics, I don't see that state parties have much influence (we are a caucus state and the candidate wannabees do establish campaign offices but that is outside of the party organization itself). The state National Committeeman and National Committeewoman along with the State Chair are elective party offices and members of the RNC but I don't know that that confers any specific "power". (I think the Dems use roughly the same model.)

It will be interesting here to see if the former "Republicans" (who noisily left the party because it wasn't "their" party with Trump) want back in. But it comes down to money -- even the entry level office (state rep) requires a lot of money to have a hope of election if you don't have a D behind your name.

I am sure there will be a big push for ¡Nikki! here.

JM Gavin

Paul Ryan is no longer in Congress. Regardless, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are true Republicans.


Barbara Ann


Demographics huh? Americans being well known as a placid people accepting that their destiny is beyond their control I guess.

We will see how the next transfer of power is accomplished. Certainly the section of the electorate who believe it can be achieved via electoral means has shrunk a great deal in the recent past. A stolen election and extreme (for the US) left wing government prosecuting a domestic War on Terror on a large proportion of the citizenry is fertile ground. The odds of a Pinochet-like figure rising are greatly increased IMO.



The left would like nothing more than make the US subordinate to the UN.


Remind us all when the decendents of the founders decided to agreed to change the demographics of the Republic through open borders immigration.

Patrick Armstrong

Does anyone think there will ever again be a real election in the USA? They will do it over and over again.
And, come to think of it, faked elections (maybe a bit more subtle -- my riding in Ottawa has flipped from Con to Lib several times, what's to say it won't again?) will spread to the rest of us.
Just get control of the media and you can do anything you want to.
We now know the answer to the old conundrum: if tree falls in the forest and the NYT doesn't report it, did it make a noise? No, it didn't.

BTW further evidence of fraud -- Biden's ratings now lower than either Obama's or Trump's were at their starts. But... the guy got more votes than anyone ever and the media has been 110% for him and he's only at 48% for and 45% against?

David Habakkuk

‘EO’, Barbara Ann,

‘As for elections, somehow I don't think voting the wrong way is going to be that much of a problem in the future. Demography is destiny and there's no arguing with that.’

Actually, matters are more complicated.

An interesting piece appeared back in November, on ‘RT’, by Kevin Hurley, a former senior policeman in the ‘Met’ – also an army reservist who has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

(See https://www.rt.com/op-ed/506853-london-police-minority-bame-background/ .)

It was a response to the ‘diversity target’ set by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, according to which the recruitment to the police should be in line with the proportion of the capital’s population from ‘BAME’ – which means ‘Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic’ – backgrounds.

The problem with Khan, incidentally, is not that he is a Muslim from the sub-continent, but rather that he is a typical Blairite ‘creep’, who prefers ‘virtue signalling’ to actually thinking about how about those whom he professes to be concerned might be helped.

(Bit like much of the Democrat leadership, perhaps? – see Biden’s speech.)

The headline of Hurley’s piece read:

‘Forcing 40% of London’s police to be from BAME backgrounds is virtue-signalling nonsense & will do nothing to tackle crime.’

One point it drives home – putting it in my language, rather than his – is that if ‘Black Lives Matter’ people actually want to do something to save the lives of black teenagers, they might start by trying to collaborate with those who are trying to think seriously about how to deal with the – massive – problem of these killing each other.

To have any hope of making progress, on this and many other matters, however, it is necessary to start by attempting to describe the world as it is.

And here, it is material that the whole notion that different ‘BAME’ – which means ‘Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic’ – people naturally 'march together' is the most utter and total BS, as well as having rather strong ‘racist’ undertones.

As Hurley notes:

‘BAME is a broad-brush term that encompasses people with heritages as different as Jamaican, to Indian Hindu, to East African, to Muslim Asian, to Chinese or Vietnamese. To put it another way, how is a policewoman whose parents come from Saigon, and who was raised as a Buddhist, going to have any better chance of communicating with a black youth from Peckham than a white police officer from Camberwell?

‘In some ways you can see that BAME is really a lazy, if not ignorant, catch-all term lumping all people of colour in the same group. I think it is an insensitive insult to treat people in this way. In fact, I would argue that it’s racist in itself.’

This takes me back more than forty years, to the time when ‘London Weekend Television’, for which I then worked, and which was something of a ‘nursery’ of ‘New Labour’, created a ‘Minorities Unit’, into which I was drafted.

Their ‘ethnic minority’ strand started out with a programme called ‘Skin’, which was supposed to be directed at both Black and Asian audiences.

After some considerable effort by some of us – which did indeed involve the suggestion that lumping together populations which had nothing in common apart from the fact that they were not white was implicitly ‘racist’ – the company did create separate programmes for the different groups.

The extent to which ‘minorities’ had nothing in common was actually dramatically apparent, if one worked in the Unit. So, for example, one of the Asian recruits was reported, reliably I think, to have used the word ‘baboons’ about his colleagues of African origin.

The differences within the groups, meanwhile, were quite as striking as those between them.

So, for example, the son of the senior general in the Indian Army – who, incidentally, was not the person credited with the ‘baboons’ remark – had little in common with a lower-middle-class girl from Southall, something of an Indian ‘ghetto’ in London.

And in fact, people of identical social origins, in any ‘ethnic’ group, very often have radically different views.

All this bears upon an argument which Tucker Carlson has been making for some time:

‘At the moment, the coalition of identity groups has held together because it is united in a single purpose against white male power. But rapid demographic change makes this unsustainable. When the traditional scapegoat becomes insufficient, various factions will turn on one another.

‘Chaos will ensue.’

It was not difficult to see, forty years ago, the the only way the ‘coalition of the fringes’ could be held together was indeed a kind of hostility to a certain kind of ‘straight’ white culture – also that much of the momentum behind it came from people from that culture, in revolt against it.

Equally, however, it was the case, and remains the case, that these 'coalitions' usually turn out to be made up of – highly politicised – members of the groups in question, whose claim to be ‘representative’ has always been questionable.

So, it helps to attempt to start off by escaping from the kind of ‘cant’ which people like Sadiq Khan, and Joe Biden, are happy to ‘recycle.’

In a very ‘micro’ way, Hurley is looking to ‘build coalitions’, by doing just this.

For example, he touches on the question of how one can get more people from ethnic minorities to join the police, not because they are part of a ‘quota’ – which commonly makes people hate each other – but because they think it is an interesting job they could do well.

Likewise, as he points out, and as I think was also apparent forty years ago, if you want to control black teenagers, you want to make use of the fact that, commonly, about the last thing their mothers – and aunts – want is to see them end up dead or with a life spent in and out of jail.

Particularly if one is concerned to avoid the dismal scenario which Tucker envisages – a kind of ‘civil war of the fringes’, once the ‘centre’ has vanished – a point with which we need to start is the questionable nature of the claim by highly politicised members of these to be representative.

There is no guarantee that there are ways of building better ‘coalitions.’

But there is no reason I can see why people, like myself, who have always thought that ‘invade the world, invite the world’ is a disastrous approach, need to accept the implicit assumption made by Sadiq Khan and Biden: that ‘immigrants’ will always support them, and none of them will ever find ‘common cause’ with – ethnically white – ‘deplorables.’

blue peacock

David Habakkuk,

You make the precise point. Wokeism is not about minorities but it is to use identity politics that both the "right" and "left" have used to divide and distract the broader population including the "identities" from recognizing the mass looting that is making many destitute and subservient to the "little handouts" in effect infantilizing them.

"E Pluribus Unum" was the unofficial motto of the United States since the 18th century until Congress in 1956 made "In God We Trust" the official motto. That was a fatal error IMO and began the trajectory that now we see the outcome of.


E Pluribus Unum would be the perfect antidote. From the many to one. What is that shared value that we should strive for. IMO, it ought to be essence of the founding principle of liberty with the meaning that the natural rights of citizens are sacrosanct and have primacy over the rights of the state and organizations like corporations and political parties. What was the genius of the founding debates was the recognition that all governments by their very nature will always lean to consolidation of power by those with the economic & subjugation power and ultimately tyranny.

The use of the "religious right" by "conservatives" to cement their power and the use of government to impose their morality have been countered by the "left" to once gain use the coercive power of government to enforce their morality that we see now with Biden requiring biological males to compete in women's sports.

All this points to that as a society we have no over-arching value that transcends. E Pluribus Unum does as it brings all the disparate ethnicities and belief systems into a common higher goal the value of a free society with limited government and a level playing field for competition. A society that tolerates diversity of beliefs and thought and cultural precepts. We need to study once again the philosophical underpinnings of "classical liberalism" and what brought Jefferson & Madison & Adams and others together in a common intellectual framework in the 18th century.

Barbara Ann

David Habakkuk

Very interesting. The RT op-ed by Kevin Hurley is at the same time a fine example and damning indictment of the disastrous policies flowing from the Great Awokening. He makes a couple of very useful observations re the affirmative action policies of Sadiq Khan: 1) that the perpetrators of such (is there a better word?) are suffering from "post-colonial guilt" and 2) that the BAME categorization belies both the real policy objective; that of achieving "social justice" (the result of fewer homicides being assumed to follow) and also the laziness of the effort. BAME itself is surely just a politically correct reinvention of the colonial SLBP catch-all.

Your own observation that "much of the momentum behind it came from people from that culture, in revolt against it" is the aspect I find fascinating. This nihilistic revolt appears to me to be the perfect expression of Nietzsche's Slave Morality; an upending of the natural order such that even vilifying one's own culture has become a "good".

And of course concrete virtue itself is no longer the end goal at all - this having been supplanted by behaviors designed merely to indicate that one possesses such virtues. To top it all off, it is apparent that the whole edifice is held in place by participants who, by and large, have not the slightest conviction in even the signalling itself. Politicians, the media & business community and other societal nodes engage in the charade for the most part out of a herd mentality - i.e. for protection. Outlying dissenters who dare to point out the lunacy are quickly taken down by the rabid SJW pressure group wolf pack - themselves seemingly the only class of true believers. That Hurley's piece was published in RT is telling. Which Western MSM editor would dare give voice to such heresies?

The whole absurd dance brings to mind the attitude of pervasive, resigned fatalism summed up in the old Soviet saying "we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us".

Chaos is sure to ensure, but will it all end in rivers of blood, as Enoch Powell forecast? I don't know, but as a bizarre 2020 has given way to a 2021 showing early signs of being all the more so, I get the strong feeling that we are rapidly approaching the point at which "the center cannot hold".

Another savior figure of some sort must now emerge. Trump had some of the requisite qualities, but evidently lacked the will to take the counter revolution all the way. The next leader of the Deplorables will likely have all the charisma of a Trump accompanied by a zeal to re-found American culture (at least their own vision of it) come what may. These are the sorts of people who found republics even if that means bringing the current one to an end.

I've just read blue peacock's observation that the whole woke business is merely a useful distraction from the unprecedented transfer of wealth currently underway - toward a tiny clique of the already obscenely rich - and this is right on point.

The Great Reset must surely fail in any case. Overturning Westphalian sovereignty without triggering WWIII was always going to be a big ask, but I think there is a more fundamental problem. With slogans like "you'll own nothing and you'll be happy" Klaus Schwab and the other architects of the Reset are evidently predicating their dystopian new order on the premise of hedonism being the prime driver of human desire. But as Orwell correctly observes in his review of Mein Kampf; "However they may be as economic theories, Fascism and Nazism are psychologically far sounder than any hedonistic conception of life".

Humans need to strive and suffer to feel alive. Facing a future of 'safety' guaranteed by woke cultists and (presumably) Prozac-fueled 'happiness' - combined with the WEF's ethos far to the left of Lenin - I think we have again reached the point in the cycle in which Orwell's conclusion holds true;

"After a few years of slaughter and starvation ‘Greatest happiness of the greatest number’ is a good slogan, but at this moment ‘Better an end with horror than a horror without end’ is a winner"

I have digressed rather alarmingly from Larry's OP. Apologies Larry.

Steve Baldwin

Good read and I agree with most of it. Problem is we cannot abandon the Republican Party all together. We cannot withhold our votes by not voting Republican or not voting at all because we are not happy with the Republican we have to choose from. By not voting, or voting third party we will only give Democrats more power and a faster transition to socialism and the downfall of America. McConnell was not the person I would have preferred to vote for but I did because Amy would have given the Democrats one more vote in the Senate. We need new blood and we need new conservative blood to keep America America. So we must be vigilant on who we choose to run in our state and country, but we cannot let the problems of this last election stop us from being true Americans looking for the American way.

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