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21 January 2021


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JM Gavin

If Antifa actually starts to annoy those in power, I suspect the Biden Administration will do something that the supposedly totalitarian Donald Trump never did; bring the full weight of the government down on Antifa and ruthlessly hunt and destroy them.

Appears that I'll be getting hunted and destroyed, too. John Brennan has identified people like me (a dreaded libertarian, that believes people should be left alone to the maximum extent possible) as domestic terrorists.



I don't think these folks have a very high collective "GT" score.

richard barber


Obviously it couldn't be these inadequate types who have historically been very active in the west generally and Portland particularly. Obviously not....


The left eats its own.


Antifa is only a national threat when their attacks can be blamed and mischaracterized as "Trump supporters".

Now Antifa will suddenly revert back to being only a non-violent "idea", who express themselves patriotically, under the tolerant guidance of blue cities.

BlueManGood. (Wretch)


Antifa, etc. is more likely a part of a Strategy of Tension, i.e. useful idiots used to catalyze future repression.


Cesare Sacchetti
When Joe Biden's motorcade passed, many guardsmen had their backs turned to him. It seems that a part of the military will never recognize this illegitimate and puppet president.



'people dressed in black and with their faces covered'...

just doesn't have the impact it used to, eh?...

again demonstrating that antifa isn't a movement. it's a lifestyle..

A. Pols

Antifa is always just a loose conglomeration of the perennially disgruntled antiauthority (of any sort) types of people. Exemplars of this type are found in the personal histories of the 3 people shot by Kyle Rittenhouse. All were young men of violent antisocial types, prone to settling conflicts with violence and also prone to sexual crimes. BLM found them convenient and they found BLM convenient as a source of at least temporary immunity from the usual legal repercussions of destructive attacks on "establishment" targets. They were allowed to run wild mostly through the sanction of Democrat party leaders and the passivity of Republicans. For the Democrat party, now that they have the "correct" type of govt., they will feel free to start busting heads when it comes to Antifa mischief.


The Congress and Executive Branch really were the two most important power-network nodes of civilization control when our country started out as a European-heritage Christian-heritage republic. Most power was diffuse and local, as befits a genuine republic.

Now federal institutions are secondary nodes. They dance on the puppets strings wielded by the hands that own the primary nodes: the manufacture of fiat currency and the financial system into which it is injected and then used to manage non-financial institutions and the personnel who staff them. This runs the range from lucrative DoD contracts for Amazon Web Services to little bags of money for Little Marco Rubio.

The transnational financialists (globalists), who own and operate what used to be OUR country, control access to the institutions (primarily Congress) which have the power to make changes to the structure of civilization (immigration, trade, welfare dependence). Dem and Rep parties are privately owned corporations and the set of people who are their overlapping primary shareholders is a small one.

Antifa attacks on institutions of the corporate left suggest that the globalists do not have mass support from either the left or the right. The young left are not on board with the globalist Great Reset. They have their own vision for a reset, as do we on the civilizational right. The globalists are like the Weimar Republic. Most people want it gone, but disagree over with what to replace it.

TLDR: Antifa attacks suggest that the globalists making architectural decisions for OUR civilization do not have mass support. They have obedient gun-carriers in the forces of order who are still operating on institutional loyalty inertia and fear of what may come to pass.


I noticed that in some of the units, none of the enlisted men, (those in ranks) had all of their backs turned to the motorcade. I also could not see any rifles at their side. It's likely, in my estimation, that their commands did not want any loose cannon, or otherwise, to take a shot, notwithstanding the fact that a 5.56mm round will not penetrate the carriages of the new king and his retinue.


Look at what happened to the Brown Shirts. Same thing will happen to Antifa if they keep this up. In addition, the Left/Progressives who supported Biden will be thrown under the bus within a week if they haven't been already. They will be mightily disillusioned.

How do I know this? I believed Obama's hopey changy stuff before his first election. I even sent him a donation. He discarded us within hours of his election. Decided he would do nothing about torture. Not even a "thank you" email.

Diana L Croissant

I am saddened by the state of our country. However, it seems to me, we haven't hit bottom yet. When that happens, we get to watch all the left-wing lunatics (metaphorically I hope) eat each other like the true zombies they are.

I feel very sorry for those Republicans who are in large metropolitan areas with so many swarms of army ant-like lefties who haven't yet figured out how to get and keep employment and so have nothing to do but take Soros money to continue their careers as rioters or Antifa goons.

Out here in the West, I'm just holding my breath and waiting for them to come here and try to force us to join their army.

This is farming country and we have deadly chemicals for countering insect infestations.

The sad thing is that because often our cost of living is cheaper, we are constantly getting some of the wealthier Lefties buying up our land.

It reminds me of the range wars in the Old West. I sure hope the ranchers and and the farmers have settled their differences and will work together to keep the Eastern crowd, the Californian idiots, and the Boulder Marxists away.

I still pray that some day we can draw a boundary around the Boulder area, and let them try to govern themselves only while keeping them out of our state politics--and especially out of the governor's mansion after our current governor and his "first gentleman" are finally gone.


You can be a constitutional republic as long as voters are engaged and infomed. You become a banana republic when governance is farmed out to surrogate forces, whose only goal is carving up the now mandatory the government cash resources.

When did the Founders version of America take the wrong turn? Perhaps it was the income tax amendment - free flow of money for special interests to carve up, instead of our "elected representatives" actually earning our tax dollars and being personally accountable for how they were spent.

What government institutions that now work against us, got their start and their now immortal life, only after this nation ratified the the income tax amendment?

Our only defense now is economic warfare - starve the bastards. Is there even a plan to make this a viable and influential choice?

BTW: "term limits" is not the answer. Only makes voters even lazier and elected official even more unaccountable, with the very serious downside that real problems get kicked down the road for some other "term" to solve -- which is never.


The "new GOP" needs to explore the 16th Amendment, and explore it hard: new GOP litmus test - do you support over-turning the 16th Amendment?

The Sixteenth Amendment (Amendment XVI) to the United States Constitution allows Congress to levy an income tax without apportioning it among the states on the basis of population.

It was passed by Congress in 1909 in response to the 1895 Supreme Court case of Pollock v. Farmers' Loan & Trust Co. The Sixteenth Amendment was ratified by the requisite number of states on February 3, 1913, and effectively overruled the Supreme Court's ruling in Pollock.

blue peacock


I'm curious if Cesare Sacchetti spoke to the guardsmen or just made an assertion?



It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of folks.

blue peacock


Spot on!

IMO, the left-right frame and the partisan frame while convenient does not really point to the fault lines. I believe the better frames are one, by class - oligarchy + urban media-managerial class vs working + middle class; and second by belief system - government as tool to "right inequalities" vs individual liberty + competitive markets, implying government to enforce fair rules of the game uniformly like a referee in a sports game with reasonably evenly matched teams.

While the authors of this paper may be classified as from the "left" and automatically dismissed by the "right", they make many important points for consideration by both the "left" and "right".


Bill Clinton & Obama were labeled "marxist" by most of the "right" but they actually did nothing "marxist" in a classical sense. However, they did further the symbiotic relationship between Big Government & Big Business to further strengthen the Party of Davos from both an economic & political power perspective. That would rightly be labeled "fascist". The policies of Reagan & the Bush presidents were really not that different to further enhance the stranglehold of power by the same group as was Trump's presidency. As Col. Lang labeled it, we have a "mono-party" in reality. So partisan fervor is misplaced and a distraction from the real fight. In this context, Trump was a weak leader. While he got the zeitgeist correct and rode it to the presidency, from the first day on he not only acquiesced to the demands of the Swamp/Deep State but he also hired them to run his administration.


I am disgusted by all that Antifa or whoever these people are manage to get away with.

For over a week every day in the news there's been articles about the identity of rioters at the Capitol and their arrests. Why don't more of THESE rioters get arrested for property damage and risky behavior like lighting fires and hitting people? When there are arrests, why aren't their mugshots, names and locations revealed? After so much time these mysterious rioters are still doing whatever they want, wherever they want. Even mayors complain but nothing gets done. It is high time these people are arrested and revealed.

Aren't they domestic terrorists? If they are, they should be treated that way.



Thanks. Now that's the spirit. After insulting the Guardsmen with the "vetting", this should be an eye-opening statement to Slow Joe (more likely to his handlers) about what The Deplorables in the ranks think about that, and furthermore perhaps about his "victory".

A message was sent, but was the message received, and not merely received, but actually understood? After all, it should be recalled,that there are none so blind, as those who would not see. Arrogance and condescension make for blinkered vision, and Lord knows, we are dealing with some people who exhibit world-class arrogance as well as condescension here.


More on how we lose America - Day One - Biden firing of Labor Relations Board chief attorney, well before his term runs out. Biden demanded his resignation --- against all normal procedure.

NLRB attorney refused to offer his resignation on Day One, so Biden fires him outright -less than 24 hours after getting sworn in. This is what Biden "decency" looks like. This is Biden drawing blood on Day One just in case anyone else does not know what "hope and change" looks like Biden-style.

Now we know what "normal" now looks like. What Biden quid pro quo payback to the union thugs that brung him looks like. https://dailycaller.com/2021/01/21/joe-biden-nlrb-general-counsel-peter-robb-unprecedented-lawyer-unprecedented-move/

Biden threw down the gauntlet on this one - the public sector union kraken just got released on all of us. This cannot fly under the media radar. It is yuge.

Thank you Daily Caller for covering this first strike of the Biden-Harris administration, who is now continuing their war on America. Biden-Harris just told us how they will pay to play footsies with the institutional deep state.



"Prior to the passage of the 16th Amendment in 1913, the United States government funded its operations mainly through excise taxes, tariffs, customs duties and public land sales."

We couldn't possibly return to those things to fund today's federal government. I assume you don't the elderly to give up their Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for nursing homes. A lot of the funding for them does not come individual and employer contributions but from general revenues.

We are not taxing ourselves enough for the government we want. That is why we have deficits.


Diana L Croissant

My prediction is that Biden, Harris, and Obama--and all their close followers will be entirely snubbed by Soros and his Antifa hireling thugs. Soros wants world domination, not just the United States. With a man like that, no one is really important as anything but as a tool he can use.

He doesn't care about or even follow our comments. Any hope of getting the best of Soros will come from some brave and lowly servant in his household finally spiking his nightcap with something deadly. It will be the old story of the mouse that roared.

Meanwhile, I cringe at the thought of dementia Biden or too-full-of-herself Harris trying to deal with Soros and the other contenders for influence over them.

Soros must have made many people close to him hate him. Those are the ones we must count on in regard to him.



But were they ordered to face in that direction? If you look at the entire 21 seconds it's the entire unit, not random members, and not all units. Another setup for the twitteratai to bitch about and thus further malign the enlisted ranks for cement the narrative. Why do you keep falling for it?



Several anonymous writers have claimed that the troops intentionally disrespected Biden by turning their backs. Their only evidence is this video:


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