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27 January 2021


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Quote of the Day from American Thinker: Buyers remorse? The conservative "big tent" only cares about sharing values.



Maybe the tectonic plates are realigning.

There is something to be said of Biden's ambitions. He may not be content with keeping the seat warm for Harris. Biden may seek a second term if he feels up for it. The only way he can do that is with Republican support because it effectively means betraying Harris and the Democratic party. The fact is Biden shares more common ground with McConnell than he does with most members of his own party nowadays. That goes for McConnell too. We could see established political figures forging a new party of their own, a Democratic-Republican party like it was in the early years of the country's founding, like in the days of Jefferson's presidency. If Biden can make Harris out to be a kook who embraces the lunacy of her party, a Sarah Palin of the left, he can come out on top for a second term.

Maybe I'm reaching with my thinking, but I wouldn't put it past these politicians. They're crafty SOBs.


Seeing all of the lingering troops in DC, reading that the deranged Speaker of the House wanted "crew-manned" machine guns there for crowd control, seeing the senile POTUS signing an astounding and record-breaking number of executive orders on his very first full day in office while saying he didn't know what he was signing, witnessing the ongoing and nakedly-partisan censorship being imposed by Big Tech, hearing partisan Democrats recommend that their political opponents be "re-educated" or "de-programmed" - all this in addition to the now-perpetual gaslighting propaganda spewed hourly by the MSM - can some of us be forgiven for feeling that the Communist Chinese Party has effectively already gained control of the US Ruling Class?

Can anyone imagine crew-manned machine guns being used to indiscriminately and randomly strafe a crowd -- even a vandalizing, burning, looting, police-and-small-business-owner-assaulting crowd such as the ROUTINELY vandalizing, burning, looting, police-and-small-business-owner-assaulting Antifa/BLM rioters? Can anyone imagine a total lack of MSM violence-inciting news coverage over the fatal shooting by a cop of an unarmed Capitol Building trespasser - especially one who was a military veteran - as opposed to the fatal shooting by a cop of an arrest-resisting, convicted felon, who was allegedly engaged in the act of committing a crime if the victim were black?

What would've been thought of as an impossibility, a nightmare, an insane imagining, has now become reality in America. Closet autocrats have finally come out and aren't the least bit afraid to flex their power.

Barbara Ann
"How does this monopolism serve the interests of society? Where is the divide between a successful global businesses, high demand services and big data consolidation and to rudely try to rule society at their own discretion? To step in for legitimate democratic institutions, in fact to usurp or restrict the natural human right to decide how to live, what to choose, which position to express freely?"
Wildly off message the global champion of conservatism (Putin) tells the technocrats at Davos where they can stick their Great Reset. Klaus Schwab did not look amused, I doubt Putin will be invited to next year's WEF.


Patrick Armstrong

If this isn't unity, I don't know what is

A. Pols

Biden does this and Biden does that... Biden don't do shit. He is only the front man for a cabal or committee that's running the show. Their determinations are released as "Papal Bulls" in his name. He is a hologram.


They arrested a guy for trolling Hillary fans with text you vote.
Only surprise is only 4900 did.
Only unity DNC is looking for is unity of conformity.
In the land of the free you will be free to have only approved opinions.
Dare to take your own and patriot act 2.0 domestic will have some repercussions for you.

jim ticehurst

It Seems Obvious these Aliens dont even understand The Normal Use of Language...or what Certain terms Mean..When I Read the Lunatic Rantings of this Crew..I Realize they are Oxygen deprived..shape shifters from Area 51..."UNITY"?? NO....."UNUTY"

Seamus Padraig

"The solution to these conflicts is not to grant total victory to one side or another, but to accept a system of government and civil society that allows pluralism to flourish within a common culture and single legal framework."
Unfortunately, a common culture is one thing we no longer share.


@akapatience, "can anyone imagine" Croke Park, Nov 21st, 1920.

Richard Ong

fakebot, I don't know why you characterize Sarah Palin as a kook. She came out of nowhere and whipped the Alaska establishment but good. To place her in the same league as sKamala with her ultra left provenance is absurd.

Please point me to anything that will reveal her distorted political thinking.

Diana Croissant

Aw! Come on, Man! Let's just all swarm to Woodstock and roll around in the mud and get naked and have a good time drinking and taking drugs in order to "blow our minds." We'll all get along fine.
It would be great, except I'm not sure which new musicians can take the place of Hendrix and Joplin.

My guess is that when the Woodstock generation (of which I am, but one who didn't have time to go there) is finally all in nursing homes suffering from dementia (sort of like Biden should be now), we may be able to get back to sanity.

I am of that generation; but I was working 25 hours per week to pay my rent, phone bill, food and gas while having to maintain an A-/B+ average in order to keep my scholarship. That was a time when college professors taught the content matter and did not spout any of their own isms.

Sadly, by the time my older son started college the "isms" had taken over. He quit and joined the Navy and went through the Nuclear Power Program. He's now managing the electrical and mechanical employees of a nuclear power plant. He has little time to protest at all for any cause. He's busy trying to make sure his own two young boys will actually get an education through "distance learning."

Only the draft dodgers and the very wealthy whose parents could pay for them to go to college and fail went to Woodstock and then out to the coast to spit on our returning soldiers from Vietnam.

I believe we have a similar sort of dynamic going now. The two coasts of the country have gone crazy with their isms, while the Middle is trying to hold on and keep it all together. I've sometimes wished the two coasts would break off and sink into their respective oceans. After all, they gave us Biden and Harris.


Episcopal Book of Common Prayer- Psalter -Day 5 ....written for our times. Nice way with words:

9 For there is no truth in their mouth; *
there is destruction in their heart;

10 Their throat is an open grave; *
they flatter with their tongue.

11 Declare them guilty, O God; *
let them fall, because of their schemes.

12 Because of their many transgressions cast them out, *
for they have rebelled against you.


Biden has unified Wallstreet. Right now they are unified in looking how to screw small investors again and blame Trump; and how to bail out a short selling hedge fund that lost $13 Billion by doing what they had gotten away with before.

Patrick Armstrong

@Ong, Re Sarah Palin.
Well, you actually can see Russia from Alaska on a good clear day.
Socialised medicine (we have it in Canada and it works pretty well) does have "death panels" (don't call it that, of course, but decisions are made on who gets to have what).
And Paul Revere, when captured, did warn the Brits that he had raised the militia.
But Saturday Night Live is really the best form of historical information and, therefore, she is a brainless kook.



A nice 1-2 punch of posts at Conservative Tree House on the shennanigans on Wall Street and their relevance to understanding The Swamp:



It's like a journey back in time to the days of the Tea Party and TARP (something thrown over an unsightly mess, but also a tactic in the war of the "Great and Good" against the rest of us).

And here"s a view from the Dissident Right from the Z-Man blog:


Sand in the gears, but likely, as the old song has it, "I fought the law, but the law won". Just substitute "Borg" for "law", and that should capture it quite nicely.


Diana Croissant,

In regard to your fantasy of the Blue Tick Coasts sliding into the oceans, this quote from the great aphorist, H.L.Mencken, comes to mind:

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."

Just so...



Trumps greatest crime was to show just how corrupt and incompetent our 'elites' are. They will never forgive him for it. Or us.


The E.U. has created a template, just criminalize most of the
opposition's talking points. The Dems seem to like that idea &
truth is not a defense. This IMO will create the "unity" they desire.

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