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19 January 2021


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So Joe thinks it will take 100 days of browbeating and accusations of supporting sedition to get the Republicans in Congress to go along with his automatic democratic voter creation citizenship-amnesty program?




David Frum -- who has been saying wise things about US immigration for years now -- is a Never Trumper who wrote a popular book criticizing Trump. He very reasonably said recently "The Biden immigration plans could wreck his whole administration from the start. They will invite a border surge that will force Biden to choose between mass detentions or ever-accelerating unauthorized migration."

The responses he got on Twitter are very revealing. He got a lot of pushback that shows that people don't know and don't want to know a lot of the facts about immigration. An amazing number of Americans look at it from the immigrants' perspective. I felt while reading this threat that it was a preview of all the arguments we will continue to have with each other over issues in the Biden administration. That was a very bad feeling to have.




David Frum is a neocon Zionist immigrant from Canada.



He may be wrong about other things and he is an immigrant himself but he has written about limiting further immigration to this country so I agree with him on that. It was something to see so many of his own Twitter followers disagree with him so vehemently -- and often rudely -- over what he said, which was hardly radical.

Speaking of Joe, here is what the front page of the Daily Mail says about his departure from Delaware today. His impulse to continue the canonization of Beau is getting stronger, not weaker, it seems. Doesn't anybody ever tell him that most Americans don't know who Beau Biden is, since he was never a national figure? All this must be fairly excruciating for the fallen but still living son Hunter. I don't suppose he ever thinks of that.

"An emotional President-elect Joe Biden said goodbye to his home state of Delaware Tuesday, one day before he will be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. He spoke at a farewell event at the Major Joseph R. 'Beau' Biden III National Guard/Reserve Center, which is located on the New Castle Airport's campus, breaking down in tears as he paid tribute to his late son, and saying that it was Beau who should be president. 'Ladies and gentleman, I only have one regret, he's not here because we should be introducing him as president,' Biden told the crowd, filled with friends and family, including son Hunter and daughter Ashley. 'But we have great opportunities, Delaware has taught us anything's possible, anything's possible in this country.' Beau Biden had been Delaware's attorney general and was long thought to hold higher political ambitions before being killed by brain cancer in 2015, aged just 46. 'It's deeply personal that our journey to Washington starts here,' Biden said, speaking from a podium inscribed with his son's name."


Much to my surprise I saw late last night that this caravan was broke up.

"A massive caravan of US-bound Honduran immigrants largely dissipated on Tuesday, with most migrants forced to return home after a days-long standoff with Guatemalan military.

While small groups of immigrants pressed on toward the Mexican border, thousands were loaded onto military trucks and buses — some provided by Mexico — and returned to El Florido on the Honduran border, authorities said."

I am sure there will be others and that those with the money will hire coyotes to bring them up. The Biden spokesman said in effect don't come yet, we are not ready for you. The promise of staying for all who make it here was implied. They intend to use the asylum route to make this all legal. That is the Democratic way to eliminate illegal immigration.

Of course a new surge of poor immigrants on top of amnesty and a more than doubled minimum wage does not compute if you want American to actually benefit from higher wages. The cheap employers will find ways to use immigrants they can work harder for less and to use technology to eliminate human workers. An increase in skilled immigrants is also planned which of course is no good for our college graduates.

The Democrats will find out eventually that you can't take in infinite numbers of new people without changing American life for the worse and requiring much sacrifice from the people already here. But by the time they discover their mistake, it may be too late to do anything about it. I hope not.


I left out the link to the caravan story. Sorry. Here it is:


Barbara Ann


You can't be serious. Who do you think runs America now? You think the Democrats' Globalist paymasters want higher wages and would consider it a "mistake" to admit an infinite number of immigrants to the detriment of the indigenous? Non citizen voters were useful window dressing for something called "democracy", but now the Dems have secured the dead vote I don't suppose the feelings of living "voters" will be much of a consideration.

In any case, once the Uniparty's blue brand becomes worn out thru such practices the Globalists will simply switch to the red brand again. The aberration of Trump branded nationalism is over, the business of screwing the American people must be resumed with a vengeance. I understand it's called "Build Back Better".


Barbara Ann,

Well you know we don't have to take all this.

We do have choices, choices that we mostly have not made because we as individuals feel overwhelmed and powerless.

We need leaders who will get us all to come together against the puppetmasters pulling our strings. I see a lot of people on the Internet who have great discontent but also express a great hostility to Republicans or Democrats. How do we get everyone to work together for their common good?

I also see people getting caught up in distractions. Over at the Daily Mail the man who operated the QAnon website 8kun tells people to forget about QAnon, it's over and go back to their lives. But -- he also says "I'll have more to say in a few days regarding a new project i'm currently fleshing out." I suppose lots of sad and desperate QAnon people will go right back to him for another round of manipulation by liars. Just think of all the positive good that could be done if that time and energy chasing nothing was put into trying to accomplish something real and lasting.

As long as we remain divided we will continue to be weak. As long as we keep fighting among ourselves or wasting our time, nothing will get accomplished. That is what the people jerking us around love. They will love to see all the people going to jail for crimes in connection with the Capitol riot. They want us to learn a lesson not to try to make things better for ourselves. I am not defending the rioters but they were onto something, unfortunately they were wrong about many things, too.




"How do we get everyone to work together for their common good?"

You mean that guy we are told got 80,000,000 votes yet didn't get more than few hundred at a rally isn't going to do it? To quote Obama, elections have consquences, and where are all going to get them, good and hard. That includes you. But please, please spare us the Qanon fraud.



Do you believe in the Q-Anon theories?

If so I would like to know why. I'd also like to know if you plan to stick with them and how you see the future. Do you think mass arrests or something else dramatic will happen and does Trump still play a role?

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