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14 December 2020


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John Merryman

How about The Zombie Apocalypse for the incoming administration?
Considering its strength of opinion and lack of any clear thinking, beyond entrenching the same grifters.
People are commenting on how Biden's appointments are totally ignoring the progressives, but I'm thinking he's trying to build a wall against Harris and Hillary shoving him out of the way. Which suggests the civil war within this scab will go to the top.

Paul Rigby


1) Noun – any kind of unearned and undeserved victory; ten percent of a bung (bribe), preferably from a dodgy furriner; a statistically impossible outcome; a grotesquely falsified process or result, usually political

2) Adjective – to lounge safely through a desultory and inept electoral campaign before being handed a win by the US deep state; to amass, preferably by mail and electronic manipulation, a ludicrously implausible amount of votes; to unite the dead, the absent, and the non-existent, for temporary advantage; to join the board of a foreign company for no good or, indeed, apparent reason; to occupy high public office while clinically senile or deceased; to bid farewell to a Liverpudlian.

1) “The Biden is in the brown envelope ”
2) “He bidened a place on the board of Burisma”

JK Folger

We do need some neologisms. Here's a couple rough ideas:

People's Virus of China: - a more accurate descriptor of Covid-19; indicates the origin and cause of the world pandemic

Prime Directive of Public Teaching: "No student should be able to guess the religious and political beliefs of a teacher based on their professional work in the classroom"

Dry-Fronting: - for the purpose of damaging a person's reputation, refusing to acknowledge or pretending not to know the humorous, rhetorical, or social context of that person's statements or actions, especially in cases of hyperbolic irony. Example: "What?!, You threatened to have your own son skinned alive for simply getting a scratch on your new car? Do you know how horrible it is to be skinned alive?" see: Trump Access Hollywood tape, cancel culture in general, use of "blackface" in Tropic Thunder ....

feel free to edit the above as desired; not sure about GAGA (it has pop culture baggage), - maybe a naming contest would be in order?

I hereby claim to have invented the word "neologism"



Sullivan knew there was nothing to adjudicate months prior. He was ordered by a 3 judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to dismiss the case as requested by the DOJ back in August. He received another order from the full Court after dragging the decision out with a request for a full review. He still didn't do it. He's corrupt.

If Crooked Joe gets in we can expect 'fundamental' change because of his landslide mandate. Think "BREATHE Act, which includes a section requiring a “roadmap for prison abolition.”"which our host wrote about when it was proposed in late November.


"Russian disinformation", noun; the practice of dismissing any possible objection to any possible policy, stance, prescription or action out of hand by claiming that the objection on hand is the result of consumption of "Russian propaganda", without any considering the merits of the objection.
Wether there actually was any such Russian propaganda is irrelevant.

Off topic: Man, I am so annoyed at people claiming that Anti Vaxine is influenced by "Russian disinformation". The Russian state is quite ferociously pro vaccine as a matter of fact, and I have only midly less concerns about the Sputnik adenoviral vector Vaccine then I have about Pfizer mRNA Vaccine (the concerns are different though).
I do have a major in Biophysics, would a short pros/cons thing of the 2 major covid-vaccine candidates I am familiar with be welcome? I feel there are sizeable misconception as to why forced immunization with mRNA vaccines is a really bad idea (it is, but not for reasons of altering our DNA, which an mRNA vaccine is less likely to do then most others).


"Clappered": A technique employed by very senior former IC officials who use their stature, prestige, professional qualifications and supposed tradecraft to undermine, negate and otherwise suppress inconvenient, but truthful, factual information which would be harmful to a political position or a political candidate of their liking. Such as: the Hunter Biden laptop story and Tony Bobulinski revelations were effectively "clappered" by the likes of Brennan, Clapper, Morrell and their 48 co-conspirators.



Having been "Clappered" by himself himself long ago I appreciate the addition to the GAGA dictionary.

Barbara Ann

Excellent idea Walrus.

"Ruby Con", noun; the act of blatant cheating/fraud in the sure and certain knowledge that one has gotten away with it, even though the event may have been captured on CCTV. Named after Atlanta vote counter extraordinaire Ruby Freeman.

Usage: "The perps were certain it was the perfect Ruby Con, but little did they know".

Not to be confused with the similar sounding fluvial entity in NE Italy.

Barbara Ann

Paul Rigby

Bravo. I particularly like "to bid farewell to a Liverpudlian", though that may need some explanation to those not familiar with the unique take on the English language exhibited by the good folk of that fair town.

P.S. Are you by chance related to Eleanor?


'To form a more perfect union" ........ Founders' prescient hat tip to SEIU and the teachers unions.

Ben Buzan


When spoken “Clappered” sounds like a homonym of “clapboard” (from the original “clapper board”) which, according to Webster’s, is “a pair of hinged boards one of which has a slate with data identifying a piece of film and which are banged together in front of a motion-picture camera at the start of a take.” Fitting because that pretty much sums up the purpose of the current U.S. and Five Eyes intelligence community.

Barbara Ann

"Election Management System", noun; an electronic system for managing elections.

JM Gavin


1) Noun -- Hypocrisy of the highest order; douchebaggery of epic proportions.

2) Verb -- To act in a manner which is both fraudulent and brazen.

3) Synonyms -- Cuomo, Stelter

4) Antonyms -- Truth, Veracity, Basic Humanity, Common Decency


1) “Whitmer really seems to think no one sees through her newsom.”

2) “If the cops try to stop you, newsom your way out of it.”

Paul Rigby

Barbara Ann,

Only for commercial purposes when in close proximity to Cavern-bound tourists with a shaky grasp of English. But I’m also happy to relieve non-Mancunians of their excess cash, too.

Have several extra Bidens for knowledge of the dialects of Northern England!

Paul Rigby


Noun: a unit of integrity; a serial-contriver of fictions; a grave-robber; a number of liars, acting in unison, online

Usage: "The scene was over like dream, but the Elias had left proof and traces of their passage," Robert Louis Stevenson's The Body-Snatchers (Tales & Fantasies, Chatto & Windus, 1920).

English Outsider

To Welby. To display saintly compassion for the Syrian Christians while keeping mum about the causes of their plight.

I have a feeling previous Archbishops of Canterbury knew more than they let on about what the neocons of their time were up to but Archbishop Welby took the art of keeping mum to new and unexampled heights. A Man of God for our times and a fitting icon for the Progressives.

Ishmael Zechariah

Congrats. With time this can rival the Devil's Dictionary. Plenty of material all over the world.
Ishmael Zechariah


Biggest election fraud operation = the biggest election fraud operation.

Eg: Biden playing a broken clock - that was right at least once a day.

Barbara Ann

Paul Rigby

Long ago I was introduced to the Liverpudlian dialect by a close work colleague. Perhaps aware of the cruel stereotype people from that place are often labelled with, he often felt the need to end sentences with a "Trudeau" - i.e. an assurance of the veracity of the aforesaid. For example "No, that automobile I sold you wasn't stolen, it's Trudeau.".


To "Swallwell" (verb): When a foreign intelligence service uses a "honey trap" to blackmail or otherwise influence a well-connected politician to support the policies of the foreign nation running the "honey trapper". Thus, in 1940-41 British intelligence was said to have deployed its operative, Mitzi Sims, to "swallwell" the isolationist Senator Arthur Vandenberg who during the course of the relationship subsequently and inexplicably dramatically changed his anti-interventionist views and voted for lend-lease.

Or the innocent parvenu, young Eric, was "swallwelled" (sometimes pronounced in the vulgar as "swallowelled") by the Chinese spy Fang Fang.

Barbara Ann

"Vindman", noun; abbrev. "Vindictive man"

Barbara Ann

"to lack standing" - a phrase literally meaning an abject failure to stand up and act with no justification for not doing so; to sit on your a** and do nothing when there is an imperative need for decisive action.

Synonyms; to abdicate responsibility; to stick one's head in the sand.

Walrus, let me know when you want me to stop.

Barbara Ann

To "Google", verb; to search the internet for globalist approved content only with no expectation of finding conservative viewpoints in the results.

Barbara Ann

"Office of the President-elect" - a fictional office and associated title traditionally claimed in the immediate aftermath of a presidential election by the candidate with the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization.

Though entirely fictional, the title "President-elect" will be adopted by the entirety of establishment media in a desperate effort to bolster the credibility of the candidate in the vain hope that the above-mentioned organization won't be discovered and exposed before inauguration day. See - "The new Emperor's clothes".



there's the antonym: To "Fang Fang": Successfully corrupt your arch enemey's government with an agent targeting weak men (and women).

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