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14 December 2020


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Ishmael Zechariah

Could someone, perhaps David Habakkuk, provide a set of definitions for "Epstein" (v,tr; v, intr; n, adj., adv.)? I tried but this is beyond my level of ESL.
Thanks in advance.
Ishmael Zechariah



You are antonymically correct; "Fang Fang" techniques are taught to operatives in the "Bang Bang" tradecraft seminars.

Keith Harbaugh

The American media bears enormous, I think ultimately causitive, responsibility for the injustice meted out to Michael Flynn.
Case in point:

"[CNN]'s wall-to-wall condemnation of President Trump over his pardon of former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn."

In the case of Emmet Sullivan, the media, notably the Washington Post, has been rhapsodic over Sullivan's mistreatment of General Flynn.
E.g., "Emmet Sullivan’s handling of the Michael Flynn case is vindicated"

To heap all the blame on one man, Judge Sullivan, is to ignore the effect of the media on decision-making in America.
If Sullivan had done the right thing and accepted the dismissal of charges,
he would have been under enourmas media attack.

I don't think we should imagine this doesn't have an effect on his (and others) decision-making.

Barbara Ann

"Doctrine of laches" - a description of a technique for attempting to frustrate an opponent (usually in a legal or other argumentative context) by resorting to citing arcane and esoteric doctrine or precedent when all else fails.

Usage: "They had exhausted all other reasonable means of defense in the argument and in desperation resorted to the doctrine of laches".

Barbara Ann

Note: I expect this one to get multiple definitions and mine may be a little premature, but hey, I'm in an optimistic mood and thought I'd get in first.

"A Donald", noun, colloquial; a strategic technique wherein one utilizes one's adversaries' blind hatred and contempt for one in order to secure victory. Often associated with the exploitation of legal or constitutional loopholes which an adversary (who is likely intelligent, but in useless matters) did not credit one with bothering to research and understand.

Usage: "He pulled off such an effective Donald they never even saw it coming. It wasn't quite unconstitutional but in the aftermath all agreed there was a need for a constitutional amendment to ensure it could never happen again".

When used with the definite article a colloquial expression indicating awe at a masterfully executed strategy of achieving a surprise victory in the face of apparently insurmountable odds - as in "Wow, you actually did it, that was the absolute Donald".

See also "Very Stable Genius"

I should probably stop now.

Barbara Ann

"History", noun; stuff that happens.

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