31 January 2021


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Great comment Steve G
Always nice to have reality included in discussions.
Attended Kent state a few years after that incident.

Best description was nervous kids firing on angry kids.



By all means we should destroy our civilization rather than risk living as free people.

Feral Finster

When you have to suppress dissenting voices, that is pretty much an admission that you have lost the argument. At a very minimum, that is a sure sign that the establishment is not feeling very confident these days.

Anyway, the goodthink types calling for even more overt censorship had better plan on never challenging established authority, because if they do, they will surely be found to be "dangerous" and therefore in need of suppression.



I appreciate your explanation of how National Guard troops ended up guarding the Capitol through the second impeachment trial.

There a broad similarity between the Reconstruction and now; 1) lots of denial and rationalization, 2) a failed government response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and an economic depression (not a civil war yet), 3) shell shocked Democrats, and 4) the occupation of America by global Robber Barons has just started. It will fail because the top 10% can never reign over 90% of Americans. There are still too many with memories of what the USA was like when work was readily available and supported raising families. To keep what remains of the Empire together, there will have to be a new Grand Compromise to restore government by and for the people, provide jobs for the able, and truth in media. If not, the 50-state Union is finished.


Grant was not a good President. However I suspect you are looking at the wrong perpetrtor. The Reconstruction Acts were passed by Congress two years before Grant became Prez.



The Radicals in Congress were not going to impeach Grant. They would not have dared to do that. He was a GREAT NATIONAL HERO! The manner of his execution of re-construction and occupation was pretty much up to him.



You still don't get it. The students who were shot made the mistake of thinking that these panicky Ohio National Guardsmen would not fire on them. The students who were shot were not among the SDS and Weathermen but they WERE dummies who thought that they were immune from becoming the targets of a lot of frightened and angry draft dodgers in uniform. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kent_State_shootings


Of course they were not going to impeach Grant. They did however impeach his Secretary of War. Belknap was the guy who executed and implemented reconstruction and occupation along with AG Ackerman.


There is evidence a student police informant at KS fired four shots 70 seconds before the NS fired their guns. It's circumstantial and debatable whether true or not, but the fact is he had a .38 at the protest which he handed over to the police right after the shooting.


Diana Croissant

Well who could forget that Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young song?

Those "flower children" were protesting by trying to stick the stem of a flower in the gun. It was that the nerves of the entire country were tense becaue of the Viet Nam protests.

"tin soldiers and Nixon coming. Four dead in Ohio."

Somehow, in my opinion, the turmoil in the country at this time is much more contentious and nasty, no flowers at all.

Then don't forget what came later--largely with the hep of Obama's friend Bill Ayers00The Weathermen and their hatred of the police and their stated desire to institute "re-education camps for the young people.

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