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28 January 2021


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The Democrat-media party made no secret of their plan to use Covid panic and junk mail balloting to manipulate the election.
The Trump campaign was asleep At the switch and let it happen.
Trump lost- hook or by crook, it doesn't matter.
Then the Giuliani/Powell foolishness only made the whole bunch look stupid and actually hurt any real arguments about fraud.
Now, we are in a very bad place thanks to Democrat criminality, Trump campaign incompetence and masses of uninformed, badly educated voters.
Next, "green new deal" taxes and job losses for the very middle class that voted Biden because Trump - the rude "orange man" - sent "mean" tweets.
Life's tough, it's tougher when you're stupid.


The Reddit-WallStreetBets-Robinhood fiasco has been a dynamic mood shifter.

Pays to follow this story if you have not delved into it, just to sense the volatile mood swing of "the people" vs the "elites" in the online comments. Pretty much the same story in kind of the 2016 undercurrent mood shift that propelled Trump into the WH - something that was already there, and merely landed on Trump's shoulders to carry forward. Insider elites vs the rest of us story.

The sense of total helpless this election fraud had created now has a Black Swan breakthrough moment, when these "little guys" savaged the hedge fund guys while playing by their own rules to the tune of hedge fund billion dollar losses.

I think this may well be a symbolic turning point in this post-election funk and certainly caught the Biden Team flat-footed. Plus since they can't blame Trump- what is their Plan B? And it also looks like they just might have too many of their own dirty fingerprints on this caper (ham-handed fingerprints) with key names among the new Team Biden players.

Not sure where the Reddit online trader group story is finally going to go, but also sure this is one battle media, Democrats and "big tech" is not going to suppress. Because they already missed it totally ........chasing other squirrels themselves.

Charles Schwab sent out an immediate caution warning letter to customers explaining they were currently caught up in an overload sell-off frenzy. Not sure anyone has a handle on what this event triggered, but there is very much a watch and wait tension going on right now.

Covid porn,...... election porn.......conspiracy porn........Reddit porn........ strange new world. It will need new rules when people are finally ready to buy into them.

The internet opened Pandora's box.


Thx, I especially believe the not letting faith be destroyed among all the other good points.

Seamus Padraig

Good points all, Larry.

I also noticed two months ago how quickly the vital questions concerning the mail-on ballots got diverted into some wild goose-chase involving voting machine software from Venezuela. Another attempt at side-tracking the investigation and drumming up support for 'régime change'?

As far as the Q-Anons themselves are concerned, I always sympathized with them to a large extent, even though I thought their 'theories' were a little off. Most of them are good people by nature, but perhaps just a little too credulous. I agree with Larry here: put your faith in God, not man. When analyzing the events of this world, stick to evidence and logic as much as you can. At the end of the day, hope is just another drug--hopium--that can skew your judgment ... which is just what the enemy wants.

But I have to admit that I still like the Q-Anon motto: 'Where we go one, we go all' (WWG1WGA). I'd like to rehabilitate it for general use by us deplorables, if I may. ;-)


You make some good points Larry but I think you underplay the degree to which Trump and his closest advisors had been nobbled.

With hindsight we can see just how much effort was invested by the UniParty in limiting Trump's options. Bluntly they pulled a blinder. Top officials in any strategically important area to them (trade was clearly not one of them and that was allowed to run) were onside to the objective of removing Trump come hell or high water.

It is likely that any advice, even from officials he trusted was tainted. He never stood a chance up against what is probably the deepest, most embedded, intelligence rich corrupt system there has ever been.

Their biggest failure was allowing his grass roots popularity to grow beyond their ability to counter it. They are now working on that from two prime directions, the first is putting in place legal systems that will place them beyond SC action for fraud in the future and the second is, as you say, divide and rule.

To his supporters Trump was an excellent President. His actions over the next or so, in terms of his ability to withstand the blandishments of the UniParty, will determine whether he was outstanding.

Ghost Ship

Operation Quicksilver was a straight forward military deception operation, a far better example is OGPU/GPU's Operation Trust run buy Soviet counter-intelligence against Soviet emigres and supporters of the opposition to the Bolsheviks.
It seems to me the "DUMB" operation actually has a different purpose, which is to persuade people that the concept of the "Deep State" is a "conspiracy theory". The "Cabal" and the "Illuminati" are core conspiracy theories as is the "Satanism" schtick, but the Deep State in the sense of Colonel Lang's Washington Borg does exist and was operating effectively against the Trump government.

Evidently over centuries the tunnels had been built and used by members of the Illuminati, better known as the Cabal, or Deep State. Global, political and Hollywood elites into Satan worship were known to pay big bucks to drink the blood of a traumatized child (known as Adrenachrome) – reported to create a “high,” along with a supposed reverse of aging. Although, if their “supply” was cut off, the partaker suffered greatly and could even die.

Now that Trump is gone and an establishment adept has taken his place, the Borg/Deep State needs to be scrubbed from the pages of history by discrediting it. The claims of the use of children's blood to prevent aging is easily discredited, but it can discredit the conspiracy by the Deep State/Washington Borg.
Other examples of this type of operation are Gustav Siegfried Eins, Soldatensender Calais and Kurzwellensender Atlantik created by Sefton Delmar under the control of the British Political Warfare Executive.

The method of propaganda used by Soldatensender Calais was described by Sefton Delmer, its creator, in his book, Black Boomerang, as "cover, cover, dirt, cover, dirt"; that is, using good music and providing coverage of sports and other events of interest to a German serviceman, the station made that listener receptive to propaganda items aimed at decreasing morale. An example was a warning of confidence men swindling German soldiers being transferred from France to the Russian front. This approach could be compared to those used by Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally, without the heavy-handedness of the Axis programs.

Ghost Ship


The Great Reset has been underway for quite some time. The entire ESG or Green New Deal has been getting overtly funded by the Fed since the crash of 2008 at least. They call it QE or MMT but it's just the command economy of the a communist state wrapped in bureaucrat-ese. The Fed buys the stocks and bonds of favored companies, usually through intermediaries, so that they prosper. As the latest Game Stop short squeeze makes abundantly clear, deeps pockets can prop up a corpse. We are no longer have a market economy, we have market communism. No wonder all of those profitless tech companies like FB, GOOG, and AMZN that are 100% dependent on this support slavishly enforce the agenda of their masters.

Mark Gaughan

https://michael-hudson.com/2021/01/the-rentier-resurgence-and-takeover-finance-capitalism-vs-industrial-capitalism/ Mark Gaughan


One reason that many of our fellow citizens didn't vote for Trump was -- his mouth. His constantly running his mouth. Wonder if any of his kids told him just once -- Please Dad just shut up for a while and think twice BEFORE speaking once. Talking with a good many who 'would have' voted for Trump, but were turned off by his incessantly running his mouth. To them, Biden's 'silence' was a breath of fresh air.

Mark Gaughan

https://youtu.be/OngCYK-UJw4 either way, I have to go to work 🙂



On a bright note Peter Strzok’s wife has been promoted to Director of the Division of Enforcement at the SEC. The SEC is due to investigate the GameStop short squeze for 'market manipulation'. Not of the short selling hedge funds (to the tune of 40% more shares than were outstanding), like the one which paid Janet Yellen, the first Woman US Treasury Secretary, and first one to recieve $800,000 for "speeches" from Citadel Capital, which bailed out the rapidly bankrupting Melvin Capital.


Who is going to jail? All those nobodies who bought Gamestop on the Robinhood app after posting/reading about it on Reddit or any other social media platform, because THAT is market manipulation. If you don't think that's going to happen just look at the charges for the man who tweeted memes in 2016.

As the evil organge one said: Our system is rigged. But not in your favor.
All praise to Joe Biden, Honest Joe, 80 million votes. Most safe and secure election ever. I'm sure he'll save WallStreet, just like his boss, Barack, did. With your money and your future money too.
Let me know if I need any more disclaimers, ass kissing or kneeling in submission. Unlike Janet I don't have $800,000 in speech earnings to blow on wallstreet or Hunter's dealers and hookers.. Happy Friday everyone.

Mark K Logan


The upside if capitalism is that same system enables the Elon Musks of the world. That said it's a system which can self-destruct in the same way a game of Monopoly does: When all the pennies accumulate into too few hands it doesn't work for enough people and everybody is only a few missed meals away from a revolution. The US experiment is essentially that of the government saving capitalism both from and for the capitalists. Not that government has done or can do a perfect job of that, or anything, but to label that or any and all governmental regulation or intervention in capitalism as Marxism is incorrect.

"Game Stop" is actually evidence against the existent-communist-state argument. Quite the opposite. It's an indication that too much of the nation's wealth is sloshing back and forth on a casino table controlled by a mob of individuals, many of them fools, who are contradicting each other. Capitalism. Labeling everything silly and/or unlovely as communism is incorrect.

English Outsider

Mr Johnson - I wondered the same about 9/11. There were one or two questions about that tragedy, not world-shattering questions but questions about where the funding and organisation came from.

All buried six foot deep under the welter of assertions from thermite paint to faked videos. The amount ot time spent chasing such hares, if focussed on those more pedestrian and real queries, could well have led to a more accurate picture of what happened coming out at the time rather than later.

But is it deliberate? Surely every catastrophic event attracts a penumbra of foolish allegation, especially at times like these when there is little trust between the rulers and the ruled. I don't think that needs planning. It happens of itself.

And it makes sober examination so difficult and dismissal so easy. The fundamental problem with the election result was not that genuine concerns weren't brought before a Court. It was that the essential preliminary to any Court hearing - collection of evidence by properly appointed and qualified investigators - never took place. It's as if I had alleged I'd seen a bank robbery and instead of the police looking into the matter, my unsupported allegation was all that was ever examined as "evidence".

But watching those State Senate hearings, and as sceptically as possible (some of the witnesses were grandstanding, not detailing seen facts) it did seem to me that enough genuine anomalies were mentioned to warrant further professional investigation.

As far as I know that didn't happen. And such evidence as is left may not be looked at. It is that failure to investigate further, and the refusal to allow evidence to be examined, that persuades me those normal everyday people I saw bearing witness in those hearings were indeed bearing witness to a fraud.


Who are these two young guys at LotusEaters.com? British by accent, but on top of every underpinning philosophical argument we need to be having right here in the US. Bookmark these lads and follow their discussions as a daily vitamin pill:


Topic today: "Gondor has no king"--the need for election legitimacy should be encouraged by Biden; not just elements within the GOP. They explore succession legitimacy from their far longer British historical perspectives - with lessons we all need to hear.


Do you remember when Trump "won" the election in 2016 - to everyone's surprise, of course. It seemed funny to me at the time, but the #resist was ready to go from day 1. It was like the t-shirts and bumper stickers were already printed. To cut to the chase, I believe that Donald Trump was part of the psyop. Following the theory put forth by Saul Alinsky in "Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals" - "Alinsky would find an external antagonist to turn into a "common enemy" for the community within which he was operating." Trump was that single point of focus. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rules_for_Radicals) Maybe that's why nothing really ruffled his feathers. I think that he acted the pied piper.

Barbara Ann


That Wordpress site, with its combination of global "Cabal" conspiracy theroies and alternative health advice, looks to me very much like it belongs to the constellation of such internet outlets run by the person known as "Mike Adams", or sometimes the "Health Ranger". It could of course be someone trying to emulate the clickbait model "Mike" has successful deployed all over the internet.

I've seen it argued that QAnon was an operation run by the Deep State and alternative theories that it was run by someone in Trump's camp. There are arguments supporting both, but there seems no doubt it was a sophisticated IO of some kind.

The child sacrificing Luciferian Illuminati Cabal ruling the world stuff may be nonsense (although I have seen a report of widespread Luciferianism practiced among a section of the world's power elite that pre dates the Q stuff). And I can see how mixing a whole bunch of 'out there' conspiracy theories with ones which may turn out to be true could be useful in discrediting those who subscribe to the QAnon theories, but I am not at all sure it is clear cut that this was an 'enemy' op.

The main counter argument for supposing that this was a Deep State operation seems to be the very real result of a Great Awakening. Large numbers of people are now convinced that the 'higher powers' in control are the enemy of America and more broadly the nation state. This would seem a counterproductive result if the operation was designed to bait people away from the real truth. Undeniably, the truth is that a cabal of billionaire globalists, currently in virtual session in Davos, do indeed plan to do away with national democracies and replace what is left of market capitalism with a technocratic oligarchy & a command economy (the Great Reset) - resulting in serfdom for the masses. It seems one result of QAnon is that far more attention has been drawn to this reality.

Also, if it was a Deep State operation, why did Trump, Gen. Flynn, Dan Scavino and others in his Administration continue to give it oxygen right up until the end? Politico recently did a piece on Ezra Cohen-Watnick (who has been speculated to be the person behind "Q") in which he disavowed the whole QAnon thing. This was published on January 19th and from what I've seen is the only public statement of 'Q denial' by any senior member of the Trump Administration (Ezra was USDI).

Certainly there was a widespread expectation among the Q crowd that the cavalry would arrive to Stop the Steal before or on January 20th in the form of an (interim) military government of some kind, with Trump somehow returning to power thereafter. I can see QAnon having being set up to convince people of this in order persuade Trump supporters that they needed to do nothing and that everything was in hand. Perhaps we'll never know the truth, but QAnon will remain an interesting phenomenon.


scott s.

Not sure how central the human trafficking aspect is to the whole Q story, but it certainly has generated some fantastic (as in fantasy) ideas. Since 20 Jan came and went now I'm hearing 1 Apr is the big date.

I'm not getting the whole GameStop thing -- AFAICT it's a dead man walking (how exactly does it compete with Steam?) that kiddies on Robinhood want to play with.

Diana L Croissant

Well, all I can say is that I am still dumbfounded that people voted for the Biden/Harris ticket. I can think of no one in politics as addled as Biden seems to be sometimes. I can think of no one with less in the way of qualifications to be VP as Harris. (I even suspect that her father agrees with my assessment.)

I was also dumbfounded over the whole bunker behavior of Adam Schiff during his impeachment play. He seemed such a junior high level thinker to me. I am still baffled that ALL that time was wasted when actual work in Congress could have taken place.

I must not think like an American now that I am older because Americans actually put up with that staged sham of an impeachment. What has become of our Congress? Juvenile behavior in our most important government buildings.

Yes, Trump was not prepared for government work. He was good only for the type of work that most Americans have to do. And he understood what we wanted from a politician. It's too bad other politicians didn't see that we did not want the same old smoke and mirrors we normally get from them.

Many of us have lost any respect for someone willing to become a politician. There are a few still trying to do right--mostly on local and county level; but when you get an AOC and her squad in Congress, one has to simply quit watching or go into cognitive dissonance.

I wish the best for Trump and his family. They deserve to have their lives back. We did not deserve their sacrifice and work on our behalf.



"Game Stop" ... It's an indication that too much of the nation's wealth is sloshing back and forth on a casino table controlled by a mob of individuals,..."

The trading in that stock was stopped last night by people with market power. The stock tanked as a result. The 'mob of individuals' aren't the ones that did that, nor do they run hedge funds like the ones that have driven stock prices down by short selling and feeding market rumours, and doing the same to other stocks for years. Those are people with connections that get them bailed out, just like they were bailed out in 2008 by the sainted one and his buddy, Joe. The company runing the RobbinHood app apparently started making trades on behalf of owners (without authority to do so) . It is going to be a fun time for them in arbitration when thousands demand their $2 in lost profit plus expenses. Meanwhile Janet Yellen, victim of the patriarchy Speaking Fee Princess of WallStreet, and the White House, are 'keeping an eye on the issue.'.

I can't wait for "circle back" girl Jen Psaki to climb out of the circled chuck wagons and tell us how much it will cost us all to make the poor victimized hedge fund owners whole.


Funny, Elizabeth Warren, champion of the consumer and just regular folks, thinks the hedge funds deserve some love.


Addendum, here are some of the 'mob of fools' who hold more than half of the outstanding Game Stop stock. Fidelity, Ryan Cohen, Black Rock, Vangaurd.

"Nine Investors Instantly Make $16 Billion On GameStop Stock 'Squeeze'"
Reditors are getting the attention, these companies are (if they sell) getting the profits.


As Democrats and friends stomp on any website not drinking their Kool-Air, new ones are opening up identifying the "deep state" indeed is our enemy - our own government works against us.

This is the emerging expression of the populism that brought Trump to the White House and now looks like it will continue whether he is there or not - Results are what matter, not the horse they rode in on. Try this site out - AmericanMind - exploring bold proposals .... like abolishing CIAI, breaking up the FBI ...etc: https://americanmind.org/memo/abolish-the-cia/

History will declare the Trump presidency was a national turning point, but we are probably too close to it right now to see how and why.

Reminded by a guest lecture anthropologist that those crossing the land bridge from Asia to the North American continent apparently took several thousands of years to accomplish the full transit, and did not have a clue they were doing anything remotely historic.

In fact they were just following the newly emerging grazing land and did not even know they were on a "temporary" land bridge, linking these two disparate continents that would "later" close them off for eons, until the 15th Century Great Columbian Exchange.

Only the lens of "Big History" could later measure this monumental turning point in human migration. That lens is the one that will mark a change in direction for this fragile experiment in governance exceptionalism called the US of A.

How absurd for Democrats to demand Trump does not even get Presidential Library - I am highly suspicious of their motives for this ultimate cancel culture attack on Trump's four years in the US White House..


J, was Trump constantly running off his mouth (No) or was the media constantly running of their collective mouths about him 24/7? (Yes)

The trade-off for getting media silence about Biden, who is on track to be running one of the most corrupt, duplicitous and incompetent administration is US history is too high a price to pay for a misrepresentation of 'Trump's mouth".

Trump, if you will notice as a practitioner of The Method (Dr Norman Vincent Peale) confined his mouth primarily to early morning negativity clearings, what set the media into their 24/7 frenzies while he in relative silence got a heck of a lot of work done for the good of this country.

All anyone had to do was turn off the media, if they did not want to "hear Trump's Mouth". Your "many" who could not figure out this critical difference and put an X by Biden's name instead, did us no favors. May they get the government they deserve.

Trump kept us engaged and was refreshingly transparent. And exposed the media as the destructive, partidan jackels they are now confirmed to be. Do not mistake their "silence" is a vote of confidence in Biden. In fact they just no longer have Trump to kick around 24/7 for eyeballs and ears.

"Truth dies in darkness" as WaPo is fond of saying, or is that now Truth dies in the Basement of the Biden Administration. The media set out to destroy Trump, and now mindlessly protects Biden. Mission accomplished.


Diana L Croissant:
There is an old saying that says "anyone running for higher office is, by definition, not qualified for that office."



As recently as 2013 I believed that slave trafficking and pedophilia were very marginal problems that had little connection with most people. By listening to anonymous writers on various sites that are often denigrated, I became convinced that human trafficking is the key problem.

In 2015, the various anonymous Internet folk were disunited, sometimes sliding toward suicide from sheer despair. Misanthropic misfits complained about numerous social problems - notably the replacement of Anglo-Saxon Protestants in the USA. White nationalists were the most persuasive orators, but they had little hope to offer on problems such as human trafficking. Around 2016, shortly before Trump ran for office, anonymous information drops appeared suggesting that elements within the USA military were determined to wipe out human trafficking and that Trump was their choice.

The new narrative offered hope. Many on the brink of suicide pulled back and decided to try for a better future. The white-black tensions were painted over, if not truly resolved, by vague Christian rhetoric and a shared hatred of human traffickers.

Let us suppose that all these "Q" drops were an information operation intended to alter political trends. The major political alteration is that white nationalists have very few recruits and close to zero political momentum.

If "Q" had never appeared, the conspiracy theorists who are chasing "Q" drops would not be lining up to read Pat Lang's books and related material. They would not be writing their congressmen and rebuilding their local communities. They would be lining up behind ultra-right-wing orators. They would be killing antifa and giving police good excuses to use excessive force. But "Q" did appear and now these people are chasing conspiracy theories. These conspiracy theorists agree with me and former President Trump on one key point: human trafficking is evil. If Trump were here, he might ask: "Is our shared indignation supposed to be a bad thing?"

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