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08 January 2021


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Let's turn the clock back a bit:

At the 11th hour of the Obama administration, they were holding secret meeting plotting how to destroy Trump, while Samantha Powers was demanding hundreds of FISA unmasking orders that served absolutely no known purpose that late in the game.

Obama brought down America in secret, and did far more damage than this momentary street theater takeover of the Capitol Building two days ago, curiously facilitated by the Capitol Police union members. Obama's theft of America was slow and steady and did not let up one minute during Trump's four long years under constant Democrat siege.

The Obama and Democrats dual systems of justice is what cannot stand. The seeds of insurrection were sown in the 11th hours of the Obama administration; not the final hours of the Trump administration.


"75 million dissidents voted for Trump"

How many friends neighbors and family members (including non adult children) did not vote for one reason or another. I think you're looking at closer to 100 million Americans who don't agree with Joe and Kamala and thier backers.


Mathew 24-27: Take heed, Mr Biden - read this right side up:

24 “Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.

25 Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won’t collapse because it is built on bedrock.

26 But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t obey it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand.

27 When the rains and floods come and the winds beat against that house, it will collapse with a mighty crash.”

blue peacock

Col. Lang,

This is just the beginning of cancel culture. Note that Trump has been cancelled by Facebook & Twitter. Obama's IRS went after conservatives, is another example. This is not just about the Democrats and their urban managerial class cohorts. The GOP establishment is part & parcel of this alignment and very much a part of the benefits system. They will be even more brazen in further accelerating market concentration to the benefit of the oligarchy. The past 4 years were just an aberration in their eyes. They've taken Trump down hard as an example to not challenge their authority. Using George Bush's maxim - either you're with us or against us - that's gonna be the attitude.

The next leader who will harness the frustration of the "smellies" will be far more competent & ruthless and likely an authoritarian. The philosophical principles of the primacy of the natural rights of citizens and the rule of law of our founding has long been gone. The oligarchy is firmly in control and will suppress dissent more harshly with a lot of support from the media-managerial class.

The oligarchy will do their very best to prevent the organization of the "Smellies" into a potent national force. If any small group act out they will be treated harshly. Since the "Smellies" cannot use the ballot box to push back, how do you think they will organize and counter the oligarchic forces who have all levers of power and have demonstrated naked exercise of it?

Dan Lennon

Someone here linked an excellent piece by Spengler of the Asia Times yesterday, which I appreciated. He had another piece about how this could be considered America's 4th or 5th religious awakening, but this time doing it "without God or forgiveness". Even our opposing groups during the Civil War had more respect and shared belief with one another.

Ed Lindgren

Mr. Biden is not off to a very credible start on his campaign promise to "heal the soul of our nation."


I'm not holding my breath on anything changing from the hard left suicide trip that this nation is on.
If anything has been proven in the last 10 months of the poorly justified and tyrannical national shutdown it is that this is a nation of sheep.
Of course, there will be a small group of, sometimes vocal, dissenters but it's not 1775.

Steve Ogle

If this is the the hill the democrats choose to stand and fight on.....instead of solving the problems of our country being shutdown for almost a whole year and counting.
Then secession will be on the agenda much sooner than I thought. So the real battle will be who gets to draw the line. Wonder how the military and Civilian police Forces will react as the inevitable violence ramps up?

Eric Newhill

This post is an important warning for all of the Democrats that now rule us and seek to fundamentally change the country while condradulating themselves for their cleverness in twisting Tuesday's events into a condemnation of half of the country. I'm sure it will be ignored.

In the context of analysis not being advocacy (please!), Tuesday's breaching of the Capitol, IMO, hardly merits the level of pearl clutching that it has generated; whether genuine or opportunistic. It could have been a true Constitutional crisis. Rather than a group jesters breaking in, dancing around and generally mocking our politicians, it could have very easily been serious men with guns blazing and Molotov cocktails/bombs being hurled and lots of dead congress people along with dead Capitol security. That with a simultaneous destruction of the power grid and cell phone communications, roads blocked, trucking into the city disrupted, food and other essential goods and services stacked and disrupted and assassinations of bureaucrats and media personalities in key locations - an armed siege of Washington DC and a bloody attack on the establishment; very easily. All it would take is a couple hundred thousand seriously pissed off Deplorables; some percent with military background. Such an uprising would probably spontaneously spread to capitols in democrat governed states across the country; "spread" if not pre-coordinated. There have more than number of MAGA types in DC in recent months airing grievances. In Michigan crowds of armed men were in the capitol last year.

Some will say that such an event is impossible. I don't think so. Make Americans desperate enough and they could very well go all 1776. Would they ultimately prevail? I have no idea. But at least they would show the swamp that they are the men they thought they were.

Some will say the answer is to take away the guns. Attempting to do so will actually greatly increase the odds of the above occurring. The only answer is to truly come together as a people, find a middle ground and to dispense with radicalism on both sides of the aisle. Politicians and whoever is pulling their strings must give up dreams of hegemony and victory. When they thinking act in those terms, it is they who have declared war and there will be a proportional reaction.


Steve Ogle

As EN points out, my post is analysis, not advocacy. With regard to your question, I would expect that the National Guard would split along regional lines although even in Blueland the Guardsman tend to come from the Deplorables. In the Regular Army much the same thing is true. Bluelanders are under-represented in the "active" army among enlisted people. The marines live in their own world, a mystery to me.


“There is nothing I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our constitution.” – John Adams

We have been headed down this binary road for a few generations. Outside of defending the overall borders of the USA, the military has been used based on lies for decades. That simple fact has always reminded me of Rome... Congress has been in gridlock or else playing seesaw between parties, yet executing similar strategies.

One other quote that people ought to digest, remembering this was a REPUBLIC, not just a democracy...

“Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.” - John Adams

I am going to go reread some Tacitus - it's a fine collection for perspective management.

There will be NO going back to anything like 2016 friends...change is baked in on every front.


Our divide is those who now require direct dependency on the government, and those that eschew it. In other words, self-interest. What role does expanded or limited government play in our own self-interests. That will be our divide.

I "depend" directly on social security and medicare right now, but only because that was the contract I signed up for, and paid into long before I finally starting using it.

Had not that contract been offered to me, I would fall back on my other operating Plan B - personal savings and investments, and a life of thrift, prudence, delayed gratification and long-range planning. Unabashedly WASP values.

When will younger people finally wake up to realize profligate government promises, devoid of commensurate demands for personal responsibility, now lands on their backs?

That is too abstract for their own comprehension right now, but the seeds of rebellion are there as the till runs drier and drier, but their demands only increase.

The lockdown ironically identified the haves and the have nots, government officials getting still paid while making decisions they carelessly foist on the rest of us. Calls for unity, we are all in this "pandemic" together have frayed. No, you continue to get paid and we do not.

Of course Biden promises he will raise our taxes after he he wins, What does that even mean to young people now struggling under this lockdown? It means he will take from the "rich" and give it to the poor (them). Missing in his statement however, is for specifically whose benefit who does Biden see as "poor"?

In fact, it will not be for these younger generation's benefits, unless they are government employees or dependencies, and that will be their sad awakening. That will be their taxation without representation moment.

But I doubt if any of us will be around to see our grand-children's America, who will be stuck with today's "progressive" agenda's past due notices.

You simply cannot starve, obstruct or confiscate the fruits of private enterprise, personal initiative and innovation and have enough money to pay for all future "progressive" past due bills.

But you also cannot grant unfair government favors to those who actively create strangling monopolies while under government protection.

Eric Newhill

Man my hyperactive autocorrect sure can make hash out of a comment from one fat thumb.

Thought I might add that the attack on the Deplorables isn't just political/ideological. It's economic as well. The Democrats' stated policies will destroy the livelihoods of small business owners, workers in the energy sector, manufacturing, possibly healthcare, etc. This is a reference conciliatory relations with China, Green New Deal, quota based hiring, floods of illegal immigrants, etc.

The let them eat cake - or better yet, just die off - attitude could easily force an unleashing of The Furries. I truly do not understand what madness possess the Democrats and their media hand maidens to be, at best, so ruthlessly careless in their approach to millions of Americans.


There's an article at the Daily Mail that says Trump supporters are coming back to Washington tomorrow. I wish they wouldn't, for everyone's sake. The Daily Mail also says 15 people have been charged over what happened at the Capitol. Maybe that will keep some people home on Saturday.

"EXCLUSIVE: Trump supporters call dead MAGA mobster Ashli Babbitt a martyr and say her death was 'the first shot in a revolution'- and plan to return to D.C. on SATURDAY- as their 'locked and loaded' plan to storm Capitol is revealed in social media posts"

"But far from being chastened, 'Stop the Steal' conspiracy theorists, right-wing militia groups and white supremacists are 'focused on trying to keep the energy up.'

And we can reveal that, as outrage grows over lax security that allowed protesters to breeze through police lines into the Capitol, Trump loyalists are making plans to descend on the nation's capital once more this Saturday."


Barbara Ann

A very timely post, as I see Twitter's Night of the Long Knives has arrived. Most of the accounts I've followed have been suspended, including Sidney Powell and Gen Flynn. I take this as a promising sign of the desperation of the enemy.

I pray for SST and for America. I have learned so much here and in case I don't get the chance I'd like to thank Colonel Lang and the Committee for their work in maintaining this oasis of sanity in a mad world. America cannot end this way and patriots will surely do what is necessary. I'd like to quote the last paragraph from Harper's last post, as it feels fitting under the circumstances:

"It is noteworthy that, given the secrecy strictures that Stalin had imposed on the operation from the outset, the first that anyone in the 62nd Army knew of the counteroffensive was at midnight on November 18th. The heroic resistance that the 62nd Army conducted at Stalingrad was done without the benefit of any direct knowledge of the impending strategic counteroffensive. It was done for its own sake!"

If it does go dark for a period I hope to see you all on the other side.


Does anyone else feel like the democrats are acting like the Romanovs in 1916? Their draconian measures seem assured to fuel a real insurrection. Its scary. I feel it is the obligation of real conservatives, progressives, and libertarians to join forces and stop the Dems from destroying the republic.


"Trump loyalists" are not descending on the Capitol. Anarchists are. They have no party affiliation, so stop labeling this carefully planned riot "Trump supporters".

Trump got zero support from their excesses. All advantage when to the Democrats. Part of Nancy Pelosi's threat she would not only defeat Trump she would salt the soil so no conservative movement ever emerged again.

Do not ever lump these cretins in with conservatives or the GOP. They are miles away from anything other than their own well-funded anarchist goals. Follow their funding it you want to put labels on them.


The trigger pullers are surely mostly
"red" but the
brass is solid blue as I suspect much of the officer corps is.
Secession/civil war might very well mean mutiny.
The police?
In the cities under siege last summer, the cops pretty much showed their allegiance - to their pay checks and pensions.
Remember the police are agents of the state and exist to serve and protect the state NOT you and I.


Eric Newhill,

Absent a heavy pre-deployment of a loyal military/national guard to DC, far less than your hundred thousand serious men could put DC into a situation out of which it is unclear that the current republican form of US govt would persist.

A few thousand with military training and a few thousand more cannon fodder could collapse the currently deployed 6200 national guardsmen, presuming said national guardsmen sympathies were not split (which they would be).

The elite view on exceptionalism drives a failure of imagination that things could change radically from what has been.


Ret. Lt. Gen. Flynn has been kicked off Twitter.

Attorney Sidney Powell has been suspended from Twitter.

Twitter bans President Trump permanently. President Trump joined Parler, now Apple threatens to remove Parler unless it enacts CCP censorship rules.

One of the unarmed peaceful Trump supporters who attended the January 6 D.C. rally and got punched in the face for it, her daughter (liberal) snitches on her mama which causes her mom to loose her job, and now mom is receiving threats.

Dominion files a $1.3 Billion lawsuit against Sidney Powell, considers also filing a lawsuit against President Trump.

FBI agents raided Tennessee Republican lawmakers homes and offices.

Sen. Lindsey Graham was greeted at the airport by chants from Trump supporters who called Lindsey Graham a traitor and a piece of sh*t.

Michelle Obama calls upon (demands) tech companies to permanently ban President Trump from their platforms.

ABC New's political director Rick Klein has been all over the airwaves flapping his gums about 'cleansing America of Trump supporters'.

During an interview on Sirius XM’s “The Dean Obeidallah Show,” Georgia Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson said President Donald Trump and anyone who supported him should be “perp-walked to the jail.”

Many Republicans are weighing heavily whether to continue supporting the RNC or kick the RNC to the curb for its not supporting America and President Trump.



A comment was made to me the other day by an old friend who said that VP Pence was acting as a Deep-State Fail-safe, much akin to VP Bush was to President Reagan.



I guess you just don't understand that enlisted men could remove their officers any time they want to do so.



Did the Daily Mail remind its readers of the looted stores in Minneapolis, Chicago, NY, Seattle, Portland, Baltimore or the District of Columbia that happened just this summer? How about the 'defund the police' movement? Any mention of BLM, Antifa, ByAnyMeansNecessary (BAMN!) or others who were promoted by the left and recieved hundreds of millions in corportate sponsorships as a result of violent "mostly peaceful" protests? No, no they didn't.

Trump (and his supporters) got played because his organization didn't plan for a) media coverage - just what was their media plan and which media did they expect? A march was to rally the base, and for a photo op. Well when in the past half decade has the MSM covered a conservative march? How about any of the last "March For Life" events? Remember any?

Sure, the one with the kid from Covington because the left spun it into a propaganda event after the Black Hebrew Isrealites and Chief Tom Tom player did their number. I covered it here:

So what was Wednesday's marchers' media plan? We'll listen to our politicians speak, we'll clap and cheer and march down the road and do it again. Then what? Oh, you'll turn the narrative over to the MSM - remember them, they're on your side now. Hey, great plan.

How did that work out? The rest - logistics, sanitaition, hydration, first aid? For an event in a city that turned the street across from the White House into a memorial boulevard for this past summer's actual rioters, the march was planned just how? Yeah. Great job Don Jr. You did your dad proud. Not. Agents provocateur or idiots, doesn't matter now, they hijacked all that, the media has their narrative, you are screwed and 75 Million are anathema across the planet.

What happens now joan? I'm sure Joe and Kamala and the left are not going to collectively blame and shame and censor everyone there? Naw, that's exactly what they are doing now, and being joined in by the Fortune 500 and our gracious NATO allies. That means only one thing now:

Wednesday was the Last March of the Unarmed Americans. Because once the Digital Iron Curtain gets reinforced and the suppression comes, there will be no marches that are peaceful. Congratulations to the left. For that which you are about to recieve may you be truly grateful.


J. Chill, there are 330 million people in America.

The insane words of a few are of no consequences, unless we keep listening to them. And even that, there are not that many who care excpet the minority political junkies who feed on this stuff. (Like me)

Most people simply do not care and tune it all out. Life goes on, even in California which will be as bad as it gets when the Democrats take over. But most in California could not even name their own Congressional Rep or senators.

We political junkies are a small part of the big picture of America. Our daily diet of outrage will not serve us well in the long term. But it does make daily lockdown far more interesting. Sigh.

Cold War Col

Turcopolier, you are so right. In every one of my assignments I was severely outgunned!

I was no dummy. I made it a point to let my men know that I was competent and that I had their best interests in mind.

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