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19 January 2021


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Not a purge? What's the future affect on careers for the 'dirty' dozen who had wrong think -as determined by an FBI worried about looking like foolsother than that Russia collusion they cooked up with other agencies? Is there a list out there of what's forbidden thought to have or is that on need to know basis?


Diana Croissant:
But the social studies teachers ARE doing their job.
Teaching kids how bad their own country is.
Prepares the college-bound for serious America-hate.
The rest?
As John Kerrey (a major league America-hater) said:
"you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."


Christian Chuba

Soldiers are not robots. They do not fight for those who insult them.


"Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday said he finds it "offensive" that the FBI is vetting National Guard members..."

Imagine how offended FBI Director Christopher Wray will be when the Texas National Guard starts vetting the FBI agents in DC and disqualifies working with half of them... for their questionable loyalty to the constitution and republic for which it stands. De facto FBI and DoJ loyalty to various elite political mafia families is unrelated (except via kayfabe) to de jure loyalty to the country or constitution.

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