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18 December 2020


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just sent to my Texas Senators. hope everyone else does the same.


Well, you've got one Senator who might do something and I don't mean the swamp creature Cornyn.
Easy to believe that Cornyn, McConnell and most of the Senate Republicans voted for Biden.

Barney M Spratt

ditto to all my GA senators, and Loeffler, and Perdue


This link to a very curious Clinton email touting Dominion voting systems to ensure "successful elections" in Haiti and the Philippines needs to be kept in the growing file of election fraud coincidences:


Copy it before it gets expunged. The Haiti connection to the Clinton grift family was always unsavory. This Dominion connection makes it even more so.


Uhhhhh...Since my senator is Kamala Harris, do you still recommend I waste a 50 cent postage stamp? Though in final revenge, Senator Feinstein may be more open to the recommendation.

It is speculated the current slur campaign against aging Senator Diane came from none other than her sister senator Kamala. Such is the Democrat snake pit.


Deap and TV, it is the quantity that is important.
What I mean is, suppose Cornyn gets 10,000 of these from Texans.
Might not get him to act but it might get him to keep his mouth shut.


Interesting take here:

Exiled off mainstreet

Krebs (cancer in German) was a real Cancer on the administration. He should be prosecuted for sedition, and would be if there were still a reliable legal system, but of course he was there because the system is no longer reliable.


What do they say about coincidences in politics?

As soon as Dominion gets busted for having SolarWinds logo on their entry website page, SolarWinds goes all kablooie and takes everyone down.

Just when the noose was tightening and the walls were closing in around Dominion election fraud, the Dominion connection to SolarWinds is no longer on the front page.

Sidney Powell claimed "Dominion" computers in Germany were linked to Belgrade, Iran, China and the SEIU operation "Indivisible". Is that how Orion got into our systems?

I imagine all of the above, sep SEIU, were very interested in the 2020 election so they might have tapped in when Dominion was not looking, thus getting their free ride into the other SolarWinds customers - which was a very rich target indeed.

Whatever happened to that very curious information drop Ms Powell made available to all of us ..before all of this happened? It disappeared and I don't think Ms Powell wastes her words.

Stephen Richter

there is a way to verify the vote. Select a random sample of 1000 voters from a precinct. Contact each voter. Ask them to vote again, secret ballot, just as they voted on election day. Total up the percent of votes in the sample for each candidate. That percentage should match that of the precinct as a whole.


More on "who counts the votes" matters more than the votes themselves:

......."Many readers might find it hard to believe the possibility that these officials might just be protecting their jobs at the expense of full electoral integrity in their state when they stubbornly refuse Trump’s reasonable request for a robust audit (instead of a mere pointless recount), if anything just to prove him wrong.

But you have to see it from their perspective (assuming that we are right): since their state won’t make any difference to Trump’s chances of winning the electoral college as it stands now, why should they sacrifice their careers for what they believe is likely a meaningless consolation result for Trump at best?

If there is a chance that they have even knowingly lied about the efficiency or security of the system, their careers could be the least of their worries........

(Source: UNZ)

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