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27 January 2021


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You left out a link to the actual bill, sponsored by some expected members, however none or the Squad, or any women, have cosponsored this as yet. I blame the sexism of the original sponsors. Shame on them.


"‘hate crime incident’’ means an act described in section 241, 245, 247, or 249 of title 18, United States Code, or in section 901 of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (42 U.S.C. 3631);"

Looks like a lot of laws already in place.

Fourth and Long

Nancy wants to eliminate the word "mother" from mention in the Congress of the United States:


Also, of course, "father," "brother," "sister."

I guess a foolish consistency really is the hobgoblin of little minds.

blue peacock

There's the perfectly Orwellian HR-1 that Ms. Pelosi intends to bring to a floor vote as the first legislative act of the Party of Davos.

To expand Americans’ access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and implement other anti-corruption measures for the purpose of fortifying our democracy, and for other purposes.


This legislation if it becomes law will essentially end elections as we have known it in the past where States run all elections and make the "steal" permanent.

Diana Croissant

Will they ban the word "redneck"? I come from a very large family of rednecks--women and men--who worked the fields on farms their entire lives.

There is a very large number of rednecks in this country.

Thanks for the music.

Fourth and Long


"Sweet Home .. " would be my choice for the national anthem of the United States of America.

Way things are going you might advise people to download ZZ Top too:

Sharp-Dressed Man:


How long will Natali's version of "Takovo Kak Putin" (A Man Like Putin) remain safe?:


Opening guitar lick in Sweet Home Alabama is unrivaled. Thanks.

Barbara Ann


You warned in a previous post how far and how fast the tide would go out - to use the Shakespearean analogy - once the Dems took power. You were right and I think anyone who could not see this coming has been deluding themselves. The Left is at war with Deplorables and it looks very much like they are willing to develop a full blown police state in order to help prosecute it. This should not be a surprise.

The Walrus law may apply in this case. My only reservation here is the question as to whether or not this legislation is intended to further radicalize the enemy (white conservatives). Congress is clueless, as usual, but the more unhinged totalitarian minds could be hoping for this very outcome (John Brennan I'm thinking of you).

Ever since that fateful day when HRC categorized a large section of the electorate as "deplorable" it has been obvious that the Dem establishment sees a good portion of the citizenry not as a constituency to be won over, but as a barrier to Progress. The 2016 election served to confirm to the globalists that Deplorables were capable of derailing their project. Now that they are back in power, Deplorables must be demonized.

The Capitol invasion is being used as the foundation for a kind of Dolchstoßlegende - the excuse that was spun into the mythical rationale for persecuting German Jewry in the Nazi era. In America's case this consists of the cooperative media (one which would make Goebbels proud) painting all Trump supporters as potential insurrectionists/terrorists and thus enemies of the state. This will not end well.

As I said in a recent comment on another post, I think we are entering the phase where accelerated feedback will quickly harden attitudes on both sides. Can this descent be stopped or even reversed? I am by no means confident, but would very much like to hear optimistic, yet realistic counter arguments - as the future looks bleak indeed.

As an aside, I've just noticed that clicking on the "Walrus" category to find your tagged posts yield none. Not sure whether this is a TypePad error or something I'm doing wrong. Other category searches work fine.


Our Revolution continues according to its own logic and timetable.
Since Q Anon was automatically responsible for The Day of Deplorable Infamy, one lie deserves another and Q Anon quickly became K Anon.

But since any one opposed - or even indifferent - to the current regime is necessarily racist according to the totally opportunistic and egregious smear tactics now in political play, we have arrived at the place where KKK Anon suffices for the previous terms of self righteous opprobrium.

No, not the Krazy Kulak Konspiracy.
The other one.

Cheers, fellow vermin.
Your overlords as your elected servants, only have your best interests at heart as they valiantly try to exterminate you.


re Contraband: Recall that when John Kerry ran against Hillary Clinton, Springsteen's No Retreat No Surrender was the energizing music.

Springsteen's performance at VirNaugural was sad: the audience supplies the phenomenal energy Springsteen has displayed, even in his older days/performances. No audience, no energy. Serves The Boss right for mistaking a cabal of technocratic cheaters for The People.

Waitin' for a Sunny Day.

Speaking of energy: Sweet Home Alabama! The Crowd made the joy, the vitality, and it was good to see that so many were young.


Sweet Home Alabama is a great American song still sung by many in Jacksonville as the Lynyrd Skynyrd group is having a museum put together here in their remembrance.
As to the Big City People vs us Deplorables out in the country, well its their time, just give them some more rope as eventually they will come back to their senses or it will tighten. The damage done will easily be fixed by E.O.'s unless blood is spilt then Katy Bar the Door.

A. Pols

And so, the demonization of "white males" continues. All this despite the transparent reality that "white Males" are the "Crown of Creation" of the modern world. "STEM" disciplines and all they have brought us are their accomplishment. But not for them, as my late father used to say, we'd all be "swinging in the trees"

Seamus Padraig

@Artemesia | 27 January 2021 at 02:05 PM

Recall that when John Kerry ran against Hillary Clinton ...
No, I don't remember that election. When did Kerry ever run against Hellary?


Blue Peacock. HR1 ? I read a half hour's worth of that. I doubt Nancy Pelosi has read and understood any of it and certainly has played no part in drafting it - she exhibits all the signs of dementia and to a greater degree than does Joe.
Both will have good lucid days and then bad days, however no day will be good enough for her to play a part in this legislation other than waving a wooden hammer in the air.
HR1's provenance will be found elsewhere, so let the search begin..

Plurality ? Not now, both side's intent seems to be to gouge some advantage over the other in some form of a legislative attrition war. Certainly the mad eyed ideologues on the left, eg., AOC, have no interest in plurality - I'd suggest her phone is full of blocked Republican numbers and emails, and a good list of Democrat ones as well.

This needs to be solved at the ballot box, and the next one is fortunately two years away. That political solution will then only be actioned by a leader of the kind that Trump promised to be, and if the administrative system offers resistance to that Executive power then that system will need to be removed by force. A armed revolution led by an elected leader will be far safer than any other.


First and foremost, great song. Seeing all those lovely ladies in audience makes me wish I had been to that concert. It must be good to be a Lynyrd Skynyrd band member!

To your point Walrus, this would anyone who quotes Madonna in saying they "thought about blowing up the White House," they could be arrested. I think she was under the belief Trump wasn't legitimately elected, a claim the FBI and DOJ helped to fan by giving legitimacy to Steel's "dossier" and Mueller's special probe.

I hate to break it to the DOJ, but the KKK was defeated when they stopped being useful puppet for the Democrats.

What they ought to be scared of is civil disobedience. What would happen, for example, if the police refuse to do their jobs? Or what if larger segments of the public refuse to wear masks or stay lockdown?

If they keep governing like we're a bunch of racist morons they're going to wake up one morning realizing they don't govern us anymore and that's something they should take much more seriously than this vague threat of white terrorism.


Seamus Padraig -- It seems I have conflated two Democratic primary campaigns: Kerry contended and won the Democratic nomination in 2004.

Hillary won the Democratic nomination in 2008.

Thanks for requiring correction & clarification.

But Kerry's "Fight song" WAS "No Retreat No Surrender," which I think ironic inasmuch as Trump is being pilloried for neither retreating nor surrendering on the principle of integrity in the electoral process.

John Merryman

Back in the day, the excess males were sent off to war, or colonize the nether regions. Now they just play video games and day trade....


John Merryman

Ah, you are talking about my family.

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