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04 January 2021


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: What JOYTHANKS to all that's good in the world and THANKS to JULIAN ASSANGE!

And THANKS to you for giving us the beautiful news, Colonel 🎵!


THANKS to all that's good in the world and THANKS to JULIAN ASSANGE!

And THANKS to you for giving us the beautiful news, Colonel 🎵!

English Outsider

It was a fudge but all roads lead to Rome, one hopes. I don't know if the videos on this BBC report are of any interest but copy them in case -


Was this a US/UK deal to sidestep what had become an increasingly embarrassing question or did public pressure have an effect? If the latter then it was sad that the public concern expressed on the continent, Germany in particular, seemed to be stronger than in England.

This seems to be the pattern generally. When looking at reports in the German media on the Ukraine, and on the Syrian poison gas incidents, I noticed that the German media allowed much more through than did ours. I particularly remember the sturdy figure of General Kujat rebutting the stories of a Russian invasion of the Ukraine on mainstream German TV. Such rebuttal would not, I believe, have got such prominent coverage here. Similarly Michael LĂĽders got prominent coverage on the Syrian gas incidents and I don't recollect seeing anything like that in the mainstream media here.

So our media in England seems to be under more control. The picture is of an establishment digging in. It's only recently that one saw Christopher Steele appearing before a Commons Select Committee and being treated by the Committee as a respected authority on the "Russian threat". And way back Sir Richard Dearlove was saying confidently on mainstream English TV that Trump would only be there for four years.

In these circumstances I reckon Assange was lucky. Unless it was the case that President Trump was contemplating a pardon and they decided to forestall that.


"Spine" is not an issue with the so-called "journalists."
Honesty is the big problem with the Democrat activists with media credentials. Do not hope for any objectivity or factual reporting from self-absorbed ideologues.


Assange isn't out of the woods yet.


Hallelujah! UK Judge rules Assange to be mentally unstable and at risk for suicide. I guess years of imprisonment in a foreign embassy will do that to some. Unlike a Presidentail pardon for alledged crimes this ruling can be overturned later by a different judge. Hallelujah!

Barbara Ann
"I find that Mr Assange's risk of committing suicide, if an extradition order were to be made, to be substantial," Judge Baraitser said in her ruling at London's Old Bailey.
Truly Kafkaesque - imprison a man in solitary confinement until he contemplates suicide and then use this as the excuse to extend his incarceration indefinitely, lest he harm himself upon release.

Hallelujah in the key of T (for treachery).

"Assange is at risk of suicide," the compassionate magistrate opines.

A mental state undoubtedly attributable to months of confinement in isolation and egregious unjust treatment in Magistrate Bariatser's court. With unassailable logic, Baraitser decrees that Assange should remain in isolation and under her control.

Is she hoping Assange will succeed in his suicidal wish?



Sounds good, but as others have advanced, a little judge-shopping could overturn this ruling. Isn't there some sort of fake supreme court that's been thrown up in the UK in recent years suitable for just that end? With so many of "Our Elites" asses in a sling, the wheels are probably already in motion. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.

I regret being such a downer, but have you not seen "Our Justice System" at work lately? No, a Presidential pardon would be the only certain protection for Mr. Assange.


Solitary? I understood Assange had been held in the prison infirmary.

But why would Assange get a pardon after he compared Trump to gonorrhea? Perhaps in his last months request for a pardon Assange apologized and said he really did not mean it or was misquoted?



OT: Google (Alphabet) employees just successfully formed a union. Is that what crashed the market today?

They want more say in who Google does business with.Silicon libertarians now must deal with the Democrat deep state swamp.


the guardian is, as far as 'the swamp' is concerned, a little more skeptic here than you.


Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, the two Republican Senate incumbents from Georgia facing runoff elections on 5 January, are trying to nationalize their respective races. They have spent much of their time saying that if their opponents win, thereby giving Democrats a narrow majority in the Senate, the country will be unrecognizably altered. They spin horror stories about a liberal dystopia, focusing particular ire on Loeffler’s Democratic challenger, a Black Atlanta pastor named the Rev Raphael Warnock, and mostly ignoring Perdue’s opponent, the white former investigative journalist Jon Ossoff. The incumbents have tried to mimic Donald Trump’s rhetoric, making poorly veiled racist overtures to the white grievance voters whose turnout they will need in order to keep their seats. Loeffler has gone on conservative media to scaremonger about Black Lives Matter; Perdue pulled a juvenile stunt at a Trump rally in which he pointedly and deliberately mispronounced Kamala Harris’s first name.
Loeffler and Perdue are campaigning on a message that their opponents are culturally out of step with everyday Georgians, and political analysts say that Loeffler, in particular, was appointed by Kemp as part of a bargain to appeal to ordinary suburban women, voters who might be put off by Trump’s vulgarity and excess. But the senators’ obscene wealth and use of the stock market to gain even more money, coupled with a seeming indifference to the ways that their actions are perceived by Georgia voters, strains this premise past the point of credulity.

Loeffler owns a private jet. Perdue lives in an island gated community. Both are trading vast sums of money in a financial market to which most Americans do not have anything like their access. These are not ordinary Georgians. If anything, Loeffler and Perdue’s financial antics have underscored the degree to which the Republican party is part of the very swamp that Donald Trump decries. The question now is whether voters will see them for what they really are.


So, IMO, as far as swamps go, Trump only wants a straight orange one, and for that needs only 11.780 votes found or generated for him in Georgia.


IMO that's an ugly and likely criminal demand. But then, Trump has a coat of arms, with the motto "Numquam concedere" (Never concede). Obviously.

Mr. Raffensperger said that the votes, as counted, liked by Trump or not, are correct and have been counted three times already. Well, living in alternate reality, Trump doesn't care.

Given Trump's personal of style, he's in for being insulted as a swamp RINO, disloyal to Trump personally and ... (if he was a woman) also ugly, facelift wreck, fat and stupid. Also, Trump is likely to support any competitor to him, as long as he, she or it has one head and can breathe.

Good luck for him. He'll need it since as a result of such enthusiastic trumperey Raffensperger now needs body guards, police protection and had a number of death threats. Some nut encouraged by stuff like that may just kill him.

As for Assange, those who would like vengeance on him can live easy with that since the UK prison contidions are about as comfortable as Guantanamo, though without wall slamming, waterboarding and that other physical and psychological desruction enhanced interrogation-ery.

People who wrote the 'Verschärfte Vernehmung' rules in nazi Germany were, if cought, sent to jail or hanged. Yoo and Gonzales, in contrast, got well paid academic jobs, no prosecution at all - instead they advise Trump. It's a nightmare to think that such people now train (and worse than that - influence) students today.



I agree, WalRus. Although, not quite sure if it is over yet. If it is, I would like to take a closer look at the verdict, and/or backdoor channels...??? Too much publicity? Threating suicide?


Posted by: Leith | 04 January 2021 at 12:24 PM

Strictly, Leith, a lot of people somewhat sharing his 2016 position may have been reduced collectively to psychologically speaking suffering from TDS over the last four years? No?

I am stepping into a trap, Politico is part of anti-Trump MSM disinformation camp?

Didn't get further then the source, admittedly.

English Outsider

Confused Ponderee - as you'll know, in the media world the Guardian is the English equivalent of the NYT though, if that's possible, considerably more down market. So we can ignore its use of the word "racist" as being too imprecise to mean much. In Guardian idiom "racist" can mean anything from full bore KKK to being insufficiently ashamed of being white.

Then we come to the main burden of the hit piece. As far as I could make out the Guardian's chief complaint is that two of the Georgia candidates are rich.

Most successful politicians are rich. If they get to be very successful they get to be very rich. Blair and the Clintons showed us how but the Bidens and the Merkels are coming along handily -


Trump's unusual in that he gained his wealth partly by bribing politicians rather than being bribed himself. I recollect a speech of his in 2016 (Phoenix Arizona, if memory serves) in which he explained how he had to bribe them to get building permits. That's if Trump did gain untold wealth. You never know with real estate tycoons.

In this elevated world whichever way the money flows it flows like water. The three times Taoiseach, Charles Haughey, was the most impressive, being given a million on a golf course. What was impressive about that was that the transaction was so trivial he forgot about it. No one, so far, has given me a million pounds on a golf course - I don't play golf - but if they had I sure as hell wouldn't forget it. And I don't need to remind you about feats nearly as impressive on the German political scene.



If you're interested in the English equivalent when it comes to such corruption don't bother. There isn't one, not to any extent. It's the mark of a loser in England for a politician or official to take illegal bribes since the process of legally bribing is available to all. (Cave & Rowell, "A Quiet Word ..." 2015 goes into some of it) As for Brussels, lets leave that one alone. We haven't got all night.

So, like sex scandals, wealth scandals are lying around waiting to be used whenever the media want to gun for this or that politician. Usually they get ignored. Doesn't mean the politicians who are being ignored are clean. Just that they're not today's target.

The Guardian wants to gun for these politicians. It's done so. Why, at this time, would those two Republican candidates be chosen as targets by the Guardian?

I suppose that question more or less answers itself.


I have to wonder about the judge's reasons for this decision. Aren't there a lot of guilty people who are upset they got caught and don't want to go to trial and then to prison who are depressed and suicidal?

Is Assange being treated for his depression and suicidal feelings?

How can you run a criminal justice system based on the emotions of the people charged with crimes? Or is this an convenient excuse for countries not to extradite people? Do we use this type of excuse too to deny extradition?


Lux -

In that same article I posted above, Assange compared Clinton to cholera. Or maybe it was the opposite, Trump is cholera and Clinton is gonorrhea? I forget.

In any case Politico is kind of evenhanded and has articles by both lefties and righties. Even our host Colonel Lang has sourced Politico in the past.


what is pat langs position on julian assange??

different clue


If someone that President Trump knows and trusts were to convince President Trump that a total pardon for Assange would drive the PKKK ( Pink Kitty Kap Klintonite) Democrats to a new height of frenzied rage and hate, he might consider it worth doing. To pardon Assange would be to fling a drippy bag of burning snot right straight into the face of Hillary herself.

If President Trump were to see it that way himself, how could he resist the temptation to do it?


The decision was a cop out and Assange is totally screwed as soon as the democrats get in power.

I still hope that Trump will pardon him and that he moves to somewhere safe (probably only Russia would be safe for him).



Pardon him and forget about him.


Did the English judge say Assange was at risk for suicide if sent to a US prison, or risk of "suicide - US prison style"... wink, wink, wink ..

Our British kin are always masters of understatement.


thanks pat... we are on the same page... too bad gov'ts are so vindictive these days when there crimes are exposed...



What crimes are you thinking of?


pat - WikiLeaks published video footage from a 2007 U.S. Apache helicopter attack in Baghdad, Iraq, that killed at least nine men, including a Reuters news photographer and his driver.

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