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17 December 2020


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Diana L Croissant

Beautiful! Thank you for posting this.


@ Steven Willett,
am I mistaken to believe that your translation reminds some of the Ovid's verses from his Metamorphoses?

"...ver erat aeternum, placidique tepentibus auris
mulcebant zephyri natos sine semine flores;
mox etiam fruges tellus inarata ferebat,
nec renovatus ager gravidis canebat aristis;
flumina iam lactis, ..."

I am not a classic scholar, only remember scraps of my latin education in the highschool, so forgive my ignorance.

Steven Willett

Ovid wrote a group of erotic elegies published as Amores. It's likely he was just playing with the form. He did, however, write a superb elegy on the death of Tibullus, Amores III.IX. There are many translations available on the Internet, several with the Latin. Take a look.


Compare this to the cry from the 1960's: "Hell no, we won't go."

The devolution of centuries of language and thought, but the message remains the same. Not gonna make war no more.

Kilo 4/11

@ Deap: Compare this to the cry from the 1960's: "Hell no, we won't go."

And Deap, how about the echo of "Make love, not war!" in the line

Let no one dare depart when Love prohibits it

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