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18 January 2021


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Don't forget the willing connivance of the swamp RINOs, the Republicrats - McConnell, Romney, Lindsey Sue Graham, Liz Cheney and the rest of that ilk, and no, an "ilk" is not a big deer.
And the bureaucracy, the "intelligence" community and the military brass are all too willing participants in the swamp vs. America.
They've all got their rice bowls.


post-Trump globalist information operations: They personalize resistance to fraud as Trump, attempting to delegitimize vote fraud concerns to preserve vote fraud-based fake democracy by conflating it with (officially unacceptable) personal approval of Trump. It won't work b/c it was not about Trump in either 2016 or 2020.

Trump was winning by a greater margin than expected AGAIN, so they had to cheat more than expected. The full court press vote fraud (more exposure to discovery), increased scrutiny and the unexpected lack of concession dragging it out has left them exposed and contemplating possibly for the first time their complete lack of legitimacy and consequent vulnerability.

They really see 80% of the soldiers guarding them as security threats?!?! Nothing says more clearly that they do not see us as a misguided part of the same people, but as enemies who they wish to destroy and therefore they cannot conceive that those enemies don't wish to save themselves by destroying them first. It reminds of the Roman Emperors who used foreign contingents like the Varangians for personal security.

War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Diversity is strength.

Steve Ogle

Perhaps they should bring in Erdogan as a consultant. They'll need all the help they can get.


"Biden clearly intends to rule from behind the screen of an emerging well-purged praetorian guard and inside well fortified presidential bunkers."

Will it actually be Biden or his handlers behind him? A passing thought I had was who is going to be the false flag target to really get the ball rolling on disarming America, Joe, Kamala or a couple members of Congress? Given the ease of staging the last false flag the next one looks predictable.


If the Colonels predictions of a tyranny of "the great and good" over the deplorables eventuates, then the effect on the American economy is going to be catastrophic.

Parts of Bidens plans are, in my opinion, laudable including infrastructure spending, increasing the minimum wage, environmental reform and suchlike. Other parts, not so much, but that is not the point.

There is now a new investment decision criteria: "Is this investment Woke enough?".

Politically incorrect, but beneficial investments aren't going to get made while ones pandering to the Woke will - even if they are loss making propositions. Similarly start up company activity is going to suffer for the same reason.

In addition, I would expect a massive increase in "Woke" red tape.

I also expect big tech will have a chilling effect on startup activity because it is a threat to incumbents.

I therefore expect to see a lot of "Soviet style" Government projects absorbing far too much resources for not much return while the innovative parts of industry move overseas and out from under.



"...then the effect on the American economy is going to be catastrophic."
That's your first concern? Sad.


"“The question is, is that all of them? Are there others?” said McCarthy. “We need to be conscious of it and we need to put all of the mechanisms in place to thoroughly vet these men and women who would support any operations like this.”

So after 12 years McCarthy (I assume no relation to the anti-communist Senator of the same name) and Co. are finally going full out on extreme vetting to ensure another Major Hasan doesn't kill more American troops headed to the Middle East? What took them so long?

Fourth and Long

This is from excerpted from todays online edition of ВЗГЛЯД (Viewpoint) - a conservative, usually if not exclusively patriotic Russian daily. Prolly belongs more properly to Col Lang's earlier Purge post as you'll hopefully appreciate when you get to the line: "But it is one thing to repress the intelligentsia .. ".

I don't advocate for it in the least, it simply resonated after reading the Colonel's earlier thoughts. You can find the entirety at:


What I do is put it into the Chrome browser for iPhone (works on desktop Chrome too) - translation should be automatic after clicking yes on one prompt. (MS) Edge browser for iPhone works similarly as well.Machine translation.

Biden brought four new wars to the world:

Orchestrated American elections, harsh social media bans, threats of prosecution of dissidents and promises to restore a shaken world order - this is not the end of the war, but its very beginning. Yes, not one war, but several - cruel, costly and with an unpredictable outcome

These days, American liberals, and with them their loyal followers around the world, are celebrating victory. The future of the world seems to them bright and cloudless. The days of the "impossible Donald" are over, the rift in the West is about to end - and the victory of the liberal world order will become complete and final.

The problem, however, is that there is no question of any victory, let alone a final one. This is quite well understood by people who are going to rejoin the ranks of high-ranking Washington bureaucrats, but are in no hurry to share this intimate knowledge either with the Western electorate or with the rest of the planet's inhabitants.

Almost filigree orchestrated American elections, harsh bans on social networks, threats (already partially realized) of criminal prosecution of dissidents and promises to fully restore the shaken world order - this is not the end of the war, but its very beginning. Yes, not one war, but several - cruel, costly and with an unpredictable outcome.

The new administration will have to wage a civil war at home, two Cold Wars on the international stage, and a major culture war, first in the United States and then across the globe. Perhaps one or two local military conflicts will be added to them. They will have to fight on all fronts at the same time, in the face of a growing shortage of resources.

No one should be misled by the electoral (more precisely, administrative) victories of the liberals, the complete demoralization of the remnants of the Trump administration, and the cowardly betrayal of the majority of Republican congressmen. In the rear, Biden's team had more than seventy million angry Americans left. Now they are shocked, depressed and confused. But for how long?

Judging by the actions of the Big Figures companies, federal agencies and leaders of the US Democratic Party, the winners are very much afraid of the retaliatory actions of Trump voters. That is why a widespread campaign of intimidation and oppression has been launched against them. The Democratic leader in the Senate has already demanded for the protesters in Washington on January 6 (before the trial!) An immediate ban on movement across the country. And federal prosecutors in charge of the storming of the Capitol, in the indictment, said that the participants in the events "had plans to capture and kill" congressmen, as well as "violent overthrow of the US government." One involuntarily recalls the sentences of the Soviet "troikas" of the 1930s, in which the repressed "turned out" to be both conspirators and Japanese spies.

. But it is one thing to repress the intelligentsia and the generally loyal and ideologically close bureaucracy, it is quite another to try to dust off farmers, teachers, entrepreneurs, workers, engineers, army veterans, etc. Here, as history shows, there is no way to do without civil war. ... There will be no other means of killing half the country.

The new civil war will be completely different from the wars of the past - with their attacks on fronts and storming cities. And while the likelihood of several serious armed conflicts within the United States in the coming years remains very high, a new American civil war will become distributed at every point.

First of all, it will manifest itself in the loss of government - the impassability of teams due to the rigidity of a significant part of the population. The Tea Party Movement, part of the Trumpist activist, which began in 2007, has a long history of resistance to federal politics. Attempts to restore controllability and the struggle around the nodes of decision-making by local and regional authorities will be accompanied by an ever-increasing hatred of some citizens for others and the inevitable violence in such cases.

The situation will be aggravated by the already begun internal migration between states. Communities are still fairly split today, and when the population is mixed, local conflicts will flare up with special force. It is possible that the tax system will undergo erosion - and this will greatly complicate the position of the federal center.

The defeat of the resistance will be very problematic precisely because of its fragmentation and the variety of factors that gave rise to it. Putting things in order will take a fair amount of time and effort. Not to mention the losses, primarily resource and reputation losses. For the Washington liberals to be able to subjugate the split country, they will have to spend a significant part of the currency issue to pacify the American communities, as well as once again "expose themselves" to the whole world.

Continues for many paragraphs at above address.

Diana Croissant

As I mentioned earlier, and if my memory is correct, Obama was going to do great things in regard to infrastructure. I don't really recall any of those plans turning into reality. I do remember lots of signs being made to tout Obama's success when those plans came into fruition, which didn't really happen.

How hard will it be to paint over the word "Obama" and replace it with Biden? Maybe that is what Biden means, he already has plans for the signs he will erect if his feeble brain can actually figure out how to get infrastructure plans put into motion--if that happens any better than it did for Obama.

Yet, Trump did a darned fine job getting his Wall mostly completed. And that is why the smelly middle class Republicans liked Trump: He really is a builder at heart and not a social engineering theorist. How mundane of the Republicans to vote for someone in business who built things? How lacking Trump is/was in woke ideology, which--as far as I know--hasn't really made its way to many of us in the Middle Class, though Christian values remain in our hearts.

I am simply going to keep on keeping on doing what I wand and will wait for my ticket to the re-education camps in whatever part of our country is going to be the designated Siberia of our country.

Ishmael Zechariah


IMO Walrus is correct to think about the economy first. Unless something world-changing turns up, The Dis-United States of the Woke will quickly join USSR (and the Ottoman Empire)on the trash heap of nations which enacted and enforced catastrophic economic policies.

Ishmael Zechariah



The USSR lasted 7 decades and had western civilization countering it. The cultural Marxist occupation due to start on the 20th won't be replaced by voting harder for the Mark Rubios and Nikki Haleys of the GOP establishment that has gone along with the left's theft of this presidential election and the senatorial one in Georgia. On a bright note the Ottoman Empire lasted 6 centuries. Plenty of time for the children of Joe, Kamala, Barack and Hilary to fully enjoy the fruits of deception and decadence.


LA Times brags Biden will now turn the rest of the US into more Californias. I used to hate California rallying cry - tax the rich -- but since that cash cow now falls primarily on Silicon Valley, I say bring it on. They broke it; they now own it.

Here is sneak preview. We keep the weather and scenery but you now get our taxes, mispending, crime, lousy education and heavy regulations.

..........".Back in the 1950s and 1960s, Californians paid relatively high taxes (for the time), but got plenty for their money. Californians saw their taxes used to build a massive, statewide system of water storage and distribution, beautiful freeways to tie together the growing cities, and the finest public university in the world.

Today Californians live in a state of 40 million people with an infrastructure designed for 20 million people. New infrastructure projects are rarely approved, and when they are, more money is spent on litigation and bureaucracy than on actual construction.

Thanks to preposterously overwritten regulations, California’s homebuilders cannot profitably build affordable homes without collecting government subsidies. California’s timber industry could thin the forests and would pay taxes on their earnings, but because they have been regulated nearly into oblivion, California’s forests burn like hell, year after year. One could go on.

Perhaps California’s weather and scenery will keep the super rich around. Perhaps California’s generous social benefits and decriminalization of petty theft and public intoxication will guarantee a growing population of indigent.

But the middle class and the small businesses are leaving. That’s a problem for everyone, including those who can afford to stay.

While the wealthy contribute 40 percent of all tax revenues to the state’s general fund, it is the middle class and small businesses that pay most of the other 60 percent. With every moving van that heads east, more of that burden transfers to the wealthy.

They had better hope their gambit has paid off, and their new friends in Washington DC are generous indeed."

(Calif Political Review)

Ishmael Zechariah

While the time-spans you quote are quite correct, the final decay times are much shorter-and getting shorter still(https://foreignpolicy.com/2009/10/14/empires-with-expiration-dates/ ). I do not think the people you name, or their spawn, will have peace. Neither will the rest of us, unfortunately. Once biden attempts to put Russia on a short leash the shivaree will start. We live in interesting times.
Ishmael Zechariah



I would not characterize anyone as 'spawn'. As to putting Russia on a leash, read Patrick's sit-reps and you'll understand the Russians are in a much better place financially and socially than we have been in decades. The only people concerned about Russia are their traditional enemies (including many paper citizens here) and the gaslighted. The Chinese would be more than happy to see us destroy each other as that would effectively destroy Western civilization, their only true opposition.


Former Facebook exec now heading some cybersecurity group, on CNN explicitly advocating for social media companies to treat republican Violent Extremism the "same way they worked on ISIS"


So much hatred directed against little old us?

We must still be hitting very responsive chords. Why else would they (Dems, high tech) play such a weak hand. You ignore the weak; but you only try to destroy the powerful.

Going for scorched earth against us demonstrates their weakness; not ours. Democrats look more foolish every day.

They are even losing Lisa Murkowski - who woke up shocked on Day One after Biden canceled her Alaska Oil drilling project. And now Canada, who could not get rid of Trump fast enough, wants to sue Biden for shutting down their Keystone oil sands revenue stream.

Dang, it is as if these anti-Trumpers now want a fossil fuel future for themselves, more than they wanted to get rid of Trump.

Susan Rice is off to a very poor start as the brains behind Team Biden.

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