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15 January 2021


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Noticing a very odd shift in the WSJ today - almost a nostalgia for Donald Trump, as they are finally forced to recognize what good things Trump did do and now are anticipating all the bad things Biden-Harris will do instead.



"Bring ... back home. Also the troops. Ensure an adequate defence"

They are home. Biden (or his handlers) have put 25,000 of them into the District of Columbia City of Black Lives Matter Square fame to gaurd the man who 'won' the most votes of any American president in history, all while campaigning from his basement using a teleprompter and a friendly press. These troops are needed, as it is plain to see that a 2,000 member strong Capital Hill police force could not keep 100 odd antifa plants and their CNN imbed (also known to work for other left leaning media) from coming through at least one door - after the barriers lower down had been opened. Apparently those career professionals repeatedly rejected multiple offers of federal and NG assistance. Does anyone wonder why they did that?

On an even brighter note he (Biden) will have all the Republican leaderhsip on hand, making it easy to arrest those responsible for 'calling for insurrection' or otherwise undermining the State - as defined by his administration. It's not like there will be any opposition in the House, other than whatever Liz Cheney and her short of a dozen colleagues might offer.


"CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Antifa Protester John Sullivan Brags About Posing As Trump Supporter, Breaking Window At US Capitol Building During Riots"

"Yet, in footage streamed to his followers on Discord, Sullivan, who uses the name “Jayden X” on the app, can be heard inciting violence from inside the U.S. Capitol and boasting about breaking a window.

“If we don’t get in, we’re going to burn this sh*t down,” he gloats. “Let’s go! This sh*t’s ours. F*ck yeah. I can’t believe this is reality. We accomplished this sh*t. We did this sh*t together.

“I didn’t know I hit [the window] that hard. No one got that on camera… F*ck the blue! F*ck the blue!”"

"Moments after Sullivan captured Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt getting shot and killed in the Capitol, a blonde woman accompanying Sullivan who appears to be his accomplice, Jade Sacker, gleefully exclaims, “We did it!”

“You were right! We did it,” she boasts.

“Dude, I was trying to tell you. I couldn’t say much,” Sullivan replies. “Is this not going to be the best film you’ve ever made in your life?”

While the FBI and the mainstream media insist there is no evidence Antifa or BLM played any role in the deadly mob that stormed the Capitol last Wednesday, Sullivan admits in the footage that he strategically wore a Trump hat and carried a “big ass camera” at the rally to guise himself as a journalist and mislead law enforcement and the media about his true motives.

“It’s all fake,” he explains. “I learned that sh*t already – I am going to wear a Trump hat. I am going to wear a Trump hat. I bought one today. I was wearing a Trump hat at the f*cking last Trump – at that Trump rally during the daytime – because I was like, ‘nah, that sh*t ain’t happening, bro.”"

cnn and blm antifa in washington inside your capitol building🤷‍♂️

But i guess since he was released without bail he must be innocent and his confession on HIS video must be faked by some "nazi" tRump supporters or Putin..



You should study your Bolshevik history a bit more.


How about this?
Be nice to the alligator, hoping that he'll eat you last.
Liberal Democrats (Mayor of Portland for one) being nice to the rioters hoping that they'll eat them last.
The Democrat-media party played with fire for too long and now the fire is consuming them OR they've been looney left for a long time and the mask finally dropped and the violent America-hating, craziness is the REAL Democrat party.
You can be an American or a Democrat, you can't be both.


Fred -

It's a bit melodramatic to worry about 100 year old boogeymen. The people the new AG will go after are violent insurrectionists or those that aid and abet them.

The guys that come to get me (or you, our host, or anybody else that doesn't kiss their arse) will be wearing Kekistan hoodies, or Proud Boy 'six million wasn't enough' t-shirts, or waving Boogaloo cop-killa flags.



You mean she's going after Antifa/BLM and their financial backers? Kind of proves my point.


TV -

You must be the guy that decides who is or is not American.

By the way that is a fairly pathetic slur. Lame! Brush up on your insults.


AOC has a reason to be afraid. Pretty much everything she stands for is unconstitutional. True, that's pretty much par for the course for any DC critter, but the pretty little thing does like to prattle on about racism, oppression etc. America isn't perfect, but when "minorities" show up to scam and take advantage of the system, all the while dissing it, yeah they usually got some kind of idea that they are major hypocrites.

Kilo 4/11


Rep. Mast asked an eminently reasonable and pertinent question. If President Trump is being charged with incitement, of course the people who participated in the event - those whom he is accused of inciting, should be asked if they in fact felt "sent" by him - if that is what the impeachers truly wanted to know. Which of course they did not. The stony silence which met Mast’s question was eloquent testimony to the profound corruption of the establishment - they had no idea how to respond to such basic honesty.

The answer to Mast's question is hardly any mystery. Any honest observer can see that the motive for going to the Capitol went far beyond Trump the man.

This moment has been brewing for decades.

You were on Charlie Ridge in 68, eh? Kilo battery fired many missions out that way from Hill 52. I picked up the horn many times to hear excited grunts asking for help. Your unit may have been one of the ones that called on us for fire support.
And 53 years later this is the thanks I get - calling my people terrorists?

Kilo 4/11

@turcopolier: "I'll bite. Where is "Charlie Ridge?"

This is what we called Charlie Ridge:https://myvietnamexperience1968.com/2018/06/11/charlie-ridge/

Kilo battery went on operation to Hill 52 midway through my tour, from where we fired in support of all friendlies in Arizona Territory.

The guy running the blog I linked was apparently some kind of mess hall honcho. He says the hump out from Hill 65 to 52 was uneventful, but I saw a truck a hundred yards ahead of me in the convoy hit a mine. Watched the engine sail way up in the sky and drop in a paddy. When we came abreast of the remains of the truck, the driver was sitting by the side of the road rubbing his head, but looked all right. Wouldn't be surprised if he suffered PTSD and hearing problems.

English Outsider

Fred - I don't think it's so much Biden's fake voters that are worrying. It's the real ones.

Kilo 4/11


Saying you're more worried about the Proud Boys and WN's coming to get you than than the BLM/antifa is like if you said you were more worried about the ROK Marines attacking you than the VC.

As for who gets to say who is an American - what do you think the dems are/will be doing with their mass amnesty and open border policies, and the deep-sixing of the needed plugging of the birthright citizenship loophole? They are going to be making so many new paper "Americans" they will in fact say "who" is an American, and the name will lose all meaning.

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