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12 December 2020


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Does this sound cruel or is it a good idea:

Every month I donate money to the Harry Chapin food bank in Fort Myers Fl. I believe they are now feeding about 125,000 people monthly in Collier, DeSoto, Lee, and Charlotte counties. They are a fine organization with many great volunteers who work tirelessly to feed the hungry.

Perhaps all of us who do donate money to such causes should cease doing so. Let the people who initiated the lock downs feed them, no?

BillWade, Free State of Florida

Bill H

Why are there such long lines at the Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens if unemployment is only at 6.7% and dropping? Okay, I'll answer my own question. It's because unemployment is vastly greater than that and the government is lying to us about it, just as it lies to us about everything else. Like, for instance, keeping its plan to "defund the police" secret until after the election in Georgia.


Biblical injunction: If you don't work, you don't eat. One more lost principle in "unchurched" America.


Bill, in California people are still forced to chose between their food and their "medicine". Free food means more money and time left over for street drugs. So our armies of street vagrants in this state grows every day.

Those seriously in need have always been cared for by our generous social safety net and programs. It is the growth of the "service resistant" addicts that is the current plague and primary target for California same day voting registration and vote harvesting. No wonder CNN instantly called California for Biden, one second after the polling places closed.

There was a brief trend to stop using the term "homeless and triage into the three prevailing sub-groups:
1. The have nots - those covered by current social safety nets
2. The can nots - those who should bin a state institutions
3. The will nots - the "service resistant addicts, who are 80% of the problem

It is the growth of the will-nots, which now plagues California - who are sentient enough to vote and smart enough to easily game the system.


Deap, 2 Thessalonians 3:10 was not said by Jesus but by early Christians trying to build a community while under assault. Certainly we in the 21st century will not inflict hunger on kids or the elderly, etc, especially in the name of religion. Don't leave out the word "Willingly" work. Many ppl want to work but can't.

BillWade keep donating to the Harry Chapman food bank; it sounds
like a viable charity that hasn't gotten so big to attract a hierarchy of over paid staff.


I don't remember President Trump or any Republican politician offering to give me $10,000 or $15,000. When did this happen? That is something I would never forget. While Pelosi held out for too long on another relief bill it is also the case that many Senate Republicans didn't want to vote for the bills being negotiated by Mnuchin. Trump asked for a big bill -- bigger than what the Democrats had asked for -- before the election and the Senate Republicans ignored his request.

The best way to help the millions of people who are unemployed or working reduced hours or earning much less would be to change Food Stamp rules so that more unemployed people qualified. Food banks are meant to supplement Food Stamps; the Food Stamps program is our main hunger alleviating program. People are using their limited money for rent and bills instead of buying food. All you can use Food Stamps for is edible items.

Also remember that a lot of the people in the food bank lines are here illegally. They are not supposed to get any government assistance (but I have wondered if some have applied and received it anyway).

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