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21 January 2021


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Small groups of Antifa have been causing mayhem in different parts of Portland since the election--breaking store windows and tagging businesses, barely making the local news. Last night was the largest riot, 200, causing the most damage and getting the attention of the national msm. Antifa are trained and well organized and have intellectual leaders. Some antifa arrested this summer are college professors that haven't lost their jobs, as far as I know. When arrested they do not admit belonging to antifa. Tonight on the local news some expert on social protest said antifa is just fighting for social justice, which once achieved, will become law-abiding, productive citizens--or something to that affect.

Antifa is an anarchist organization that is out to cause chaos (the fun part) and destroy all forms of government. They are mostly spoiled white kids weaned on privilege and brainwashed by cultural Marxism.

The NYT and other news outlets, after ignoring them for years, are finally calling antifa by name now that their DNC comrades are the target and not Trump. Will Joe now say their name?

Raw footage of the riot.



Re: How enlisted troops might feel about laying down their lives and/or taking the lives of their countrymen for the sake of their "elected" betters come an uprising of the Smellies – if this is any indication of how the betters feel about the troops, I might offer a SWAG as to where at least some of the troops' allegiance might rest when the rubber meets the road...



Jersey Joan, I do want social security trimmed and Medicare cut way back. I want people saving and investing for their own retirements, and spend less money on tattoos and drugs.

Both programs have become support systems for the system, and are less and less connected to verifiable needs of the recipient. How did you miss this?

Painting only false a dichotomy - either everything /or nothing, is not a thoughtful response the question. Am I listening to Nancy Pelosi on an election year jag?.

Nor can I support your statement: "We are not taxing ourselves for the government we want". I recommend you do a crash course in Thomas Sowell economics. Then reign in your wants. Don't ask me to pay for what you want. Pay for it yourself.


One would assume the troops were ordered, according to the media and Democrat leaders, to face the storming hordes of "Trump supporters" intent on destroying our democracy. But if that were really the case, indeed the troops should have been pointing their weapons towards those marching down the middle of the street.

Pelosi and team orchestrated this display for maximum political effect. Then once the cameras stopped rolling, dismissed thousands of them to a cement floor parking garage with one bathroom and one electrical outlet for R&R. Mission accomplished.

Did Trump make as many forced errors in his first 24 hours as Team Biden?

Balint Somkuti, PhD

This just maskirovka.


Balint Somkuti

In what way?



Social Security and Medicare are received by all over 65 and always have been. While it is true that much of their financing comes from general revenues, they are not considered welfare programs or only for the needy.

We have deficits because Congress will authorize borrowing to meet our perceived needs but will not authorize taxes high enough to meet those needs. While you may want spending to be cut, not everyone agrees. Recent Congresses have not agreed.

I can assure you I never channel Nancy Pelosi or anybody else. I never ask other people those kinds of questions, either. I speak for myself.


I would love us to spend much less on Medicare but that is only possible if we stop spending so much more than other rich countries do on healthcare. But instead of healthcare costs going down, they continue to rise way above the general inflation rate.

I see no other choice than to use the power of the federal government against all the various people overcharging us. I think it would be better to pay for doctors' education than to have them come out of school with such high debt that they feel they can't afford to work in primary care or or outside of high paying areas.

Larry Kart

Peter Robb, the NLRB chief counsel,is a longtime anti-union figure who made his bones in the Reagan Era air traffic controller strike, forbidding those who struck from working as air traffic controllers again (an order that Bill Clinton eventually rescinded for better or for worse, depending on one's point of view). In any case, one can see why the Biden administration would not want to leave Robb in place. Removing him was a matter of practical policy on the part of the incoming administration, a la not leaving a fox in charge of the hen house, not an act of random anti-Trump malice nor a particularly Left-Wing move either. If an incoming Democratic administration sits still for getting a consistent anti-union response from the chief counsel of the NLRB, what won't it sit still for?

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