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12 January 2021


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For my family, we had brother against brother, father against son, cousins against cousins in the Civil War, both Confederate and Union. I remember my grandmother on my mother's side showing me pictures of family members in Confederate and Union uniforms. It was a trying time for our nation. She also used to talk about them Northern Carpetbaggers and their nefariousness and the misery they caused.

If it weren't for the dead and their sacrifices, I wouldn't be here today. I agree with you Pat, we should honor both them and their sacrifices. Never let them be forgotten.



You asked me how one addresses systemic racism without destroying institutions like VMI. First of all there is very little systemic racism left in the US. C'mon, man. We did elect Obama twice and the crazed banshee Kamala once so far. Who have you elected like that in Canada? Wilfred Laurier? OK. Who else? The Whiteness of Canadian leadership is overwhelming. Hell. My wife is Le Petit Justin's wife's cousin. If Blacks want to whine and whimper about how hard VMI is, well then they ought to try to comprehend that it is hard by design for everyone. C'mon, man, we make hard people. Someone has to do that or we will all be like Le Petit Justin. You should remember that if French Canadians judge you by your systemic racism crap, they will hate you forever.


Remembering the dead

Col. John Francis Neff
33rd Virginia Infantry
VMI 1858

"Colonel Neff having personally superintended their alignment, the regiment moved off at a double-quick step. The fight was raging when he reached the scene of action, and not knowing the position of General Winder's Brigade, he rushed to the front (although solicited by other brigade commanders to unite with their brigades and go into action with them), just in time to unite with Major Wheat's Battalion in charging and taking the battery at General Lewis's house. The taking of this battery turned the tide of battle, and it was only a few minutes before the enemy was on a precipitate retreat, vigorously pursued. Colonel Neff joined in the pursuit."


Bill H

Have you read any of the series of books by Harold Coyle? The main character is a tank officer named Scott Dixon who, like the author, is a graduate of VMI. He speaks fondly and with great respect of that institute throughout all of the tales, and is presented as an officer who I would have served under quite happily. Don't know how accurately the books represent the Army (I was Navy), but they are good reading.



I never read any of his things. Sorry.



Stonewall Brigade. One of ours.


The epithet "white supremacist" along with the charge of "systemic racism" are just examples of a decades-long effort that's outlived its justification and finally reached an irrational level. How does it square with, for example, the US having had a 2-term black POTUS, countless blacks among the political and professional classes including many CEOs, and the fact that blacks enjoy a 10X greater chance of being accepted into elite schools like Yale than do whites or Asians?

The intellectual dishonesty of a racist group like BLM, which uses violence and the threat of ruination to exploit, bully, and extort, has succeeded in cowering throngs who'd rather just give in to its demands than dare to debate the issue factually and rationally. All of this, along with being expected to literally kneel in obeisance to the notion of systemic racism IMO foments racism and pushback. But maybe that's the point, maybe it's a purposeful strategy in order to keep the $$$$ flowing when it comes to the business of perpetual grievance.



thanks for your personal pespective... canada's history is very different then the usa's... slavery is more of an american specialty with all the results on display still to this day... also - petit justin is a wuss... he definitely doesn't represent the ordinary canuck.. he is just another boring pretty face like macron - that the political class like to use to manipulate people.. obama was another one.. they get in power and generally do nothing except cater to the corporations.... systemic racism is built into the usa genetic code thru history... some of it has been erased, but definitely not all of it...


The people in Eastern Europe have managed to rebuild many of their monuments and churches, and reestablish many of their traditions, whether we will be able to is another question.



You non-French Canadians have no real grasp of how much you are hated by the French whom you treated as ignorant, trashy, superstitious serfs for CENTURIES. you will pay. You will pay.



"systemic racism is built into the usa genetic code thru history"

Send the bill to the slaves sellers of Africa, then tell everyone on Earth to stop coming here as they only seemed to discover this politically expediant reality since the lefty's took over the institutions. .

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