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04 January 2021


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Medal of Honor awardees from any war other than the WBS.

Ranger Ray

This entire renaming movement is ridiculous and merely an extension of the Marxist/wok effort to eradicate our culture. Many of the individuals for whom these bases were named served the US honorably both before and after the "War for Southern Independence". What a waste of money and time to the detriment of our military and country!


Named for Union soldiers and other noble causes? Good luck.
I think we all know that these posts are gonna get the wokest names imaginable in this political environment. ;-)


Better yet they should also rename those forts and bases named after Union generals. Greeley and Schofield come to mind, but I'm sure there are many more.

Another option is to use the Navy model and rename ALL Army installations for their location.

The Twisted Genius

Fort Hood should be renamed to Fort Benavidez. I'm not the first to suggest that, but I feel strongly that should happen ASAP. Roy Benavidez should be held up as an example to all and his spirit instilled in all who pass through an installation honoring him. I'm sure others will also change, but I'll miss the "Benning school for boys." That had a certain ring to it.

Ed Lindgren

Frankly, I think that Wokeness will be the principal criterion for selecting new names for these Army posts. That would be in keeping with the mindset of our president-elect, who has proudly assembled the most diverse cabinet in the history of our country.

Although it is a ship vice a shore installation, the USNS Harvey Milk (T-AO-206) will be the template for the path forward.



Rename for "patriots" - Fort Obama, Fort Pelosi, Fort Castro and ad nauseum.
The destruction of our history, culture and finally our nation will continue unopposed until the uninformed, ignorant populace of sheep starts to starve - which will be way too late.


Fort #BelieveHer
Camp Trayvon Martin


My father spent several years of his career at Fort Lee. It could be renamed after the man Lee surrendered to, U.S. Grant. The Panama and Arizona locations by that name are no longer military bases.


Fort Biden, Fort Obama, Fort Clinton, Fort BLM, Fort Antifa,
Fort Weenie-Wok, Fort Pelosi, etc, Fort Apache...I could babble
on but you get the idea...if math wasn't currently considered racist they could simply be renamed numerically to avoid future renaming's,
like Fort 1, 2, 3, etc


Fort Rucker in Alabama could be changed to Fort Angela Davis, in honor of the state's notorious native daughter, fierce anti-war activist and proud member of the communist party dedicated to the overthrow of the United States.

Ms Davis is now living off her generous public pension as a retired Univ of California professor. An American success story inspirational for a new generation - suck off the system in your dotage, that you chose to tear down in your youth.


At least one of the installations should be named for Sherman, the closer to Georgia or South Carolina the better.

Patrick Armstrong

Octogenarian Democrat Party politicians. That will work for a year or two.


Guess I am a Marxist/Commie bastard then. Screw Johnnie Reb. My folks fought on the Union side (First and one of them even won the Medal at the third battle of Petersburg.

My say is take the civil war card out of the whole shebang. Forts Patton, Eisenhower, Bradley, Pershing, etc would sound fine to me.


Colonel Lang,

I would nominate:

1. Nathanael Greene.

2. Johan de Kalb (1771-80).

3. Daniel Morgan.

4. Henry Lee III--father of Robert E. Lee, known as "Light-Horse Harry" Lee.

5. Francis Marion.

6. James Edward Oglethorpe.

7. Marquis de Lafayette. This name could be combined with von Kalb's. Perhaps in an area where there are two forts closely combined. Forts Lafayette and von Kalb.

8. The distinguished name Mackintosh in Georgia. Could even refer to a leader of the Creek nation.

I think it is long overdue to recognize General Nathanael Greene.


Leith, I considered your suggestion of renaming Army installations
after their locations however most of the location names were likely
founded by Caucasians who likely were not living up to today's wok
standards, hence even location branding may have to be removed.


Though it's not on the list I suggest we add Ft. Belvoir. It was the home of a - hold your breath and clutch your pearls - a slave owner. As for the new name, I propose: Fort Stonewall. Put a rainbow flag on the pavement at the front gate. Make it the officlal home of the 42nd ID. Oh, and put a statue of General Jackson just inside the main gate, too. The one Governor Blackface had removed in the middle of the night would do nicely.



Patton's grandfather fought for the South. Do you know anything about the Civil War? Are you from Utah?


There is a Hood County in Texas after John Bell Hood.
Is renaming the counties next?
The Hood county seat is Granbury. Confederate General Granbury is buried there. Are we going to rename it?
We're moving beyond crazy.

JM Gavin

We'll soon evolve past a need for a standing military, and won't need bases scattered around the land. We'll still need to have defense contractors, to pay off politicians, but that can all be done in D.C. (which also must be re-named, because Columbus bad...very bad, and Washington bad...very bad...the word "district is okay...for now...).

Just get rid of the troops, then cancel the bases. Easy and done. We can spend the "peace dividend" on, well, whatever makes us all feel better about our systemic issues.


Steve Kaczecka

Fort Pulaski
Fort Kosciusko
Fort Thomas Paine
Fort John Brown
Fort Sherman
Fort Smedley
Fort Lewis
Fort Clark


Names that will be selected
1. Fort George Floyd
2. Fort Breonna Taylor
3. Fort Malcolm X
4. Fort Angela Davis
5. Fort Toussaint Louverture
6. Fort Martin Luther King
7. Fort Nat Turner
8. Fort Dred Scott
Any objections will be met by cries of racism, and the new names will be accepted eagerly by the Army Brass. However the effect on the soldiers morale will be devastating


In an era when everything is for sale, they could sell naming rights, as they do for stadia. Fort Walmart, Fort Citi, Fort Goldman-Sachs?


Persons/nations that destroy their history (good/bad) have no future.



"Screw Johnnie Reb."

My ancestors fought in both the Revolution and for the Union during the War of Southern Secession. The Southerners were and are our brothers and the Southern peoples have existed as distinct cultures longer than have the modern French. They are not just real Americans, but founding Americans.

Screw the unassimilated Fake Americans, the overtly hostile foreigners with papers like Schumer and Nadler raping our civilization to death for fun and profit. Screw the homegrown globalists like Traitor Romney whose unquenchable love of money would turn our people into neofeudal serfs ruled over by a de facto hereditary aristocracy using a totalitarian corporate-police state that would have made Orwell blanch.

This is part of a larger war against the mere existence of European peoples. Johnnie Reb is just the first and easiest target. Joining the attack on the Southerners in the hope that the filthy people will spare you is the height of stupidity. They WILL feast upon you as well. We are in an existential civilizational war: it is both a race war against European people and a religious war against Christians. They are not going to stop until either we are destroyed or they are destroyed.

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