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30 January 2021


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Biden-Harris mantra: public sector union jobs are good; private sector union jobs are bad.

Grow government dependency jobs by spending OPM. Destroy private sector economy, because they are not dependent on the government.

Everything, and I mean everything. Biden-Harris do will grow public sector union dues-paying jobs. The ultimate Democrat party cash cow.


Red state AG's draw a redline between themselves and Biden's pen and phone:

...........“Whether it be directing a wide swath of federal agencies to exceed their limited statutory mandates to implement the extreme ‘Green New Deal’ agenda that Congress has not enacted,

---making transformative changes to our healthcare system that were specifically rejected in passing the Affordable Care Act,

---strong-arming businesses into changing practices to adhere to unreasonable and twisted interpretations of long-extant statutes,

--- having the Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve conjure up massive boondoggle spending sprees without congressional authorizations and appropriations,

--- usurping the authority of the States to protect local streams,

---or tearing down immigration statutes passed by Congress by executive fiat, we will not hesitate to defend America against illegal executive actions.”.........

(Source: RedState)


I would quibble a bit with this explanation. From what I understand, the oil is currently moved by rail. Warren Buffet is heavily invested in this delivery system. Warren Buffet also donated generously to the Biden campaign. Hunter's dad has, it seems, repaid a big favor.

Down the road Trump will be remembered as the last "oil President". Elon Musk started the revolution but Andy Marsh will be remembered as the guy who fulfilled it. We're going to hydrogen fuel cells sometimes coupled with battery power.

Rick Merlotti

President Hologram and the evil Witch of the West, Pelosi (I call her Aunt Tifa), are force marching the Deplorables into the Great Reset. Said reset is an attempt to install a Banker’s Dictatorship on the globe. End game is a neo-feudal order in which national sovereignty is subsumed, all resources are directed to end the non-existent climate crisis, further enriching our betters, the 1%. Their main enemy is the American Republic. They must destroy it first to advance their plans. It won’t work and will send us careening towards General War, but that possibility won’t stop them. We must.


Apparently these environment policies are a sub-set of the Great Reset or perhaps a stepping stone would be a better term. This particular closing of the pipeline will be a boon for Buffet in the interim, the railroad, trucking industry & maritime shipping industry.

How exactly do these geniuses plan on completing their mission
of "no one will own anything & we'll all be happier." I guess the
provision "of no taking of private property without due process &
just compensation" encoded in the 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution must be deleted.


Obama's E.O. 13603, National Defense Resources Preparedness Act,
could really help the near total annexation of all private property.
Perhaps I should of used the term confiscation rather than annexation.
This Act could really come in handy for "The Great Reset", couldn't it?


Dream Killer Joe, killing the American Dream one executive order at a time. On an additional trust killing move the CDC has issued a mandatory mask order using 42 USC 264 as cover. Along with https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/42/70.2, which provides ability to declare local measures (that's every entity subordinate to the Federal Government) inadequate.

Congrats to Martin Cetron, MD Director, Division of Global Migration and Quarantine at CDC. I wonder how many died because he waited until Joe was elected? None dare call that malfeasance.


You will be made to obey. Better fire up the face mask stasi and cross reference reported violators to social media history, political party donations and geotracking data.

John Minnerath

Would Uncle Joe even know if he was being doped up to remain standing?
I doubt it and if parties are doing it they damn sure don't care what long term effects might be.
It's still too early to install the California Witch via the 25th. They gotta keep the dottering old man on his feet and looking halfway conscious for a while yet till the time is right.


Since Job Killer Joe rarely engages in public discourse for longer than 15 minutes now that he's in office, it's probably much easier for him to cope with dementia than it was during much longer campaign debates and appearances, in which he definitely displayed incoherence and confusion. After making his usual brief statements nowadays, he routinely refrains from taking press pool questions, as the irritability he repeatedly exhibited when confronted by reporters in the past is probably too much of a risk to take considering the increased focus and scrutiny that goes with the job.

As well, there's strong suspicion he's being fed exactly what to do and say by an aide via remote communication. A wire under his sport jacket was seen during the campaign season, and recently it was reported that as he approached military guards he was overheard saying "salute the marines" instead of actually saluting them. Of course his allies refute this but the very same sort of behavior occurred in the past.


Endless War creates good, defense industry union dues paying jobs for "working families". No wonder Democrats picked endless wars as their pet cause. Promises made, promises kept. That's our boy Biden.

"Working families" is Democrat dog whistle, I guess for subverting child labor laws. They certainly use this term a lot. Mom, dad, and all the kiddies show up with tool belts and hard hats to pitch in. Touching.


How many of these union members vote straight Democrat?
You know damned well that that the union bosses (leaders) do.
What goes around comes around.


C'mon man..
Biden is not responsible for this. He can hardly read properly from a teleprompter, though recently his performance has improved as you mention.

His job is to say things from the teleprompter and do what the earpiece tells him to. Your country has elected a mask - appropriate in the age of corona - and the people behind him rule. Those people don't have to get elected. They can prop up another mask when Biden is all done. Hence, their policies.


A friend in the DC area claims Jolted Joe has been seen at Walter Reed recently


remarkable how suddenly,out of the blue,Joe got that shine on him.The new new.lol.best in show.

English Outsider

As I suppose any politician would do, President Biden will take the credit for anything that goes well with the pandemic and put the blame for anything that goes badly squarely on the shoulders of his predecessor.

He did pay tribute to the work of the Trump team just once after the election - or at least just once that I saw - but not again. In the current vengeful atmosphere any acknowledgement of Trump's achievement is unwelcome.

I was glad to see acknowledgement of that achievement on a neutral site in England. It's a source I've submitted a link to your site on previously, Colonel. It's devoted to epidemiology and has nothing to say to politics. But in the case of Covid epidemiology is mostly politics for many, so this neutral assessment of the work of the Trump team was welcome. Only half a minute but it sets the record straight -


The US "Operation Warp Speed" is also mentioned at around 16 minutes and at the start of the video there's a look at what is known about how the pandemic started in the first place.


He's probably got a scrip for Ritalin, maybe Adderall, but Ritalin i maybe safer at 78. It tends to sharpen concentration temporarily and may help a person in the earlier phases of Alzheimer's to be more coherent in thought and speech. Same reason these drugs are available for flight crews on long missions and why German troops in WW2 were issued Pervitin.


One reason they are sending Witch-in-Training Harris out to the hinterlands to speechify, is for her future subjects to start feeling warm and fuzzy about President-Select Kamala Harris.

So far, just like the failed DNC primaries, Harris is not getting any traction and scaring the horses and children at the same time. Plus sticking knives in the backs of fellow local Democrats, as she grabs for the spotlight.


a song for you - killer joe.. it is a really big hit in jazz circles.. from the 60's or 70's originally..



Veering off toplc here, but this interview deserves watching. Trust me, I was in health care for 40 years. I remember Fauci well from thses earlier HIV con artist days.

Killer Joe Biden pushing Fauci back on top of his " crush covid" agenda may be the better person to now carry this title.

Excellent retrospective about the very curious federal insider career of The Amazing Dr Fauci - those who remember this fraud artist from the HIV days are happy to see Fauci's sordid past is getting revisited in this compelling interview:


Like any article critical of the new Biden Regime and liberal orthodoxy, be sure to watch this before it too gets "canceled".


Thanks for the link, James!

Here is my favorite version, a music video (MTV style) from the Manhattan Transfer in the 80's. I had the album, Vocalese, on VHS. This was probably copied from VHS format, which is why the video quality is not as good as it could be.


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