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17 January 2021


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Looks good. I prepped a NY strip your way, along with some grilled asparagus.

SAC Brat

Years ago I met up with one of my college friends in NYC. We had dinner at a Cajun restaurant and I had swordfish with Cajun blackening stuffed with crabmeat. Awesome and obviously memorable. We then went to see Mose Allison perform in a small venue.


Colonel, You might be able to replace your broken serving platter on ebay as there's a large selection of Delft style platters available, some priced reasonably & others priced over the moon.



We have a lot of very fancy china in this house. "Blue Willow" is not Delft. Don't talk down to me.


Colonel, I accept your wrath as would I from Martha Stewart on such
topics. I stand corrected.



Martha Stewart? My. My. Aren't we clever.

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