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08 January 2021


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John Merryman

I think the real story is the markets going parabolic. This political theater is just the nails packed around that IED. The next administration really doesn't have any choice, other than even more massive deficit spending.
In hindsight, it will seem like Trump walked out, as the building crashes behind him.
Biden, after 32 years running for the presidency, is not going to willingly hand it over to Harris and that will likely become obvious and messy.
Neither Schumer of Pelosi are models of restraint, so while the levels of hysteria are likely to be cranked up to 11, it's probably better to just sit back and grab the popcorn, than let it get your goat. Given they've had to throw their own Capital police under the bus, the desperation is evident.
The Republicans have a good chance of getting both the House and Senate in 22, then the investigations begin.
Let them have all the rope they want.

Eric Newhill

Mostly agree. I was referring to what is needed for a country-wide operation - and to continue for as long as it takes. Basically, a successful (militarily, not just politically) version of the Tet offensive.

There is actually an advantage for the constitutionalists to social media banning everyone they don't like. Ensures better opsec. The leftists won't see it coming. I begin to see the leftists as a pairing of emotion driven women and their eunuchs and profit driven geeks with new age fantasies instead of a solid background in history and humanities. In their ignorant arrogance and power lust, they have no idea what they are playing with here. They actually can't conceive of a a few thousand serious men doing what we have suggested is easily possible. I didn't even mention what could be done with drones and hacking; just mentioned the tip of the iceberg for illustration purposes.

Eric Newhill

Barbara Ann,
Tucker Carlson says he's been banned from Twitter and that CNN is calling for FOX to be pulled off the air, for whatever that's worth (maybe a lot).

I'm sure that Col Lang has made the list and probably a few of us commenters as well. The moles and trolls have been making lists. Doesn't matter. Once forums such as this one are removed with prejudice, there's really only one thing left to focus on accomplishing. The time for discourse will be over.


And that would be a mutiny.
They can't vote the officers out.


"Bluelanders are under-represented in the "active" army among enlisted people."
As a reservist, my limited contact with active duty shows there are a lot of bluelanders in service, nowadays. For the college money, especially since the end of the more objectionable retrograde regulations. Their proportions vary by MOS, and they're not a majority, but there are a lot of them.

Seamus Padraig

@ TV | 08 January 2021 at 07:41 PM

In the cities under siege last summer, the cops pretty much showed their allegiance - to their pay checks and pensions.
Remember the police are agents of the state and exist to serve and protect the state NOT you and I.

So true. I still can't get over how many cucks think all policemen are automatically our friends. To be sure, they're not all bad. And while the municipal police departments of our major cities are mostly rotten, there are still probably many good elected sheriffs out there in our country who stand ready to defend not just the law, but liberty as well.

Nevertheless, we saw enough egregious behavior from big-city police departments last summer to know not to trust 'the fuzz' automatically.

So if there are any honest, patriotic cops reading this blog right now, I say: join us! Help defend not just law, but liberty and justice!



Yes. That would be a mutiny. I was always acutely aware of that possibility in combat or some other reasonably bad circumstance in which they might get to "vote." If they "lose confidence" in you ...


Parler has been suspended from Google Play Store.


Parler can still be used by going to their website.

Now Mozilla sees themselves as the Censor Gods.

Pelosi had a confab with DoD brass to keep the Gold Codes out of Trump's hands.

House Democrats have leaked to their CNN buddies their drawn up Articles of Impeachment against Trump.

Remember all those conspiracy theories that we U.S. were headed towards George Orwellian 1984 dystopian future? Big Tech is now bigger and stronger than the Government. They now see themselves as GODS.

All our cellphones and tablets have become human cattle tags. Wonder if their next step is implanting a cattle prod into them when we get out of line.


John Merryman -

How I hope you are correct.

If the mechanisms of this election are not seriously investigated, I fear that the results of future elections will only represent a simulacrum of voter choice. Already the choice of candidate at the national level is severely constrained through the highly non-democratic Parties and their ruling committees.

A color revolution scenario appears to be playing out still. The latest "invitation" to a riot at the Capitol indicates that its ambitions go beyond mere change of leadership. All the evidence of the past 4 years suggests that deep national division is a goal, not merely a regrettable side effect. Pumping it up as high as possible now, as Trump exits stage left.

To what end? Divide and conquer? Carlson caught A.Cooper's coded class signaling a couple days ago, as AC denigrated the protestors in D.C. who, he said, would retire for the night "to Holiday Inn and Olive Garden."

It is interesting to see what sides people choose when law and liberty become opposed. One wonders how many Americans even recognize the propositions of liberty. When were the Constitution and Bill of Rights dropped from the elementary and secondary school curriculum?

Judging by the choices and rhetoric of the leadership in media and Dems, higher education only hardens this blindness. Liberty becomes altogether too subtle a concept for the "well-educated". Perhaps they don't believe they need it, except as a twisted talking point to attack their enemies. Or do they judge the risks of liberty too high for their stake in some illusory status quo?

The generous extension of credit to all has proved an effective measure for popular control, now being more openly exercised in its disciplinary role. Mortgages, student loans, credit cards. The president-designate was a leader in passing recent legislation that rendered bankruptcy more difficult and exempted certain categories of common debt.

How quickly diminishing income or loss of a job can result in hardship, poor health, and homelessness, even with food stamps. Credit serfdom. So I am less inclined to judge too harshly some police responses. As for the shrinking circle of (mostly professional) wage earners still benefiting, for one more generation maybe, creature comfort has always been seductive.

It was a long time ago that Dylan sang, "When you got nothin, you got nothin to lose." Real revolutions are hard to come by, harder to win, and perilous to consolidate into a just order.


More Smoke .....".Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose"................



"...enlisted men could remove their officers any time they want to do so."

in light of what's happening and what may come to pass I begin to wonder just how our tech overlords and assorted oligarch's vet their private security and just what would happen should shooting, besides something like an old fashioned kidnapping event, actually started.


"Civilian police Forces will react as the inevitable violence ramps up?"

Posted by: Steve Ogle

Have not most of the police forces and alphabet agencies shown by their actions whose side they have chosen the last years?
They chose their pensions, salaries and wokeism.
The armed forces are yet to come in play, i truly hope they choose the other side.


TV, as a young Lieutenant in the final days of training we were warned by the Regimental Sergeant Major: "If your sergeant suggests you should talk to your Commanding Officer about a transfer you should do it. Your CO will be expecting you.".

FYI that means that your men have decided that you are not only an incompetent idiot and a danger to yourself but you are an unnecessary danger to themselves. The first time you are in action and an opportunity arises, you will become a casualty.

Your men are always evaluating you, their evaluations travel through the grapevine at the speed of light and eventually reach the RSM and CO.

Kevin C McDevitt

It is true. The people who stormed the Capitol building are being hunted down like animals while the people involved in BLM protests, unless arrested at the time of the protest, are being left to their own devices and largely being given a free pass. That IS unexceptable.

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