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29 January 2021


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Barbara Ann
At a panel discussion about the Great Reset hosted by the World Economic Forum in mid-November, former Secretary of State John Kerry – Biden’s would-be special presidential envoy for climate – firmly declared that the Biden administration will support the Great Reset and that the Great Reset “will happen with greater speed and with greater intensity than a lot of people might imagine.”
Yup, mid-November, safely after the point at which the electorate can have a say in Biden's center left campaign platform being given over to the WEF's platform - one that makes Marx and Engels' ideas look positively evolutionary & unambitious.

I note that the Biden-Harris transition website set up shortly afterwards mirrors one of the WEF's major slogans; buildbackbetter.gov. There can be no mistaking the fact that the Davos set is firmly in charge of this Administration.


Diana Croissant

I have to confess that I almost "upchucked," as we used to say, when I saw John Kerry's name at the top of a story on this Blog.

I got over that impulse by reading your comments.

I must learn how to avoid experiencing these urges to "upchuck" and to go into a rage now that we have to read more about the thoughts and behaviors of Biden and his friends.

Several of my high school classmates, and my brother and several cousins served during the Vietnam War.

while I was an undergrad, I had to endure the spoiled and sometimes mindless "boys" in my college classes who were sent there by their parents so they could avoid the Draft.


The younger brother of a high-school friend of mine served 6 months in the National Guard, then 7-and-a-half years of attending meetings, so was exempt from the draft during Vietnam, About 1970, when he was almost too old to enlist, he did so and joined the swift boats, sailing around the Mekong delta and shooting up the countryside. When he got out he began acting strangely, couldn't hold a job, so finally his brother took him a shrink for diagnosis. Turned out he was extremely disturbed psychologically, of which joining the swift boats voluntarily was a manifestation. Last I heard he was still alive, and every now and then his brother gets word that he's gone off thev rails, flies back to Minnesota, and gets him taking his meds again. Consequently John Kerry's joining the swift boats always struck me the same: a manifestation of some neurosis at least. No sane person would ever voluntarily seek to go into combat, if they didn't have to.


Song Be - the one with the swords and flamethrower battles?


I always loved the political ad showing him windsurfing, going this way and that. Lately people referencing the old TV show call him "Lurch". Beautiful...

Harlan Easley

"They had died when their valorous effort to overrun the town and kill us and our non-communist Vietnamese allies had failed."

That is as real as it gets to me. I have no idea how I would respond in such a situation. However, your courage in contrast to the POS Kerry is, is depressing to me.

Many are raised to believe the Cream Rises to the the Top. Then you wise up. Cowards in this society rise to the top.

It's a damn shame. Colonel, you and men of your courage should rule this nation. It is a woke joke what we have to currently endure.



As a woman neighbor once said to me "All the good people went to Canada ..." Put me down as being among the insane. VN was just one of my wars, and I did it all for you ...


In typical Democrat double talk: they demand reduction of airborne pollutants by increasing "Clean Air Standards".

But at the same time, they plot to inject artificial particulate matter into the atmosphere to stop "global warming".

Barbara Ann

Ha ha, that one may be considered "insane" for choosing to risk one's skin for a cause higher than the tawdry business of saving it. In past ages it would have been considered aberrant to think otherwise. I guess the Lacedaemons had it all wrong.



50 years is a long time to hold a resentment.

blue peacock

Kerry lecturing the pipe fitters to take on solar panel jobs while flying on his private jet. I assume courtesy of Teresa Heinz Kerry.

No different than Larry Fink calling for $50 trillion investment in "climate change emergency" no doubt to be funneled through Blackrock, where he gets to clip the coupon.

How much did Al Gore make off the "climate emergency"? He's got several mansions and fancy cars that consume 10x the energy of the average American yet they are the one's being asked to "sacrifice" for the "greater good".

blue peacock

"There can be no mistaking the fact that the Davos set is firmly in charge of this Administration."

Barbara Ann,

Not just this administration and Congress. If one looks at data series like Total Credit Market debt both in nominal terms and as a ratio to GDP (although that is a very misleading indicator) and charts of ratio of total national wealth by cohort, you can see a clear inflection point during the Nixon presidency. Credit Market debt has been on an "exponential" growth curve especially since the Reagan administration. IMO, it is a bi-partisan affair and the consolidation of economic power by the Davos set has been a steady affair under the UniParty. I believe the Clinton-Bush-Obama years sealed the complete takeover of economic power. That's why IMO, partisanship and the left-right lens are distractions. Even Eisenhower saw it growing a head of steam.

George Carlin using simple language expressed it well many moons ago. He was as right as one could be.


In a recent exchange with my woke nephew at Harvard Law I sent this in response to him saying what's wrong with Yellen's speaking fees.

The issue is not speaking fees in the abstract. The issue is who she got speaking fees from. The issue is the revolving door between the regulator and the regulated; the procurer and the seller.

This is endemic and systemic corruption across the spectrum of government which exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between Big Government & Big Business.

Yellen did not get speaking fees from the Kiwanis Club of Cambridge. She got it from Citadel. Citadel, SAC, Goldman, JP Morgan, Citi, et al have been ripping off the average Joe systematically for decades. How many billions in fines have JP Morgan, Citi, HSBC and others paid for money laundering and other illegal activities. How come the DoJ have not prosecuted not one of their executives?

Let's take some specific examples. Citadel, SAC, Goldman, etc act as prime brokers and also trade for their own account. Retail platforms like Robinhood make money by selling their order flow to these guys. So when a Harvard freshman and his grandma buys or sells a security that order flow is provided to Citadel first, whose computers are essentially co-located with the exchanges. Citadel front-runs grandma's & Harvard freshman's trade and scalps depriving retail of a fair & transparent market. If as all these guys claim we want a "free, open & transparent market" and prevent these types of rigging then the SEC and Treasury and Congress would be all over this. But the SEC head and all the top enforcement officials and the entire top echelon at Treasury are compromised because they are on the take from the same guys. So, let's take the GameStop situation. Citadel, SAC, Melvin, and other hedge funds get free leverage from the Fed who is also run by people from the same revolving door. They apply this leverage at 90:1 ratios and are now short GameStop and driving the stock of this retailer down by using the same revolving door of money flow with corporate media to present stories of imminent bankruptcy. A bunch of kids get together and buy call options and the stock of GameStop. Citadel who is also making money by writing these call options as they drive the stock down and collect the option premium, see this huge order flows in GameStop, they start front-running GameStop and selling those call options that they wrote and then start buying back their short position driving the price of GameStop up massively in a short period as GameStop float is small. Melvin couldn't move fast enough and essentially goes bust. But Melvin can't be allowed to fail as they hold the 90:1 leverage provided by the prime brokers who in turn are also highly leveraged. So Goldman & Citadel call into the SEC, Fed, Treasury and say we need trading in GameStop to be shut on the buy side. Robinhood then shuts down buys on GameStop on their platform and only allows sells to give Melvin and Wall St time to recover and balance out their trades, screwing Harvard freshman & his grandma. Now, we have Ms. "Cherokee" Warren the "progressive" darling and AOC and others saying we should "protect the little guy" which really means we can't have kids on Reddit gang-up against Citadel and use the same tactics they use every day. And while we are at it and since this is a complicated subject let's demonize the real short-sellers who uncover corporate and institutional fraud in a simple black & white propaganda and only allow Citadel and Wall St who pay the bills to speculate, which we'll bail out if they lose.

Now let's take a look at the earlier episode of 2008. Wall St banks speculate in mortgage credit markets using free leverage from the Fed creating the massive speculation in housing markets and mortgage backed securities. While the speculation is going up all the Wall St guys are making big money. Ultimately the speculation goes awry and the banks from Citi to Goldman are technically bust. Instead of allowing those that profited from the speculations to take their just losses and go through bankruptcy courts to restructure, what did the Bush & Obama administrations & the Fed actually do. Look who are in charge and their conflicts of interest. Bernanke at the Fed, now on the payroll at Citadel but not just Bernanke the whole lot of them. Paulson from Goldman to Treasury. Geithner who revolved from Wall St to the Fed to Treasury to back to Wall St. Neel Kashkari from Goldman to Treasury to PIMCO to now back at the Fed. What did they do? They used the guise of systemic collapse of the financial system and bailed out all these Wall St guys and allowed mom & pop homeowner to go bust and foreclosed their homes. The bailed out Wall St then swoops in to buy up all the foreclosures. Obama kept giving beautiful speeches about "Hope & Change" and how he was going to fight for the little guy while shafting them. Speculative profits were privatized but speculative losses were socialized. Obama's AG, Holder when asked how come not one person on Wall St was prosecuted for the massive fraud, responded that he was concerned about "systemic fragility". The entire system is rigged against the average Joe and naive people like you buy into the propaganda because it is spewed through "fact-checked" media like the NYT and WaPo. What was the first thing the Obama's did on leaving the White House? Fly on Richard Branson's private jet to his private island to cavort with Branson and Geffen and other billionaires.

The exact same revolving door applies in all other areas including Defense. Top generals and Pentagon officials move from government to the Military-Industrial Complex and back. They have an interest in rising defense budgets and massive boondoggles and skimming. The expenditures in Afghanistan were massive. But how much of the money ostensibly spent to build Afghanistan into a "western democracy" and all that nonsense sold through the propaganda machine by both Republican and Democrat administrations and Congresses along with corporate media actually arrived in Kabul and let alone the hinterlands. The "rebuild" contracts were all won by the buddies in the beltway. They took the first cut. Little of it landed in Pakistan and Afghanistan where the local buddies in the scam skimmed the rest. Some token shit was built for the cameras and CNN & MSNBC and Fox reporters could "gush" for the folks who believe whatever they sell. Trump brings in Esper, a defense industry lobbyist and Biden brings in another revolving door man Lloyd Austin 4 star general to Raytheon board member as Defense Secretary. Raytheon makes missiles. They have an interest in Dept of Defense buying more missiles. What better way than firing a bunch of it on some hapless fucks in the Middle East. Claim Al Qaeda and Islamic radicals are terrorist threats and strip citizens of their civil liberties with the "Patriot" Act and other pure Orwellian legislation and entrench the revolving door in the security state on one hand and then fund and arm the same terrorists to screw over Assad in Syria.

Kamala Harris and Maxine Waters and others fanned the flames of the BLM/Antifa riots in the Summer that destroyed minority neighborhoods and Fifth Ave and the corporate media did their part to create the hysteria, but that's not "insurrection"; however a bunch of clowns in the Capitol where there is magically no security implies an "insurrection", so we need a new Domestic Terrorism bill that further entrenches draconian national security state powers that rivals the Stasi era. The "Capitol insurrection" is the current era equivalent of the Reichstag Fire.

Who wrote ObamaCare? How come it was passed in the middle of the night with no one given an opportunity to read the 2,000 page legislation? As Ms. Pelosi said, you have to pass the bill to find out what's in it. How come big health care insurance and pharma stocks went parabolic immediately after it passed?

Identity politics & partisanship is precisely organized to divide & distract while the rednecks and Mom & Pop who are not part of the system are being shafted. The urban managerial class and all you guys in elite institutions are happy to do the dirty work as you get paid a few shekels and made to feel so important as you get to hang out with the "movers & shakers" and get invited occasionally to the cocktail parties. The Party of Davos have consolidated economic power. They have financialized the US economy. The political system & the judiciary are fully co-opted. They are demonstrating the naked exercise of power. They will get more authoritarian and people like you will cheer as it is supposedly directed against "white supremacists" & "racists".



Kerry was scum then and is now.



So reparations are off the table?



Playing the race card. Eh?



It's the Democrat thing to do to get elected.


Good on ya, Blue Peacock. That was a well-articulated letter, but whether it is fully understood, and affects your woke nephew's behavior going forward?

Well, let's just say that the suit of armor worn by the cultists of Wokeism is largely proof against appeals to logic or the historical record, particularly when its wearer is a junior member of the Outer Party.

So close to the Big Payoff, it would be a shame to blow the game, eh?

The true Conservative is largely to be descried by their clear-eyed assessment of the true - corrupted -nature of humans and their character. The Woke, on the other hand, subscribe to the Blank Slate Theory, ala Rousseau and his successors on the left, and absent a truly penetrating, skeptical character, those who have embraced The Faith premptively dismiss the Conservative insight.

As has been observed, it would be heartless for the young and inexperienced to not be liberals, but inexcusable for the older and worldly-wise to not be conservatives. Problem is, the authoritarian left has a leg over, and they wish to make such a transition unlikely, and dangerous in fact to such as your nephew.

Barbara Ann

blue peacock

Thanks for the Carlin link, very good. And good luck with the woke nephew, I'd recommend the Woke Breaking Point approach if your arguments fall on deaf ears.

Re Yellen, I'm sure you must be aware of the Rudy Havenstein Twitter persona. He is a one man satirical army when it comes to the ludicrously corrupt merry-go-round you have accurately described. The following tweet made me smile.



blue peacock, what you have described is a structure of mutually supporting elements that can only be removed by force.
Hopefully, by lawful force led by an elected leader bearing a perhaps token order from a Court. If not, then in the usual way of revolutions.

The only remaining questions, other than the details of the outcome, would be when and how this would occur.

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