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08 January 2021


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true... that is what happens in a corporatocracy... eventually the plain truth of who is controlling what becomes very visible...


I deleted my FB account years ago. Good riddance. There was no other alternative because they had "first mover advantage". Perhaps the purge will disgust enough people to provide a critical mass now.

blue peacock

Now we'll see what this generation of Americans are made of.



For the moment, various user-friendly technologies will ease the transition. Many traditional Americans are using


which requires personal info to sign up, and


which does not require personal info.

In the medium term,


serves a specialized purpose of guaranteeing freedom of speech to people like Lin Wood. 8kun is certainly not suitable for most users. Similarly, tor is probably not suitable for most users, but it is a proven technology and is available at


In the long term, research projects such as




will eventually become user-friendly, highly resilient platforms for American speech.

In Chinese-speaking antiCommunist countries such as Taiwan, the current solutions are not yet user-friendly enough. Some Taiwanese people and some Japanese people will rely on American free speech platforms. Although such nonAmerican antiCommunists mostly have no personal loyalty to President Trump, they understand that the swamp must be drained.


How will we know where to find you? If this goes down.


The Digital Iron Curtain descends.

Andrei Martyanov

As strange as it may sound coming from me--but these are all private platforms and their policies, however screwed up, are their policies. The United States has Antitrust Laws and DJT had full four years to deal with this issue of social platforms' monopolies. He didn't do a thing, as he didn't in many other fields--he was too busy twitting and being a door mat for Israel. Now, he suddenly, woke up? The guy is a NYC real estate hustler and media personality, I abandoned any hope to see anything done from him after he appointed John Bolton. Everything became very clear then.


“When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

― George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings


I suppose when Chinese communists are openly permitted to buy their way into our media, educational system, economy, political class, etc., censorship of the scale and breadth we're witnessing is inevitable sooner or later. When I was a little girl, in spite of the legacy of the 1950s Red Scare, the idea of Russian communists openly buying influence and stakes in our economy was nevertheless unheard of. No doubt it happened on the sly, but stealthily because of the sense that it was wrong and counter to our country's principles. Not so today. The Chinese throw a lot of money around, and there seems to be no shortage of Americans eager to take what they can get of it.

Thank you colonel for providing this venue during such a sad time for America.



Might I suggest that you get in touch with the folks at Conservative Tree House? They recently faced a sudden, ginned-up suspension of hosting, purportedly because of violations of the ever flexible "Terms of Service". They got to gittin', and with the help of some technical experts sympathetic to the cause of freedom of speech, they got re-hosted, moving years of posts_AND_comments before the drop dead date to a new and independent hosting. Advice, and maybe even a helping hand might be available. Can't hurt.

BTW, I have had in storage an IBM AS400 computer (long story) for some time. Only had initial "burn in", but was never used beyond that. I offer it to you if this could be in any way helpful if any tech folks think that it might be an ace in the hole for you.


There's a new Twitter account in the name of "John Barron." @Barronjohn1946.

It seems to be getting a lot of interest.


Colonel, parler is gone.



Go toan offshore provider .


The Cancel culture is becoming the Preempt culture. Pre-crime cannot be too far away.




Yes. I have done some research and have decided where to go, but was distracted by the roll-out of my book (not yet ended). Now I will have to get busy.


Coup leaders of minority regime seek to silence opposition.

Best bet is action at the state level, unlikely unless they continue to overplay their hand though.


@Andrei Martyanov.

While many of them call themselves private platforms, a good portion were created by U.S. Government 'seed money'. Which means that it was the U.S. Taxpayer who helped them get started and funded their platforms, which makes U.S. Taxpayers their true 'owners'.

It's true, he had four years to straighten out that mess and didn't.

One now has to wonder when will the Israelis wake up and realize that the expanding Censor GODS of Silicon Valley hate them just as much as they hate Americans who dare speak out, and will eventually come after them just like they're doing to the American citizen.



It's already here.

Patrick Armstrong

Move to Russia and VK (vKontakt). Never heard of anyone being censored on it.
It's a complete reversal


It is a pre-planned assault.



Here, a fedposter assault.


Here, interference in email communication with supporters.

To all of you hyperlibertarians, well, a few audacious operators put the lie to your belief system. Mr. Martyanov is correct in his critique. But in Trump's defense, when you are ass deep in a swamp full of snapping alligators, all of whom would in unison resist a law making these offenders considered to be obligated to act as common carriers, realistically what could be done?

They are moving quickly, and our liberties are under direct threat.



"...but these are all private platforms "

Does this 'private property' right extend only to political speach or does that now mean bakeries don't have to bake cakes for gays getting married and businesses can keep people the owner thinks are the wrong color out again?


Parler is till going strong, despite some hiccups from increased users and traffic. Parler can be accessed via webpage, you do not have to have the app. I have read that you can download the app directly from their website and don't need to go thru the stores.


Rasmussen Poll finds small uptick in Trump approval, after the Jan 6 event:
Media miscalls it again about Trump.


Reading Twitters justification was pretty chilling if you are worried about thought crimes now deemed to be criminal. The two offending posts were pretty neutral, including Trump's announcement he would not attend the Inauguration.

But Twitter decided what Trump really meant and Twitter decided based upon their own unilateral judgement how people would react to what Twitter alone claimed Trump in fact meant.

So yes, thought crimes are now punished. If you can call getting banned by Twitter punishment. I would call it an escape for more wasted time and shallow thinking.

Basically OrangeManBad ...... regardless. Because we say so.


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Or to pay for the bird seed to get the flock through the dark days of the Biden winter to come. Whatever. Angrybirds are hungry in my neck of the woods.

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